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Stroller Buying Guide; Types, features and advantages and disadvantages of each

BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

Despite having a baby or toddler, it is more or less difficult not to leave the house for two years. This is especially true during the spring seasons, summer vacations, and fall road trips. A Stroller is an essential tool for infants and toddlers and can evoke happy memories for you and your spouse during daily walks, provided it is chosen correctly.

Like your car, The Stroller should also be safe, reliable and comfortable. At the same time, you should know that even if you check a carriage in person, you probably can not comment on its capabilities and comfort when riding on grass, playgrounds and asphalt, and even dirt fields. You can also buy strollers with a price of less than 1 million or more than 10 million tomans; In fact, the price of a Stroller varies with the features, the special upholstery, the use of lightweight materials and the added features. Therefore, choosing and Buying this product should be conscious and in accordance with your child's habits, lifestyle and budget.

At the same time, despite the great variety of this product, what is necessary to buy a quality Stroller includes Soft product rotation, Stroller brakes, ease of folding and carrying, ease of control, safety and weight of the stroller. Now, to learn more about each of these basic factors, follow this shopping guide to the end.

  • What kind of Stroller should I buy for a baby under 6 months? <//>
  • Stroller suitable for children over 6 months to 2 years
  • Familiarity with different types of single strollers
  • Types of twin strollers
  • 8 important features that before You should pay attention to it when Buying a stroller!
  • The best-selling Stroller models available in the Iranian market

What kind of Stroller for a baby under 6 months? Buy?

BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

The first thing to consider when Buying a Stroller for a baby under 6 months, The chair is this device. The Stroller seat must be able to sleep up to 180 degrees or in a way that can be used as a car seat. Another important factor is the presence of safety straps to support the baby's neck and head, because the baby is not able to hold his head and neck! According to these explanations, strollers suitable for infants under 6 months can be divided into two categories: multi-purpose strollers and baby car seat carriers.

All-in-One Travel System


Multipurpose strollers can be considered as products consisting of a baby car seat, seat back and a stroller. It is interesting to know that multi-purpose strollers can act completely independently when the baby is placed (in such a way that the car seat is not attached to it!) And serve you and your baby like a normal stroller. In some multi-purpose strollers, the chair can be placed almost lying down so that the baby can lie on it. It should be noted that these efficient systems are also useful after the baby is 6 months old and you can use it as a baby car seat.

Infant Car Seat Carrier

These types of baby carriers are very light and at the same time are compatible with the car seat. You can easily attach the carrier to the car seat and remove it, so people who want to move the baby permanently can consider Buying a baby car seat carrier.

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Stroller suitable for children over 6 months to 2 years

BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

When your child is old enough to sit, you may be interested in exploring more. In this case, to buy the right stroller, you should consider whether you are interested in traveling by car, or prefer public transport? In fact, this is a determining factor in choosing a Stroller for children over 6 months.

Choosing a Stroller according to your lifestyle

If you are planning to buy a Stroller suitable for a car seat, before From the purchase, pay attention to its fit and easy installation on the car seat.

If you rely on public transportation services such as subways, buses and taxis, it is best to buy lightweight, compact and sturdy strollers that fold easily and quickly. Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that if you buy a car seat carrier, there is no need to buy a Stroller and you can use it before the child is one year old.

If you live in the suburbs or a rural area , You probably use the car when you leave the house. So in such a situation it is a good choice to buy a travel system (Travel system) or a stand-alone model (Stand-Alone Stroller) that is compatible with your car seat; Especially if people Take a long walk.

Examine the different parts of the Stroller before Buying

It does not matter if you are Buying for a baby or a toddler, in any case you should carefully check the Stroller before deciding to buy. Check out. Also, if you are going to buy online, in addition to the points mentioned in this article, be sure to pay attention to the opinions of other buyers of that product.

  • Test the Stroller skeleton: skeleton Or the structure of this product should be completely strong and should not create any feeling of slackness. Carefully inspect the product and easily work with them. It is also important to note that your feet do not collide with the wheels of the Stroller when walking. Make sure it is light enough.
  • Maneuverability: Put your child or a heavy bag in the stroller, then try to walk the stroller, in You should feel completely comfortable in this position.
  • Ability to adjust the backrest: The backrest or backrest should be easy to adjust and open and close.
  • Opening and closing the stroller: Open the Stroller with one hand and then with both, now do the same to close the stroller.
  • Note the storage space: If you carry a lot of things when you leave the house, pay attention to the storage space in the Stroller to be big enough!
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    Familiarity with different types of single strollers

    In this section, we will introduce the types of single strollers and We will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each in full detail.

