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9 small changes in life that have big results

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

If you could achieve a big goal or develop a new habit by next year, what would it be? What are your major goals for improving your life, career or health?

As you know, big goals can be overwhelming, especially when they require a lot of physical and mental energy as well as a lot of time. For example, if you are thinking of losing 20 pounds, you know that you have weeks and months of dieting and exercise. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Day, give them some time, these goals will not be too daunting. As the saying goes, "The big stone is not marking."

So to build lasting habits, start with small steps and short timelines and gradually increase them. But in the meantime, there are certain habits that may not seem to be related to your goal, but will help you achieve them. These are called key habits; Habits that seem very small and trivial, but in practice, will have great results. You can use them to support your goals and create any other desired habit and you will soon see their amazing results. Follow this article from BingMag to learn more about some of the most important key habits.

What are key habits?

Key habits are basic behaviors that you can use to build habits Create well. Once you develop these core habits, you will see a chain reaction that leads to more new and positive changes in your life and helps you achieve bigger goals.

This is the first fact Barr was introduced by the author of the best-selling book The Power of Habits, Charles Duig, who asked, "Why do we do the things we do in our lives and jobs?" Holds a key to simplify your other goals. In fact, key habits are big or small changes that make success much easier in many areas of life, no matter what circumstances you face.

These habits inspire and motivate you. If you develop these key habits in yourself from the beginning, with much less effort than you expect, a flood of change and positive events will come to you.

So if you are pursuing goals If you are big or even thinking of forming a small behavioral habit, you must first pay attention to key habits. These habits will simplify your efforts and improve your quality of life. They produce great results.

1. Regular exercise habit

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

Exercise is an obvious key habit, but it is good to know that research Supports this. An outstanding study has shown that exercise facilitates the tendency to make other positive changes such as eating better, being more productive, smoking less, spending less, and less stress.

This requires no exercise. Not much. Even once a week is enough to see how other changes begin.

However, a better way to get close to your exercise routine is to start with just five minutes of exercise a day to Make this a permanent habit.

2. Setting up a diet

It does not take much time for you to write down everything you eat during the day, but it does have many unexpected positive consequences.

Work You can start monitoring your eating patterns, plus you can clearly see how much food you have in your daily diet. Studies have shown that people who write down the foods they eat on a daily basis reduce their food intake, choose healthier foods, and in some cases even start a weight-loss diet. .

3. Eating Family Dinner

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

Some key habits also have a positive effect on the habits of your family members. Research shows that eating family meals has many positive effects on children's behaviors; For example, they do their homework better, get better grades, have higher self-esteem, and have more emotional control over their behaviors.

A family dinner also strengthens family members' bonds with each other. In addition, it develops the habit of participating in household chores in children.

4. Making your bed

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

Do you make your bed in the morning after waking up? This is a habit that does not take much time, but is directly related to increased productivity, satisfaction, and planning skills.

William McRowan is a retired Navy officer. He summarizes his experiences during his years in the Navy in a book entitled "Make Your Bed." In his book, he emphasizes the importance of having this key habit to start other constructive habits.

If you can stay true to this as a morning habit, you will soon see the positive effects of such a habit. , Spreads to all your daily behaviors.

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5. Visualization Exercise

Michael Phelps is the holder of 19 Olympic medals in swimming and the most honorable Olympic in history. He owes his focus and success to the power of visualizing a full swim before jumping into a pool.

Phelps said in a 2012 interview: I want to see, I have seen what I do not want to see, and what I can possibly see. "I try to capture everything as much as I can, so that I can be prepared for anything that happens."

Research has shown that visualization has tremendous power in almost every area of life In fact, motion visualization changes the way our brain networks are organized and creates more connections between different areas of the brain. By doing so, those areas of the brain that are involved in movement training (such as the putamen) are stimulated. In this way, the brain and naturally the body are prepared to move so that we can move more effectively.

Positive Thinking

Actively change your mindset about life and its circumstances from negative to positive. Positive thinking doubles your self-esteem, energy, and energy, and sets the stage for many other positive habits.

You will change your perspective. In addition, this habit influences your desire to do things that enhance your quality of life.

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7. Plan your day in advance

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

Do not neglect the power of writing. When you get used to planning your goals and priorities for the next day, you are committed to taking constructive and positive action. As you write down your daily goals, you are more likely to complete them.

Have a journal or notebook by your bedside and write down your goals and plans for the next day before bed. Try to explain exactly what you plan to do and when to schedule it.

8. Creating a Daily Accountability System

Another essential habit is to build and maintain accountability for any habits you try to develop. A daily report of any habits, whether exercise, meditation, or writing, can make the process of your efforts easier and more enjoyable. You do a lot of things perfectly. But here you have to be accountable to yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses by closely monitoring your performance. Remember, this is a personal commitment, and you can double the effectiveness of good habits.

Brushing and flossing

BingMag.com 9 small changes in life that have big results

Like tidying the bed, taking care of your teeth in the morning is the same It is another key habit that brings your day to a positive point.

The positive effects of this key habit are completely contagious and help you to have other self-care habits like skin care, nail care And practice drinking water regularly.

Brushing is often used as a habit or cue to start learning to remind you to start a new habit, as it is a common habit. You can complete a good brushing habit with flossing. Statistics show that only 30% of people floss regularly, so brushing can be a key and effective habit to remember flossing.

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Last word

What came up are just some of the key habits that lead to many positive changes. Think about and see what other behaviors there are in your daily life that can make a big difference. Also, as a general rule, keep in mind that when you are ready to accomplish a big goal or a new habit, choose a key habit first. Once you have done this key habit, your path to the main goal will be much smoother and easier, and thus, you will have the highest possible return with the least amount of mental energy.

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