8 steps of summer skin care that you should not forget

Summer, with all its beauty and charm, may not be a good season for skin care. Intense sun, continuous sweating and hot air are factors that cause some skin problems. To prevent these problems, stay with Digistyle to learn summer skin care tips.

BingMag.com 8 steps of summer skin care that you should not forget

Summer, with all its beauty and charm, may not be a good season for skin care. Intense sun, continuous sweating and hot air are factors that cause some skin problems. To prevent these problems, stay with Digistyle to learn summer skin care tips.

Why is summer skin care important?

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer season. From home, we travel and spend time under the sun. Summer is the season of travel and outdoor recreation. Exposure to the sun and extreme heat of the air, which causes a lot of sweating, provides the basis for the development of some skin problems such as sunburn and pimples. create it in the way you make up and the cosmetics you use.

Summer skin care in 8 steps

By considering these tips, you can have fresh skin in the hot summer season. Have no problem.

1. Don't be hard on your skin

BingMag.com 8 steps of summer skin care that you should not forget

Don't be hard on your skin doesn't mean giving up part of your skin routine. Rather, in summer, you should use different products and methods according to the weather and new living conditions. Heat and humidity in the summer are two factors that you should keep in mind when taking care of your skin.

If you used thicker and oily cleansers, it might be a good idea to try milder cleansers such as washing foams in the summer.

In summer, we spend more time outdoors and probably spend many hours in the sun. Above all, beware of photoactive materials. These materials react when exposed to sunlight; Either they make your skin more sensitive to the sun or make the product less effective.

2. Reconciliation with moisturizer

Many people do not use moisturizing creams because they do not consider it necessary. Especially those who do not have dry skin think that moisturizing cream is only for dry skin. But all people with any skin type should use moisturizing creams.

Using moisturizing cream is more important in summer because the heat of the air causes sweating and loss of overall body moisture and skin moisture. Because in the summer our skin becomes more sweaty and oily than usual, we prefer to skip applying moisturizing cream, but this does not benefit your skin.

Using moisturizing cream creates a protective layer on the skin that Prevents the exit of moisture and prevents the entry of pollutants into the skin. At the same time, it prevents dry skin and severe damage caused by sunburn. Even though the weather is hot in the summer and you feel that using cream creates a heavy layer on your skin, never give up on it.

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3. Use sunscreen

BingMag.com 8 steps of summer skin care that you should not forget

Using sunscreen is always important. You should wear sunscreen all day, every day, all year round, not just in the summer. But in summer, the damage of not using sunscreen is much more. In the summer season, the days are longer and the intensity of the sun's ultraviolet rays is much higher.

Using sunscreen creams can minimize the damage caused by the radiation of this harmful radiation. As a result, over time, you will not suffer from problems such as skin folds and wrinkles, skin spots and signs of skin aging. This radiation increases the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, using sunscreen is not only for preventing skin problems and is necessary to maintain your health.

Another important point that you should know is that even on cloudy days and days close to autumn when there is a possibility The weather is more cloudy, you should still use sunscreen. This radiation can pass through the clouds and cause skin problems in the long run.

Always carry sunscreen with you. Because if for various reasons, the cream is removed from your face, you have to renew it. In addition, if you are in the sun for more than two or three hours, you still need to renew the cream because it loses its effectiveness after a while. In the summer, you sweat more and the possibility of removing the cream is more.

With the continuous use of sunscreen cream, you can have softer, more uniform and brighter skin.

4. Skin exfoliation

In summer, you sweat more than usual and your skin becomes more oily. Accumulation of fat and sweat on the skin is one of the most important causes of pimples and acne. At the same time, the accumulation of residual cream and cosmetic products can be a factor for closing skin pores and causing pimples. For this reason, exfoliating in summer is more important than ever.

With a variety of exfoliating products such as masks and creams, you can perform deep skin exfoliation. Make your skin breathe better. Do this at the end of the day and when you are not going to go out for a while.

5. Changing makeup according to the season

In the summer season, apart from choosing summer colors, do you pay attention to other factors for makeup?

Due to excessive sweating and the heat of the air, in the summer you should And change the amount of use of cosmetic products. The more simple and light makeup you have, the better. Instead of using heavy cream powders, use colored moisturizers and be sure to apply concealer along with it.

Use waterproof products for eye makeup and be sure to use a spray or fix powder at the end of the work to increase the durability of your makeup. .

Besides the things we mentioned, the raw materials for making cosmetic products are also important. When shopping, buy products that are non-comedogenic or non-pruritic. That is, substances that do not enter the pores of the skin and do not cause acne. Reduce the number of layers of your makeup so that your skin has a place to breathe.

Another important point is to use sunscreen products. When using sunscreen, sometimes we forget our lips. The skin of the lips is also exposed to damage due to ultraviolet rays. Use sunscreen lipsticks so that the sensitive skin of the lips does not suffer.

6. Drink plenty of water

Summer skin care is not only related to skin products. Your diet and the amount of water you drink affect the health of your skin. In summer, because you sweat, your body needs more water. Drink as much water as you can and don't forget to eat fruits and vegetables. It may be difficult to drink a lot of water during the day, but it is easier to eat juicy fruits.

Water is very important; It not only makes you have a beautiful and fresh skin, but also helps your body find a balanced temperature.

7. Not forgetting the body

BingMag.com 8 steps of summer skin care that you should not forget

Sometimes we are so busy with facial skin care that we forget the skin of the body. In summer, you sweat a lot and we go to the bathroom a lot. Constant bathing and using detergent products can make the skin dry over time. Buy moisturizing lotions and creams for your body and use it after showering.

Furthermore, when you go out, you should also use sunscreen for your body skin other than your face. Any part of the body that is going to be outside and exposed to the sun needs sunscreen. For example, hands. If you don't wear socks and your shoes are open, be sure to use sunscreen for your feet as well.

Body skin, especially feet, also needs exfoliation. You can use special exfoliators for the soles, ankles, and places in contact with the ground. After the bath, use special creams for this part of the legs to prevent cracks. Summer skin care is not only limited to the skin of the face, and you should not forget your feet either.

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8. Use of sun protective clothing

If you don't like to use a lot of sunscreen cream on your face and body, you can use protective clothing. For example, always carry a mask with you to reduce the sun's rays on your face. Masked hats and sun umbrellas are another option to protect the skin from the sun, but they do not replace sunscreen. If you can use both, that is, both cream and protective clothing, it is better.


Summer is the season to be outdoors and enjoy vacations and sunshine. Summer skin care is not difficult; In this season, if you use sunscreen, eat summer fruits and don't let your body's moisture decrease, you will have fresh and healthy skin. In the summer, change your makeup products and choose simpler and lighter makeup as much as you can.

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