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Strollers suitable for infants and toddlers

    Traditional Stroller

    Conventional strollers are a versatile device that is also a long-term investment; Because the best Stroller for walking on busy sidewalks, paved streets, parks and other conventional paths. Some models have reclining seats up to 180 degrees that allow babies to sleep horizontally. Also, some models of this type of product are compatible with baby car seats, but a few of them support both features.


    • Has a strong and stable structure
    • Good maneuverability and ease of use
    • High variety to choose the options that suit your lifestyle and needs


    • Most regular strollers are heavier than umbrellas.
    • This Stroller is suitable for people who usually travel by public transport. Not very suitable.
    • Some models of regular strollers may not be suitable for babies under 6 months.

    Travel System


    • Using a stroller, you can transport your child to the Stroller without waking up and disturbing the car.
    • Some of these models The Stroller can be folded into a 180-degree seat, so it can be a good option for babies under 6 months (and older).
    • Sitting can provide a comfortable support for your child.
    • The value of Buying a Stroller is high, as it can be used as a child car seat as the child gets older (unlike baby carrier carrier models)./li>


    • Passenger carriages, although easily driven, are often bulky and cumbersome.

    Umbrella Stroller

    Umbrella or cane strollers are lightweight, compact, and foldable products that are also easy to transport. In fact, this type of Stroller can be considered ideal for sightseeing around the city or short trips. Many models of this Stroller have curved handles to take up less space.


    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Usually folds easily.


    • Since the Stroller seat can be bent completely No, umbrella models are not very suitable for children who can not sit yet. Therefore, this Stroller is not suitable for infants under 6 months.
    • Umbrella strollers can not be adjusted as a child car seat.
    • Because the structure of these strollers is compact, the child may It feels cramped (Especially in winter when he wears a lot of clothes.)
    • Some umbrella models do not have a suitable seat and backrest, so they may not be a comfortable ride.
    • Umbrellas They have small plastic wheels that limit their maneuverability.

    Combination Stroller

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    In general, a composite stroller, also known as a modular stroller, allows you to adapt the device to the changing needs of a growing child. Adapt yourself.


    • These strollers can be used for a variety of ages, including one-day-olds, if The composite Stroller includes a car seat and cradle or reclining chair.
    • Some models of these composite products come with a complete package with a carrier and a reclining seat. Of course, these accessories are different depending on the brand and price of the product.


    • Compound strollers compared to other models They are more expensive.
    • Many have a weight limit of 40 pounds (22.5 kg).

    Car Seat/Stroller

    This type of product is actually a product such as a child car seat that is integrated with the Stroller frame. In general, the Stroller frame can be folded under the child seat and allows the child seat to be installed as an independent support to the car seat.


    • Mark with a double arrow, as this is both a Stroller and a child car seat.


    • These types of strollers are not suitable for lifting and are heavy, even if no child is inside.

    Car Seat Carrier Stroller

    These lightweight frames do not have a seat, so you should add a baby carrier or carrier that fits the structure of the frame.

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    How to place the carrier inside the carriage frame


    • These strollers are quite compact, light and inexpensive.
    • When moving a child from car to stroller, the possibility of waking up and disturbing the child is very low.


    • As the baby grows (especially over 1 year old), you may have to change the stroller.
    • Do not fit easily.

    Convertible Stroller

    As the name implies, this product can be added by adding a cradle or baby car seat. It has become a traveling carriage. It is interesting to know that in addition to this feature, this Stroller can also be changed from single to double. It should be noted that some models allow you to create a place for the older child to stand or sit by adding a detachable platform.

    Advantages: >

    • Convertible strollers are flexible.
    • Some models of this Stroller have the ability to place the child face to face; So you can be eye-catching with your child while walking.
    • These models have the ability to add new passengers to the stroller. Also, if you have twins, you can adjust the seats so that your children face each other.


    • Convertible strollers are expensive and heavy.

    Jogging Stroller

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    A pedestrian Stroller is equipped with three large (fully inflated) tires that the front wheel can spin and lock while running.


    • High-air tires make the Stroller easier to drive and easier to push.
    • This type of Stroller may have a longer service life. Compared to regular models.


    • These types of products are large and sometimes heavy, so it may be Do not sit comfortably in your car.
    • This Stroller requires constant checking of tires and wind adjustment.
    • Most strollers are suitable for brisk walking and running for babies under 6 months. are not ; Experts recommend that you use this product for children over one year of age.

