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9 strategies to increase gender equality in the home and community

BingMag.com 9 <b>strategies</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>gender</b> <b>equality</b> in the <b>home</b> and community

"Girls who do not play football!" A familiar but bitter phrase that we have all probably heard. Unfortunately, it does not matter if a country is developed or developing, there is gender inequality in all societies, only the extent is different. It is interesting to know that an article in 2017 concluded that women have access to only 68% of the rights and opportunities that men have in the world. Researchers have concluded that it will take 100 years for the world to be cleansed of gender inequalities!

These statistics are shocking, but the good news is that many people today are fighting gender inequality because they They have realized the benefits of equal rights. A study showed that by 2025 the gender gap in the global labor market will be reduced by 25%. If increasing gender equality is also your concern, you have found the right article to read. In the article we have prepared for you today at BingMag, we are going to introduce you to practical methods that help reduce gender inequality. Stay with us until the end of this article.

1. Do housework and childcare equally

Unfortunately, some men think that housework and childcare is a woman's job, and if they help their wives with it, their manhood will be called into question. , If this assumption is completely wrong. In today's world, many women work outside the home with their husbands to help pay for their expenses. Therefore, men should help their wives with household chores and childcare so that things can be done in the best possible way and it should not be the case that only one person is responsible for all household chores. According to various studies, the frequency of household chores can increase the risk of women suffering from mental health problems and reduce their productivity in the workplace, which naturally affects their rights.

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Be aware of signs of domestic violence

If a friend or acquaintance suffers from domestic or other violence, be sure to seek help from individuals and organizations. Keep in mind that domestic violence does not only involve physical assault. Verbal violence (swearing and threatening) and psychological abuse (controlling and abusive behaviors) can also negatively affect women. Usually all of these things happen together. If you're experiencing domestic violence, know that you're not alone. Be sure to report this to the relevant organizations. Research shows that only less than 40% of women who experience domestic violence seek help from family and friends to solve the problem, and only a small number seek help from the police. According to research, only less than 10% of women return to the police after experiencing domestic violence.

3. Support Mothers

BingMag.com 9 <b>strategies</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>gender</b> <b>equality</b> in the <b>home</b> and community

People in charge of children and adolescents need support. Giving a pregnant woman a seat on the bus or companies providing special services to pregnant women are some of the important things that need to be done. UN data from 2015 show that only 53% of countries give their employees at least 14 weeks of maternity leave. Worst of all, only 48% of countries give their employees maternity leave.

Do not be silent in the face of prejudice

It is unnatural to humiliate, mistreat or deprive women of their rights, and such behavior must be stopped. If you see such behaviors, do not be silent. Talk to people who have such behaviors very frankly and tell them that their behavior bothers you.

50. Help Women Gain Power

According to data from 2017, only 17% of countries have women in government. All members of society should help to see more women in various fields, including art, science, sports and other fields.

6. Pay equal pay for equal work

We all know that many companies do not pay equal pay to male and female employees. Your job as an employer is to pay your employees the same regardless of their gender. As a woman, you should not be satisfied with a lower salary than your co-workers. Even if you think your actions will not work, you still need to defend your rights and prove to your employer that you are aware of your rights.

Do not tolerate sexual assault and racism in any way

BingMag.com 9 <b>strategies</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>gender</b> <b>equality</b> in the <b>home</b> and community

Unfortunately for many women around the world at work Or they are even sexually harassed in public places and do nothing when it happens. If you have experienced such bitter events, surely from Complain to the wrongdoer and do not fall short until you get your right and the wrongdoer is not punished.

8. Talk to women and girls

The most important step to achieving gender equality in society is to make women and girls aware of their rights. Unfortunately, many women are not aware of their rights and are therefore abused. Usually, women's opinions and decisions on important issues are not taken into account, which is not good at all.

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9. Help stop child marriage and sexual harassment

If we want girls to complete their education, we must stop child marriage. Children who get married at a young age have no understanding of cohabitation and face many problems. In addition, child sexual abuse must be seriously combated. Children can not defend their rights well as adults, and it is the duty of their parents to take care of them and not allow anything bad to happen to them.

Last word

gender inequality is a problem that many Communities are grappling with it. In this article we have prepared for you today in the BingMag Meg Mental Health section, we talked about ways to increase gender equality. What useful methods do you know for raising the level of gender equality in society? Leave your comments with us and other audiences in the comments section.

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