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4 ways to lose belly fat by walking

BingMag.com 4 <b>ways</b> to <b>lose</b> <b>belly</b> <b>fat</b> by walking

One of the most important things you can do to lose weight and get rid of belly fat is aerobic exercise. With the following tricks, you can increase the effect of aerobic exercise and walking and get better results. Follow BingMag Meg to learn 4 ways to increase fat burning while walking.

The secret to losing weight and removing belly fat

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Losing belly fat is one of the most important goals of exercising. Weight loss requires focusing on three important factors:

  • Reducing calorie intake relative to the calories needed by the body or calorie loss
  • 2. Doing strength exercises
  • 3. Doing aerobic exercise
  • You can use various tricks to increase the effect of aerobic and strength exercise.

    Strength exercise plays an important role in weight loss and can remove very resistant body fats from Destroy. You should devote at least two to three workouts a week to strength training, including aerobic exercise.

    There are many options for doing aerobic exercise. Running, cycling, swimming, or using exercise equipment such as treadmills are examples of aerobic exercise. Many people underestimate walking when it comes to aerobic exercise, but the same physical activity, if included in your exercise routine, can have a huge impact on weight loss.

    This aerobic exercise is great for weight loss. Suitable for people with various injuries. If you are recovering from illness and can not do strenuous exercise, walking is the best alternative. You can walk for long distances and your arms are wide open to increase the intensity and time of exercise. By changing the direction of your movement, you can easily make this exercise from being monotonous.

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    How to increase your fat burning by walking?

    If you do not exercise most of the day, you have a sedentary lifestyle. In this lifestyle, in order to experience weight loss, you have to walk a lot every day. You may think that the best way to increase fat burning is to walk a lot. But besides increasing the amount of exercise, there are other solutions.

    1. walking on steep paths

    BingMag.com 4 <b>ways</b> to <b>lose</b> <b>belly</b> <b>fat</b> by walking

    One of the most effective ways to increase fat burning is to walk on steep paths. When you walk uphill, you force your body to expend more energy and use more muscle to walk. Look for steep hills or paths around where you live and walk uphill. If your path is short, go up and down this path several times.

    2. Speeding

    In addition to walking uphill, one of the most effective things you can do to increase fat burning on foot is to speed up walking. If you're used to walking and walking at a slow pace, speed up a bit to see the amazing changes.

    Speed up the next time you walk. You can use this trick to increase speed. Consider a fixed route and walk at a normal speed. Take the time to figure out how long you have been on this route. Next time, when walking, try to finish the same route in less time.

    If you have just started hiking and are not yet physically ready to accelerate all the way, you can divide your route into different sections. And go through each interval at a different speed. For example, go a quarter of the way at normal speed. Increase your pace for the next quarter and go for a quarter of an hour again at normal speed.

    If you do not have the motivation and energy, you can use music to help you increase your speed. Listen to louder music and you will notice that your speed also increases subconsciously.

    3. Adding Weight

    BingMag.com 4 <b>ways</b> to <b>lose</b> <b>belly</b> <b>fat</b> by walking

    walking involves the muscles of the legs, torso and buttocks. Adding weights to walking can make these muscles more challenging and make other muscles in the body, such as the upper body, move.

    You can hold dumbbells or other items at home while walking. But carrying weights is not always possible and makes it impossible for you to move your hands freely and you get tired quickly. Use wrist weights to keep your hands free. These weights are attached to the wrist with special straps and you do not have to worry about holding them. To increase the intensity of your workouts, you can use wearable weights that are designed like a vest.

    4. Doing leg strength exercises while walking

    While walking, you can do some leg strength exercises to get your legs to do more activity. You can do one exercise at a time or do all the exercises in a row and walk part of the route again. These exercises do not require special weights and equipment. As a result, you can do them in the park or in any suitable space while walking.

    • Squats with body weight (15 repetitions)

    To do this, your upper body should be straight and you should contract your abdominal and middle torso muscles. In this position, sit on a chair and continue this movement until the thighs are parallel to the ground. After a pause, stand up again. Repeat this movement several times. Do not bend your back while performing the movement.

    • Lounge (10 to 15 repetitions per leg)

    Your walking You can start with a lounge move. To do this move, you have to take a long step. Place your front legs firmly on the ground and then lower your body so that the back leg is close to the ground. When the knee reaches the ground, repeat the same movement for the other leg. Take about 10 to 15 steps in the same way.

    • Move the kick cake or kick to the buttocks (15 repetitions per leg)

    Keep your hands close to your body or at the waist. Raise the heel of the foot to the back of the buttocks. With each repetition, your hamstring muscles work hard and stretch. Repeat this movement 15 times for each leg. You can do this movement quickly and by jumping between each movement.

    • Knee above (10 repetitions per leg)

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    Finishing the walking with Stretching Exercises

    BingMag.com 4 <b>ways</b> to <b>lose</b> <b>belly</b> <b>fat</b> by walking

    Doing a few stretching exercises after a walk will help reduce potential injuries and make you feel less tired. . If you walk enough, you may feel some stretch and pain in your hamstrings, buttocks, and muscles. Relax the same muscles with stretching exercises.


    Weight loss by walking is one of the most popular weight loss methods. This aerobic exercise is easily accessible to everyone but may not be enough. Use a few tricks to increase walking fat, such as gaining weight, increasing speed, and increasing your incline.

    Exercise can not change your body unless it challenges you. So try to burn more calories each time you walk than the last time to see the effect on losing weight and losing belly fat in a shorter period of time.

    Source: Eatthis

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