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7 simple hair care methods (for men)

BingMag.com 7 simple hair care methods (for men)

Hair grows on average about 1.5 inches per month or 15 inches per year. This is if you see a lot of advertisements for different products that claim that by consuming these products, your hair growth will be above average! But we must tell you the fact that it is better to forget this; Because there is no way to make your hair grow more than the average. Instead, focus on getting the most out of your hair. As much as you take care of your skin and body and care about your body, you should also pay attention to your hair because, as you know, hair has a great impact on the beauty and attractiveness of your face.

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Factors That Negatively Affect Hair Growth

BingMag.com 7 simple hair care methods (for men)

Genetics play a very important role in the speed, growth and condition of your hair, but there are other factors that affect these.

  • Protein deficiency or iron deficiency
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Hair type
  • Taking certain medications; Like blood thinners or antidepressants
  • Underlying medical problems

Stages of hair growth

It is interesting to know that there can be about 5 million hair follicles in the body Found that about 100,000 of them are on the scalp. These follicles or roots that grow under your scalp grow and form your hair. The basal blood vessels nourish these follicles and supply them with the nutrients they need. The four main stages of hair growth are the stages of anagen, catagen, telogen and oxygen. Your hair can be in any of these stages of the hair growth cycle.

  • Anagen stage

Anagen stage Or hair growth takes between 2 to 7 years and determines the length and height of your hair. The anagen phase shortens over time, so your hair may become thinner and thinner after each cycle. That's why a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is so important in keeping hair healthy and growing normally. Catagen Stage/ul>

This stage is actually a transitional stage and lasts about 10 days. In the catagen stage, the hair follicle shrinks and separates from the skin papilla.

  • Telogen stage

This stage The resting phase of the hair lasts about 3 months. About 10 to 15% of the scalp hair is in this stage. While old hairs are resting, new hairs are in the growth phase.

  • Exogen Stage

Note: The steps mentioned are the same for facial and body hair; The difference is that for facial and body hair, this cycle is shorter and therefore body hair does not grow as much as the hair on the head.

Better lifestyle, healthier hair

BingMag.com 7 simple hair care methods (for men)

Healthy lifestyle helps a lot to have brighter and healthier hair.

Get enough sleep h3>

Sleep is an essential factor for a healthy life; Because during sleep, growth hormones help cell reproduction and hair growth. Adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night.

Control Stress

Stress has many destructive effects on the body, including hair. Excessive stress can interfere with hair growth. Learning how to manage stress will help you avoid the risk of hair loss. Some ways you can try to manage stress include:

  • Regular exercise; You do not have to do hard and professional exercise. Even a half to an hour walk a day will help.
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Enough sleep
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Writing
  • Going on vacation
  • Keep yourself busy with your hobbies and hobbies.
  • See your doctor and counselor if needed
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Try scalp massage

Daily scalp massage stimulates and increases blood circulation in the hair follicles, which helps to thicken your hair strands. One study found that men who massaged their scalp for 4 minutes daily had thicker hair after 24 weeks!

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Have a healthy and proper diet

A healthy diet should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, beneficial vitamins and unsaturated fats. Try to limit the consumption of prepared foods and drinks that contain sugar; Because the nutritional value of these foods is low.

Vitamins you should take to have a healthier body and hair:

  • Biotin
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and 6
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D

Products Use suitable hair

Avoid products that contain substances such as sulfates, alcohols, bleaches, polyethylene glycol (PEG), ammonia and peroxides, and look for products that contain the following: Be: Creatine

  • Protein
  • Aloe vera
  • Seed oils and fruits such as avocado, argan, coconut, olive and Jojoba
    • Caffeine
    • Essential oils such as rosemary oil

    How to prevent hereditary hair loss?

