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The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

BingMag.com The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

Nothing is like falling in love; In fact, no experience is so profound and exciting for humans. Boundless influx of emotions, separation from reality and endless fantasies.

Love can take many forms and is waiting for you in every corner. This love is sometimes created by the other person's charm, sometimes by his personality and behavior, sometimes it is lasting and ends in life together, sometimes it is like a short and fleeting summer rain.

Love can even be for us. Become a habit. For some people, it is possible to experience love too late and in old age. On the other hand, some people experience this emotional state much earlier than others.

These are all different forms of love, each of which prepares us for that ultimate love, which will change our lives forever. To reach that ultimate love, known as eternal love, we have to go through various stages of love, and anyone who has not had the chance to fall in love with the right person from the beginning must be on their way to Experience three different types of love to reach your eternal love: the first love that usually makes us do stupid things, the second love that makes us work hard to get the other person, and the third love that makes us succeed in It does not require extra effort or special reason.

In this article from BingMag Meg, we examine the three stages of love and examine the characteristics and effects of each stage separately. Join us.

First Love

BingMag.com The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

This is the same love For which you die. This is the romantic love of your life, sometimes even dramatic. No matter how many of your friends and relatives are opposed to your relationship or what is going on in your way, you wholeheartedly believe that your lover is the one who will stay with you forever. You do everything you can to maintain this relationship.

In this relationship, even your own principles and values are compromised because you wholeheartedly believe that this is your eternal love, as long as you grow up. . You have found the love of your dreams and you will not give it up under any circumstances. Until you experience the second love of your life; A love that has many lessons for you.

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Second love

BingMag.com The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

Of the three different love states that everyone experiences in their lives, this one makes them the most Learn valuable things about yourself. At this stage, you realize that you want to have someone by your side in your life, someone you can trust and love. But you usually learn this in a bitter and painful way, often by experiencing the other person's emotional failure and dishonesty.

In this love, you both make mistakes and forgive each other. This is repeated over and over again and sometimes lasts for years, until you get tired and give up. But when you get tired of it, it doesn't matter how hard you try.

This is a passionate and dramatic love affair, which is why you look forward to a happy ending. But in a way, the end of this stage is always worse than you expected.

This experience makes you stronger and at the same time brings you back to reality and makes you realize that stories Romance does not always have a happy ending. This experience also makes you realize that in matters of love, you can not force things to happen.

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Third Love

BingMag.com The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

This love comes to you when You are still looking for the love of your life, but you no longer have the lowest expectations of him.

This is the love that happens suddenly and causes you to never do whatever you say. Did, do. You have not planned love for this at all, and this is what makes it stronger and more passionate.

This is the love that makes everything seem right, in all its dimensions. The connection you have with each other, the support you give each other, the fact that he makes you laugh all the time with his actions and you do not have to be formal and polite in front of this person, is exactly what you are. He is the one who accepts you with all your flaws.

You never imagined that you would be in a relationship with such a person, but you are happy to be with him and you feel that he does not need any change.

You have already learned that love is not always what we think it is, and that is not a problem for you. In fact, you no longer have to wait for a happy ending to your life because at the end of each day you are happy to be with your spouse and sleep peacefully.

Some people soon become aware of their lost half. And they do not experience all these stages of love. Others are not yet ready to accompany their lost half, and even if they meet and have a relationship, they will lose him or her, but they will meet someone else in their life path who is right for them.

Some There are others who experience one type of love several times and do not go to the next stage, because they hope that every new relationship is different from other relationships.

We can not say who is the luckiest person in this. Whether it is better to find our eternal love from the beginning or to experience all three different types of love throughout our lives. But it is true that people who have gone through three stages of love have stronger personalities in their relationships.

These people know what emotional failure is and have learned the meaning of effort and failure. Their relationship has made them fearless in their love and life.

It all depends on our choices, whether we decide to pursue what we want or not. It's your choice whether to stay with your first or second love because of what others have said or because of the effort you have already made in your relationship.

Was all this effort worth it or not, and often that is why this love never tires you and shows you what the other two's wrong.

Of the three types Love is love that does not require much effort, but gives you everything you have ever wanted. This is the love that is right for you and will last forever.

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One last point about The stages of falling in love

BingMag.com The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

People understand the world based on their experiences. People who have been hurt in the past are less likely to get into a new relationship quickly and are reluctant to meet new people.

People who have never been in a relationship are less likely to fall in love quickly. Just like people who do not want to be in a relationship. They may be reluctant to give someone a chance, and even if they are interested in the person proposing, they will say no because their relationship is taking them away from their goals.

People who betray their partner They have experienced their emotions, they hardly fall in love. They have difficulty trusting people and are more likely to not allow someone they have just met to approach them, and to keep the other person away in order to protect themselves from re-experiencing the pain.>

Many issues related to our past predetermine our behavioral patterns and increase or decrease the time it takes to fall in love.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: Curious mind magazine

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