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    Types of twin strollers

    If you have two children under the age of 4, a Stroller can be a viable option. Like the baby car seat mentioned in the previous sections, Buying a car seat and carrier for new twins Being born is also optional. In this section, we will review the types of twin strollers with their advantages and disadvantages.

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Types of Twin Strollers

    Double Tandem Stroller

    In some of these models, the chairs are designed so that children can Sit facing each other. While some of the twin strollers are in a row, allowing the child in the back to see the front seat.


    • This model Due to the design, twin strollers are easier to pass through entrances such as elevator doors than side-by-side options.
    • Consecutive models take up less space.
    • Some rear strollers They can be fitted with two baby car seats together.


    • These products are more difficult to control and control . They can also be difficult to cross on the sidewalk.
    • These types of twin strollers are often very heavy, so it may not be easy for a slender person to move and maneuver.
    • In some models, there may not be enough space for the baby's legs behind the head.

    Double Side-by-Side Stroller

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    This type of Stroller is actually like two strollers screwed together, which is the easiest maneuver for children of the same height and weight. Advantages:


    • Some side-by-side models allow you to stack baby car seats side by side.
    • Most side-by-side strollers have seats that can be bent 180 degrees.


    • If your children's weight is very different from each other, the Stroller may bend.
    • In some cases, you see only one car seat fixed. The latter can not be easily adjusted on the car seat.
    • When buying, you should pay attention to the easy passage of the child seat into the car, because in some cases, the width of the car door entrance is not suitable for this Stroller model.

    Convertible Stroller

    This type of twin stroller, like single convertible models, adds a baby car seat or cradle to a stroller. Becomes. Also, in some models, we see an additional and removable platform for the third child in the back of the stroller.


    • The flexibility of these models is very high. It is high, because you can place children in a row or face to face.
    • Convertible strollers can add a third child to the back or front (depending on the design).


    • Convertible twin strollers are heavy and expensive.

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    8 important features that you should pay attention to before Buying a stroller!

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    In general, some of the features provided in this section are a factor for the greater comfort of the child, while others, such as having a shopping cart, are more useful for busy parents. Among the most important features for a Stroller are the front or rear adjustable seats, height-adjustable handles and storage compartments for cell phones, bottles, etc.

    Remember anyway Even if you buy a light and well-built stroller, you may still need some accessories such as a parasol, a raincoat, an insect net, and a drink holder. Now, in order to better understand these possibilities, in this section, we will review the 8 basic characteristics that you should pay attention to before Buying a stroller.

    1. Five-point retaining system

    Existing five-point retaining system on the Stroller is one of the most important and necessary features of this device that is found in most strollers. In fact, the system works in such a way that the special straps above the shoulders, the back and between the legs of the child hold firmly and prevent him from slipping or falling into the handles. The important thing when shopping is to check the buckles and straps of the Stroller and make sure they are easy to fasten. Safety straps must also be adjustable and securely attached to the Stroller system.

    2. Foldability

    When you want to hold your baby with one hand, and at the same time fold the Stroller with one hand, simplicity and mentality are very useful in folding. The best strollers have the ability to fold in seconds, but not all of them can be folded with one hand. In fact, many strollers require both hands to open and close easily and quickly. Because the carriage that It is placed in a standing position, it can be easily placed in the corridor and similar places.

    3. Awnings

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Awnings can be one of the effective aspects to protect the child from strong sunlight and weather Considered unfavorable. Awnings are basically different in size and coverage and are included in every model from short awnings to models with full and retractable cover. Reversible awnings (or 180 degrees) can take care of the baby both front and back.

    Proper ventilation through panels or mesh fabrics on the awning is important. In some cases, some awnings even come with a clear plastic window or grille at the top, which can be useful for paying attention to the child while walking. Also, if there is no wind and rain shield on the stroller, you can provide this type of shield separately, to take good care of the child in adverse weather conditions. In addition to these, the purchase of insect netting and parasols are also considered practical aspects.

    4. Wheels and Vibrators

    The presence of larger wheels is a factor in the ease with which a carriage can be driven on rough surfaces. In general, it is important to remember that Buying a Stroller with a wheel (or wheels) that can be locked from the front is very important, because such a feature gives you the ability to adapt to the ground (dirt, rock, etc.).