    BingMag.com 7 simple hair care methods (for men)

    As you get older, it is normal for some hair follicles to shrink and stop producing hair. This condition causes hair loss called hereditary hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. This is an inherited trait, and the surrounding climate has a big impact on it. More than half of men over the age of 50 suffer from inherited hair loss. You need to know that there is no way you can completely prevent this from happening; But with hair loss medications, you can reduce the amount. To do this, you must consult a specialist. Also keep in mind that your hair loss may decrease while taking the medication, but once you stop taking the medication, your hair will return to its original state.

    7 Simple Tips for Hair Care

    BingMag.com 7 simple hair care methods (for men)

    1. Use a natural, gentle shampoo

    In general, it is best to use a natural shampoo for your hair to gently cleanse your hair and scalp. Avoid shampoos that have a long list of chemicals in their ingredients and use shampoos that contain nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins and beneficial oils as alternatives.

    2. Do not wash your hair every day

    Many men are accustomed to using shampoo and washing their hair every day while taking a shower. But if you have dry or normal hair, you should know that this is not right. A significant amount of fat and oil is secreted by your scalp, essential for nourishing, protecting and maintaining healthy hair. Shampooing removes fat and eventually causes your hair to become dry, brittle, weak and dull.

    If your hair is naturally thin and brittle, you should also use shampoos that contain Sulfate, parabens and harsh substances, it is better to think more about the health of your hair and use the right shampoos.

    3. Use a hair conditioner

    Unfortunately, you should know that using a suitable shampoo is not enough, and you should also use a suitable conditioner to strengthen and protect the hair strands. Using conditioner over time will make your hair stronger and shinier. Here are some benefits of using hair conditioner:

    • Nourishes your hair and scalp.
    • Useful fats and oils Replaces the lost.
    • Helps hair grow healthier.
    • Takes care of your hair cuticle.
    • Increases hair health.
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    4. See your hairdresser regularly

    It is best not to delay going to your hairdresser. To have healthy and tidy hair, it is necessary to go to the hairdresser at the right time and regularly and style your hair according to your desired model. Going to the hairdresser is not just to cut and style your hair; Over time, your hair shaft becomes damaged and weak due to various factors such as heat, friction from wearing clothes and daily activities. Regular trimming of the hair shaft will help you to have healthier hair.

    5. Choose the right hairstyle

    To choose the right hairstyle, you need to know the shape of your face and also consider the texture and material of your hair. In this way, you can choose a model that suits your face and makes your face more attractive.

    6. Treat your hair gently

    If you treat your hair roughly while drying or styling, you need to know that you will do great damage to it.

    While drying your hair

    • Do not use violence when you want to dry your hair with a towel! This will make the hair weak and brittle.
    • Avoid taking a hot shower. Hot water removes the beneficial fats from your scalp.
    • When using a hair dryer to dry your hair, pay attention to how hot it is. Excessive heat will break and dry your hair.
    • After bathing, first dry your hair gently with a towel to remove excess water; Then blow dry it thoroughly with a gentle blow dryer. Also, be sure to keep the blow dryer away from your scalp.

    While styling your hair

    Just like the previous steps, while brushing and combing your hair Be gentle and do not pull your hair. This will irritate your scalp and make your hair thinner over time; Especially for those who have hair loss. Using conditioner at this stage will help you because it softens your hair and makes combing easier.

    7. Use natural styling products

    Many styling products contain harsh and harmful compounds that cause hair to become dry and brittle. Products such as waxes and hair gels are also absorbed into your scalp; Therefore, if you use the wrong product, you will damage your hair and endanger its health. For this reason, it is better to use natural and organic products to style your hair. Try to use products that contain vitamin E, hydration, argan oil and other nutrients in their composition.

    Last word

    It can be said that it is one of the most important factors of attractiveness for men. , Is the hair. In general, the rate of hair growth per year is moderate, the main determinant of which is genetics, and you can not change it; But by following very simple tips, you can help hair growth and ultimately have healthier and more beautiful hair.

    Sources: Healthline, Brickellmensproducts

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