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Tai Chi; The key to solving the riddle of stress and anxiety in urban life

Tai Chi is a martial art from ancient China that has not lost its popularity to this day. Tai Chi exercises can be effective in reducing stress and mental illness by focusing on the inner states and relaxed beings. This exercise can also strengthen your mind and even your body and increase your inner concentration and stillness like meditation.

In this article from BingMag, we are going to get acquainted with this martial art that has its roots in history. And examine its effects on the soul and psyche. So if you are a fan of Chinese martial arts, do not miss reading this article.

Familiarity with tai chi, ancient Chinese martial art

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As we said, tai chi is a martial art related to ancient China, which after entering the modern world is known as a beautiful exercise to achieve inner peace. Tai Chi movements are slow and interconnected and are performed with special concentration and breathing techniques. Its stretching movements are very gentle and it changes from one state to another without stopping and gently. The calmness of changing moods reflects the philosophy that you are always on the move.

Tai Chi has different styles, each of which is done in different ways and based on specific principles. For example, some styles focus on maintaining good health, while others focus on the martial arts aspect of tai chi. You may think that tai chi and yoga are similar because of the use of stretching exercises, but you should know that there are many differences between the two exercises. In yoga, you do different breathing techniques along with different postures and meditations, but tai chi is a martial art exercise that uses stretching and concentration to prepare the mind and body.

For whom? Is it appropriate?

BingMag.com Tai Chi; The key to solving the riddle of stress and anxiety in urban life

Tai Chi movements put the least amount of pressure on the joints and muscles and do it Suitable for people of any age and with any level of physical fitness. In fact, it is a low-risk exercise that even the elderly can easily do. Also, this sport is very cheap and you can do it individually or with a group of people without any equipment. Of course, doctors usually do not recommend it for pregnant women and people with joint problems, back pain, fractures, severe osteoporosis or hernias. So remember to consult a specialist before you start training.

Why should we make tai chi a daily habit?

BingMag.com Tai Chi; The key to solving the riddle of stress and anxiety in urban life

If you learn tai chi correctly and practice it regularly, you can see its positive effect on your body and mind. Effects such as:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve mood
  • Improve breathing
  • Increase energy and physical strength
  • Improving muscle strength

Has not been done, but some evidence suggests that these exercises can have a positive effect on improving the following issues:

  • Increase sleep quality
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Reduce symptoms of heart failure
  • Increase mood
  • Reduce the risk of imbalance and fall in Elderly

How to start tai chi?

BingMag.com Tai Chi; The key to solving the riddle of stress and anxiety in urban life

The trainer will teach you physical postures, specific breathing techniques and how to exercise safely, and will help you if you are injured or have difficulty maintaining balance. Tai Chi is a slow and gentle sport and usually has no side effects, but if you do not learn the techniques properly you will definitely get hurt. After learning and mastering, you can do the exercises alone and enjoy its health benefits, but it is recommended that you do this exercise with others to establish good social communication through it. Even these days when we are in the midst of a corona epidemic, you can practice tai chi with your friends at a specific time. After 3 months of training, you can easily do the exercises whenever you want. Exercise helps increase overall health and improves your mental and emotional health. The best way to do the exercises is to follow a regular and daily schedule, but if your work schedule does not allow this, you can practice whenever you have the opportunity. Even in certain stressful situations, such as getting stuck in traffic before an important work session, you can easily do mental tai chi exercises and reduce your stress.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. . Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: mayoclinic

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