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3 ways to prepare a glass of cold and tasty tea

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

On hot and scorching summer days, a glass of cold drink can eliminate all the fatigue and boredom caused by the heat in a few moments. Iced tea is the affordable drink you need for summer. Imagine a pitcher of cold tea with ice, lemon and sugar that you took out of the refrigerator. The whole body of the pitcher is sweaty and you are going to drink a glass of this hearty drink. Now that you have well imagined this cool and tasty drink, it is better to go to the method of preparing it.

In this article from BingMag, we are going to teach you how to prepare tasty cold tea.>

Which tea should we use?

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

The best tea to prepare this classic and simple tea drink Is. It is better to use plain tea bags so that no flavor is added to the iced tea. With this, you can create your desired taste. After you become skilled in preparing this drink, you can go for other teas such as green tea, chamomile tea and fruit teas. The best ratio for tea and water is to use 6 tea bags with 1.5 liters of boiling water.

1. How to prepare cold tea

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

Preparing cold tea is not difficult at all. All you have to do is prepare the necessary ingredients according to the list below and mix them together as described to have a cool and tasty pot of tea.


  • Simple tea bags: 6 pcs
  • Sugar: 2 tablespoons
  • Honey: 1 tablespoon
  • Small sour lemon: 3 pcs (2 pcs juiced and 1 slice)
  • Orange: 1 slice
  • Mint: 1 small bunch
  • Ice: as much as needed for glasses

Preparation method

  • Put tea bags in a large container and pour 1.5 liters of boiling water over them.
  • Sugar and honey add to the boiling water and teas.
  • Let the teas steep in the mixture of boiling water, sugar and honey for 10 minutes, then put the container in the refrigerator to cool.
  • Tea Pour the cooled mixture into a pitcher and then add lemon juice, lemon slices, mint and orange slices. Add some ice to the contents of the pitcher and mix everything together.
  • Place a few pieces of ice in the glasses and pour cold tea on it.

2. How to prepare sweet iced tea

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

Iced tea is usually made with the same amount of sugar and honey as mentioned in the ingredients. It will be sweet, if you like to drink sweeter tea, you can add a little sugar syrup to it. You only need a little water and sugar to make sugar syrup and you can easily prepare it at home. You can prepare a bottle of sugar syrup and keep it in the refrigerator so that whenever you want to prepare a sweet drink, you can mix a little of it with the raw materials. Put it in a pot with 1.5 liters of water and boil until it thickens. It is better to keep the oven flame low and stir the ingredients sometimes. After the syrup is ready, pour it into a clean bottle and leave it on the kitchen table to cool down slowly. After cooling, put the bottle in the refrigerator.

3. How to prepare flavored iced tea

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

You can use different herbs and spices to add flavor to iced tea. do. In Incha, we introduce you some examples of great flavorings.

Aromatic herbs

A simple and effective way to add flavor to iced tea is to use aromatic herbs. Mint, thyme, basil and lemon are herbs with a pleasant aroma and taste that go well with tea. Lemon tree leaves are also a good option for flavoring tea. Don't forget that any aromatic plant should not be added to cold tea, for example, the combination of cilantro or chives with tea is not pleasant at all.


Peaches, apricots, berries and all kinds Citrus fruits are fruits that you can mix with cold tea and enjoy the taste of your drink. Also, chopped cucumber can give you a cool, fresh and hearty taste.

Some suggested combinations for making cold tea

BingMag.com 3 <b>ways</b> to <b>prepare</b> a <b>glass</b> of <b>cold</b> and <b>tasty</b> tea

As mentioned earlier, you can prepare cold tea using different teas and teas. Here we will teach you 3 delicious combinations of cold tea that do not use simple tea.

1. Pimm's Tea

Pimm's Iced tea is the best combination to quench summer thirst and also to serve at parties. Brew a large pot of citrus tea. Fill the pitcher with ice and add mint, then pour the brewed and cooled tea over the ice. At the end, add a little sugar syrup to balance the taste of cold tea. This drink is a great choice to drink in nature.

2. Cranberry and mint tea

This tea brings a fruity taste and a feeling of freshness. has it. Brew blueberries and mint in the teapot method. After cooling, mix it with sugar syrup or honey and pour it into a pitcher filled with ice. In this simple way, a tasty cold summer tea is prepared.

3. Green tea, mint and mango

The combination of mint and mango has a fresh, sweet and balanced taste, which together with green tea will make you feel like being in nature. Brew green tea in the usual way and let it completely cool down Mix some mint and chopped mango with ice in a pitcher. Add a little honey or sugar syrup to the mixture and then pour the cooled green tea over the ice and fruit mixture. If you use ripe mangoes, your tea will taste sweeter and if you use half-ripe mangoes, it will taste more sour. Drink a cool drink to get rid of heat and fatigue quickly. The best choice is to drink a glass of iced tea that you have prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator. In this article, the method of preparing simple iced tea and some tasty mixed teas was taught. If you are also interested in a special cold drink to drink in the summer season, write us in the comments section.

Source: Bbcgoodfood</ p>

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