    Inflatable tires give the child a smoother ride, but add periodic maintenance. In this regard, it is interesting to know that some manufacturers use foamed tires to avoid the hassle of maintaining airy tires. Also, if you are looking for easy movement and maneuverability, avoid Buying strollers with small wheels and plastic. With rubber on top of the wheels) near the wheels, which helps reduce the vibration of the Stroller when walking.

    5. Storage basket

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    There is certainly a spacious and accessible basket under the Stroller to make everyday tasks easier he does. In addition, some models have a subdivision and folding divider in the basket. Others also have a zippered compartment for storing valuables such as keys or cell phones. Stroller baskets should be strong enough to support the weight of your packages and accessories without being dragged on the floor. On the other hand, many strollers come with a cup holder, but remember to never use it for hot drinks, as it may be dangerous for the baby.

    Other storage compartments in the Stroller include a special box. (Tray) is on the front of the stroller, which often has a cup holder or compartment for keys, cell phones and other small items. Do not be tempted to hang the strap of the baby bag on the handle, as this may cause the Stroller to fall back and fall.

    Wheelchair Brake

    Functional brakes are an essential safety device. Most strollers have manual brakes that are activated by foot pressure. Some models have attached brakes that are activated by moving the foot on the back of the carriage frame, while others are equipped with pedal brakes. Of course, those who are interested in using open-toed shoes feel more comfortable with the brakes on the back of the carriage frame.

    7. Stroller handles

    Strollers on the market often have thick cushions that are adjustable (both in size and angle) and are suitable for people of all heights, from short to long. Some of these products have the ability to rotate completely to change the direction of the child (other models do the same with a swivel chair). Of course, it should be noted that umbrella or cane strollers usually have two separate handles instead of one, which can reduce your maneuverability.

    8. Interior and exterior upholstery

    There is a wide range of fabrics and designs for strollers, which means that you will have no problem choosing a model that suits your style. In this regard, some manufacturers offer Stroller covers in layers. In fact, one of the layers of the Stroller cover is usually a quality mesh with a suitable mesh for the baby to breathe comfortably in hot seasons. While in the structure of this cover, there is one or two other layers that you can apply on the carriage with the change of climate. In addition, when Buying a stroller, think about the type of cover, its fibers, anti-allergy and easy washability.

    • Everything you need to know about melatonin use while breastfeeding

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    Bestsellers Strollers available in the Iranian market

    Now that you are familiar with all the necessary details to buy a suitable Stroller for your beloved child, It's time to take a look at the best-selling Stroller models by referring to BingMag's site. 13.jpg. , 360-degree rotating wheels (front wheels), basket and handle can be reversed to the mother. The handle of this product is provided with a foam cover and its wheels are equipped with a suitable lock to prevent movement. It is not washable and allergenic, but it should be emphasized that the upholstery of the Stroller should not expect much because its quality is not among the best in the market. On the other hand, the body and structure of this product is quite strong, and there is also a compartment in the canopy to see and control the baby in the stroller. It should be noted that the weight capacity of this Stroller is up to 45 kg and its dimensions are about 81.5 x 29.5 x 47.5 cm.

    View product in BingMag

    Delijan Stroller model max

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Delijan Stroller max model is a product with suitable quality and travel that folds easily. The handle of this product is of the cane type and due to its capabilities, it is very suitable for carrying inside planes and trains, however, this Stroller does not have the ability to rotate towards the mother.

    Among its features can be He noted the adjustment of the seat and footrest, having a winter foot cover, suitable brakes for the wheels, detachability of the wheels and with EVA cover (washable). This product is suitable for children up to 3 years old and can withstand up to 15 kg. It should be noted that the dimensions of the Delijan Stroller are 86 55 106 and it weighs 8.3 kg.

    See the product in BingMag https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2205/19792-15.jpg ">

    Rich Kids Stroller Code 01, due to its light weight and compact cabin, is a suitable option for travel use. About the capabilities of this product, we can mention such things as the ability to install a carrier on the body of the device, the ability to sleep fully, being equipped with a washable and antiperspirant cover, the mother's vision section and a five-point belt.

    The ability of this Stroller to use the baby from birth is also remarkable. The weight capacity of the Rich Kids Stroller is about 20 kg and it has dimensions of 105x45x65.

    View product in BingMag 19792-16.jpg ">

    If you are looking for a comfortable Stroller with front wheels that can be rotated and fixed forward, and at the same time have little space and travel, it is better to go for a Rich Stroller Think GDS 11 Kids. This product has a good performance and with a weight capacity of 15 kg, it can move your child easily. This Stroller can carry children up to 4 years old and can be folded and washed.

