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7 useful stretching exercises to start your day with exercise

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

Doing stretching exercises after waking up can help you start your day with more energy and get on with your daily routine better. This morning refreshment leads you to stop drinking coffee and caffeine and naturally increase your energy levels. In addition, morning exercise helps you feel better about yourself and boosts your self-confidence.

Doing stretching exercises is not difficult and does not take much time. With just 10 minutes of stretching, you can enjoy the benefits we have mentioned and make a big difference in your life.

In today's post, we want to introduce 7 stretching exercises that are good options for the beginning of the day. And they make your life healthier and happier. Then join us to examine these movements and how they are performed.

7 morning stretching exercises that fill your day with energy and freshness

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

Yoga and stretching have many benefits and can increase your self-confidence, improve your respiratory system, burn calories and lose weight, as well as They also relieve stress and improve your mental health.

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You can easily exercise by doing the following movements and strengthen the health of your body and mind in the shortest time. You do not need any special equipment to perform these stretching movements and only a yoga mat is enough. If you do not have a yoga mat, it is best to exercise on a firm mat or rug so that your knees do not get too much pressure and damage.

1. "Child's Pose"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

This move from the popular yoga sport is a great option. It is used to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, as well as the joints of the pelvis and spine. These organs are usually dry at the beginning of the day and it is best to stretch them to soften them. The way you sleep has a big impact on your limbs, and if you do not sleep properly and do not get in good shape, these limbs will experience cramps and limited movement at the beginning of the day.

In addition to these benefits, baby traction It can also calm the brain and relieve stress and fatigue. Therefore, it fills your day with energy and good feeling.

To perform this movement, first place your legs and arms on the ground and keep your hips up so that your body is in the shape of number 8 (like training a dog with its head down. In the following, we will introduce). Then kneel on the floor and open your knees. Now straighten your spine, stretch and extend your arms forward. Place the upper body between the thighs, the abdomen should be on the thighs and knees, the big toes on the ground and the hips on the heels. Place your forehead on the floor and relax your neck, shoulders and arms and take a deep breath. Stay in this position for 5 deep breaths.

Which muscles are used in this movement? This movement is based on stretching the large serine muscles, pear-shaped muscles, leg and back rotators, hamstrings And the muscles that straighten the spine work.

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2. "Cat and Cow Pose Movement"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

Doing two cat and cow movements Increases spinal fluid circulation. This leads to a smoother and better functioning spine. Apart from this, in this movement, the waist and upper body are stretched and softened, and the abdominal organs are also massaged. All of these will help you get rid of tiredness and drowsiness and have a healthy and energetic body.

Place your arms and knees on the floor to perform this movement. Now you have to bend your back in and out. First, raise your head and bend your back by pressing your hands to the ground. Then bring your chin to your chest and bend your back in the other direction. Repeat this cycle several times until the back and abdomen are well stretched and soft.

Which muscles are used in this movement? The cat and cow movement activates your spine It relieves tension in it and also relieves cramps in the muscles of your arm, abdomen and back.

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3. "Downward-Facing Dog"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

In this movement, your body It turns upside down and this position is very useful for the morning and increase daily energy. In this state, your nervous system is regulated, your brain becomes more active, and your body becomes full of energy and a feeling of lightness.

In addition, moving the dog upside down can be a good exercise for treating sciatica and relieving fatigue. To be considered. This is a good move if your back has a problem that prevents you from sleeping or exercising well, and if it always leads to pain and fatigue. Doing this stretching movement longer or doing it repeatedly with other movements can be a good way to relieve back pain.

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Which muscles are used in this movement? This movement is on the arms, shoulders. , Focuses and engages the central wrists and muscles. In addition, the hamstring muscles stretch and soften the spine and legs. Therefore, most of your limbs are either involved or stretched and flexible.

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4. "One-Legged Dog"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

One-Legged Dog It stretches your hips and buttocks, and in addition to calming the mind, it also boosts self-confidence. Be sure to do this exercise at the beginning of the day to feel better about yourself. Pull deep. Raise your right leg while breathing. When raising your right foot as high as possible and keeping your hips parallel to the ground, exhale and bend your right foot so that the heel of your foot is toward your hips. Then rotate your upper body so that the right side of your body is stretched well.

