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5 tricks to brew tea like a professional

BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

Tea is the most popular drink in the whole world. On cool days, drinking a glass of hot tea can make us feel good, and on hot days, a glass of cold tea is what we need to quench our summer thirst. So you can see that drinking tea is the solution in any case. But it must have happened to you that you drink a cup of tea in a cafe, restaurant or party that tastes much better than other teas. You may even both use the same type of tea, but the taste will be different after brewing. All this depends on the method of brewing tea.

In this article from BingMag, we want to teach you the tricks of brewing tea in the professional way so that you can prepare the most delicious teas in the world at home.

The correct way to brew tea

BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

You might say to brew tea with just some dry tea And you need boiling water. But we must say that you are completely wrong, everything is in the details. How to prepare the equipment for brewing tea, the method of using dry tea and even the temperature of the water have a direct effect on the aroma, taste and color of the tea.

Necessary materials and equipment

BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

  • Dried tea; If you like to drink delicious and excellent tea, always brew tea and never Don't go for tea bags.
  • Refined water; Better quality water, tastier tea!
  • A big teapot; When the indoor space If the teapot is large, the tea leaves have more space to open and brew better.
  • Electric kettle with temperature adjustment; This electric kettle model is essential for tea drinkers. You should not use too hot water to brew tea, and this kettle can prepare the temperature you need.

Tea brewing steps

BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

1. Preparation of boiling water

You should use water with different temperatures according to the tea used. Read the tea package to find the right temperature. If the temperature is not written on the package, it is better to brew the tea with water at 70 degrees. If you don't have an electric kettle with the ability to adjust the temperature, you can boil water on the stove and then leave the kettle on the table for 10 minutes to cool down a bit. After 10 minutes, you will have water with a temperature of about 70 degrees.

2. Heating the teapot

This step is the detail that increases the quality of your tea and unfortunately almost no one does it. Fill the teapot halfway with boiling water, close the lid and shake the teapot several times until the water circulates throughout the teapot. Then pour out the water. When you heat the teapot, the temperature of the hot water you pour into it to brew tea does not drop quickly. This issue helps to brew tea leaves better and longer.

3. Steep time

Use a timer to keep the tea steeping time. Each tea has its own proper brewing time and if followed correctly, it will give you the best taste. Usually, the appropriate time for brewing tea is written on the package, but if no time is specified, 5 minutes is enough. Of course, if you use Lahijan tea, you should know that the minimum time to brew it is 20 minutes.

4. Strain the tea

After brewing the tea, strain it through a tea strainer and pour it into cups. It is better to return the tea grounds to the teapot and pour boiling water on it again and let it brew for 1 to 2 minutes. With this, you will have another pot of delicious tea.

Tricks for brewing tea like a pro

BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

  • Be sure to use purified water with home purification devices or pitchers; Clean water without solvents makes the taste of tea better.
  • Set the water temperature correctly; Some teas should be brewed with boiling water, but others, like green tea, are sensitive to the temperature of boiling water and should be used at a lower temperature for them. So, if you are a serious tea drinker, it is better to get an electric kettle with temperature control.
  • Don't let the tea brew too much; if the tea is more than time It needs to brew and become bitter. Be sure to pay attention to the time mentioned on the package to brew the tea. Black tea usually takes 4-5 minutes to brew, and teas take more than 5 minutes. Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is only Lahijan tea that needs 20 minutes to brew. They are left over from tea leaves after processing, and they do not prepare quality tea for you. To buy a quality tea, go for dry tea whose leaves are rolled and open well when placed in hot water.
  • Be sure to heat the teapot; doing this is an important step in brewing tea and helps to brew it better.
  • Answers to some possible questions It has happened to you too

    BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

    There are many questions about tea, but there are a few questions that are often asked. People face it. In this section, we will answer these questions.

    Why is my tea bitter?

    Tannins are compounds found in tea. When tea leaves are left in hot water for a long time, they release a large amount of tannin, which makes the tea bitter. For this reason, it is better not to steep the tea for a long time or pour very hot water on the tea leaves.

    Why is green tea bitter?

    Green tea is known to be unstable. You should not brew it for a long time and never pour boiling water on its leaves. If you have drunk bitter green tea, be sure that it was not properly brewed. Green tea should be steeped in hot water for 45 seconds for the first cup and 30 seconds is enough for the second cup. If the brewing time is longer than this, the taste of your green tea will become bitter.

    Why does it have no taste when I brew the tea?

    Again, tannin is involved. If you have not brewed the tea enough or if you have used low temperature water, your tea will be tasteless.

    Why can't we use tap water to brew tea?

    Can we use a microwave to brew tea?

    brew tea in the microwave.


    BingMag.com 5 <b>tricks</b> to <b>brew</b> <b>tea</b> <b>like</b> a professional

    Tea is a popular and common drink among all people that is drunk in all seasons. All of us can prepare tea with a little boiling water and dry or bagged tea, but to drink a cup of flavorful tea, we need to do the brewing process like a professional to prepare the best tea. In this article, we have taught how to brew tea according to the professional method. We hope that by reading this article, you will be able to prepare more delicious teas for the times when you are with your friends or family.

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