    View product in BingMag

    Stroller code 1065

    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Stroller code 1065 is a light, durable product with dimensions of 90x60x44, which gives you a capacity of 30 kg. This compact product has the ability to change the direction of the seat facing the mother; Also, its cover is completely washable and antiperspirant. It should be emphasized that the carrier dimensions of this product are 70x44x28 and it can support children 6 months and up.


    BingMag.com <b>Stroller</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Types,</b> <b>features</b> and <b>advantages</b> and <b>disadvantages</b> of each

    Delijan Stroller and carrier set is a model with a weight of 15 kg, which is used by babies from birth. Suitable for about 3 years old. Regarding the specifications of this Stroller set, it can be acknowledged that the front wheels of this product are capable of 360-degree wheels and direct movement. Also, with the adjustable canopy, the ability to rotate to the mother, the adjustable back, the ability to turn into a cricket and mount the carrier on the stroller, this set can be considered a complete product for purchase.

    The overall dimensions of this Stroller are 60x50x90 and despite having 4 wheels, it weighs 15 kg. Also, next to the stroller, the dimensions of the carrier are 50x40x40 and its weight is 3 kg.

    See the product in BingMag ">

    In general, it can be said that this cane Stroller can be an attractive option for you, because the light weight and size of this product, along with the ability to fold, can literally make you comfortable. The seat of this Stroller has an angle adjustment and along with the shopping cart under the seat and the belt with two connection points, it gives you acceptable safety and facilities.

    Of course, it should be emphasized that this device is compact and has Two handles in it reduce the maneuverability while moving. the cover The Stroller is washable and weighs up to 5 kg. This product is suitable for the age group of 0 to 48 months and its dimensions are about 106x65x65. /19792-20.jpg ">

    Baby Star Stroller model g1 is a travel product, light (about 6 kg), with quality and smoothness, which comes with features such as rotating and fixed wheels, basket and Detachable handle is a cost-effective and ideal product for children from 1 to 4 months. It should be noted that Baby Star model g1 can be folded and its dimensions are about 65x45x105; Of course, this model does not have the ability to rotate towards the mother. /2205/19792-21.jpg ">

    Delijan Stroller service model Benita Plus is a complete set that includes strollers, carriers, baby accessories bags and scooters. The Stroller of this set has remarkable features such as the ability to adjust the height of the handle, the basket, the ability to become a mother, shrinkage, the ability to adjust the seat (in three sleeping positions, half-lying and sitting) and adjusting the front part of the foot. It provides a good purchase value for this set.

    Mattresses and covers of this device are antiperspirant, anti-allergic and medical, and along with safe braking and the ability to rotate 360 degrees in the front wheels, provide high safety for the child. hits. It should be noted that the carrier of this service can be installed on the car seat and in its structure, guards are installed to hold the baby's head and neck inside the carrier. The dimensions of the Stroller are 52x81x105, its weight is 9.3 kg and its weight capacity is about 40 kg.

    View product in BingMag /2205/19792-22.jpg ">

    Delijan Stroller model zoo plus 3, economic product with various capabilities including multi-position canopy, folding, back and adjustable footrest, door tray with handle and rotation It is 360 degrees. In general, this product is marketed with an Eva cover that is washable. Next to it, it has a mattress made of cotton, spring, anti-allergy and anti-perspiration fibers, which creates comfort and relaxation for the baby.

    It is 75.51 cm and weighs 9.5 kg and has a weight capacity of about 40 kg. It should be noted that assembling this product may be a little difficult, so it requires a lot of attention and time to install.

    src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2205/19792-23.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Stroller Buying Guide; Types, features and advantages and disadvantages of each" loading="lazy">

    Jikel Turbo is a reliable and expensive product with features such as easy retraction, durable and light body, reinforcing springs Comes with a 5-point belt, spacious basket, adjustable handle, leather upholstery, adjustable backrest and footrest, folding chair and child view window. This type of product has a weight capacity of about 23 kg and is suitable for the age group of 0 to 4 years.

    Also, the 360-degree rotation of the front wheels and the ability to install the carrier are other interesting features of this stroller. In general, the Turbo has a size of about 100 60 40 and with the technology of changing the direction of the mother can be with you for many years (for the use of future children).

    See the product in BingMag
    • Delijan carriage and carrier set; Ensuring the safety and comfort of the child
    • Check out the Kikabu Stroller Claude2021; Enjoyable surfing for your child

    Source: Consumer Reports

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