At this point, take two deep breaths and allow the buttocks and right side to stretch and soften. Now straighten your right leg, rotate your upper body again, and place your right foot on the floor to position the dog downside down. Then repeat the same cycle with your left foot.

Which muscles are used in this movement? Soften your hip flexors as well as engage and strengthen your arm muscles.

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5. "Warrior I Movement" (Warrior I)

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

This movement is more or less a combination of several exercises like a dog Head down and move the climber. You can improve hip flexibility and have a soft and fresh body by performing Warrior 1 moves. This movement will also increase your concentration and self-confidence.

To perform this movement, first position yourself in a low-lying dog position. Then, like a climber, move your hands forward on the ground and bring your right knee to your chest. In this position, the arms should be on the floor, the left foot straight and backward, and the right foot bent and placed between the arms.

Now take a deep breath and move the upper body up. Stretch the left foot and keep the toe of the left foot on the ground. At the same time, move your arms and straighten your head so that the palms of your hands are facing each other. Then take 3 deep breaths and return to the dog-down position. Now repeat the same cycle for the left foot.

Which muscles are used in this movement? Warrior Movement 1 Move the shoulders, back, arms, legs and ankles to Employs and strengthens. It also relaxes the muscles of the buttocks and chest and increases the activity of the lungs and blood circulation.

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6. "Mountain Pose or Tadasana"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

This move seems very simple It does, but it has many benefits, and if you do it right, it can improve your body shape and boost your self-confidence, and even have a positive effect on other yoga exercises.

To perform mountain movements Or Tadasana, first stand up and keep your body perfectly straight. The soles of the feet should be at a distance from the heel, but the toes should be close together. You can also keep your thumbs slightly apart for better balance. In any case, you should stand in a way that maintains the balance and proper shape of the body.

Now loosen and hang your arms next to the body, but let them remain active. In this position, you should move your shoulders back and down slightly and keep your neck straight. Also place the palms of your hands forward.

Then, by inhaling, inhaling, and exhaling, spread your weight on your feet, and by moving your legs back and forth, place your weight on your heels to the tip. Focus the foot. You should swing so that your toes and heels are periodically raised and slightly off the ground. Hold this position for 5 deep breaths, twist your legs and spread your weight on your legs.

Which muscles are used in this movement? Mountain movement Multiple muscles exercises the upper body muscles, legs, central muscles and arms. In addition, it engages and strengthens the soles of the feet.

7. "Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana"

BingMag.com 7 <b>useful</b> <b>stretching</b> <b>exercises</b> to <b>start</b> <b>your</b> day with exercise

Otanasana Movement Soothes the brain, relieves stress and fatigue and other mental problems such as anxiety, and also leads to better kidney function, liver and gastrointestinal tract and digestion process.

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To perform this movement, first stand and gently bend the upper body from the hips. Now stretch your spine and let your head go to the ground. Keep your knees slightly bent. Then place your hands on the floor. You can also hold the opposite elbow with either hand, placing it in front or behind the thigh, or even on the back and back of the waist.

Hold this position for a few seconds until the thigh muscles are well stretched. And strengthen the abdominal organs. This stretch awakens and refreshes your body and prepares you for everyday life!

If you can not get your hands on the ground, you can do the same exercise in a modified way to fit your body. For example, place a sturdy chair or object in front of you and place your hands on the floor instead of on the floor. High blood pressure or retinal detachment may not be appropriate.

Which muscles are used in this movement? Focus your buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, and pear muscles to relieve tension.

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Concluding remarks

Today, everyone has their own morning routine and may start their day with meditation, coffee or exercise, and then move on to breakfast and other daily activities.

start enjoying the benefits of exercising in the morning, increase your alertness, make better food choices throughout the day, focus better, be in a better mood, burn calories and manage your weight, control your appetite better , Sleep better and improve your life in general.

Although we have explained how to do the exercises with pictures, be sure to search their names on the Internet and by looking at various photos and videos with Learn how to perform them properly to prevent injury. You can also get help from a sports coach to teach you these exercises and their performance. Apart from this, be sure to consult a doctor before doing any exercise or training and be aware of your physical condition.

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: Healthline

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