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Should we teach children that the world is dangerous?

BingMag.com <b>Should</b> we <b>teach</b> <b>children</b> <b>that</b> the <b>world</b> is dangerous?

"The world has rewards"; You may have heard this sentence a lot during your life and despite your inner desire. This painful sentence becomes more difficult to digest when you realize it is true. Difficulty and sorrow are inseparable parts of human life, and coping with them or not coping with them can make no difference in the world around us as much as it can affect the way we look at life. Eventually, the world will survive without us, and a few concepts, such as love, can make it a little easier for us to understand.

If you look more closely, you will find that almost all human beings As adults, they recognized and understood this dark side of life. The most important reason for this delay may be the reluctance of parents to show the contradictory realities of life to their children in childhood. While this delay has benefits such as enjoying a sweet childhood in enjoyable neglect, it can cause irreparable damage to the quality of life of children in adulthood.

Accurate from the parents. children have different moods and look at the world around them through different lenses. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a general overview for all children. Nevertheless, parents can still inform their children about generalities that make life easier for them later. We deal with the difficulty of living in it. Join us.

How common is "negativity"?

BingMag.com <b>Should</b> we <b>teach</b> <b>children</b> <b>that</b> the <b>world</b> is dangerous?

a The way to introduce the world to children is to instill the belief: the world is a dangerous and nonsensical place, and the best thing that can be done in the face of adversity is to get used to it and be expectant. At first glance, saying such a thing in the presence of a child may seem very cruel and cruel, but it is interesting to know that this is one of the most common ways parents introduce children to children!

In a field study that In January 2022, it was found that 11 to 53 percent of the parents who took part in the survey tended to make the world look negative to their children. These parents instilled in their children fundamental beliefs about life in this world in the form of traits such as dry and empty, unjust, colorless, cruel, and declining.

In another similar study, about 50 to 94% of parents admit that they are against making life in this world positive for their children. From their parents' point of view, a little positivity is okay, but having an ideal image of the world can lead to great frustration in the future. In short, balancing is the best strategy.

Why can "pure positivism" be destructive?

BingMag.com <b>Should</b> we <b>teach</b> <b>children</b> <b>that</b> the <b>world</b> is dangerous?

Jeremy Clifton, a clinical psychologist and faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, has found in a clinical study that parents' concerns about their children's future fall into three broad categories: success, health, and safety. According to most parents, success in this world is not possible without having a relatively negative view of the whole.

Another prevailing view is that securing the world can expose children to various injuries, such as illness, death, and Fail, place and deprive them of the ability to keep up with the pace of life. On the other hand, positive thinking can lead to frustration and pave the way for disorders such as depression and apathy. With this mindset, the best strategy is to be unpredictable.

According to psychologists, encouraging children to look negatively at the world and the events that take place is a parent's attempt to secure a troubled future for them. There are usually two main reasons for this mindset:

  • Parents think that negativity greatly reduces the likelihood of children becoming frustrated in the future.
  • Parents think that very successful people are usually those who They have endured hardships and unbelievable dreams.
  • These beliefs stem from a person's natural desire to survive and appear extraordinary in society, and according to psychologists, have little to do with the three factors of success, health and safety. Do not have. In other words, regardless of having or not having these three valuable factors in life, man is still looking for a way to fight the difficulties of life in this world.

    In another extensive study with more than 4,000 participants and 48 experts were examined, the relationship between negativity and the occurrence of tragic events was examined. The results were very thought-provoking. Experts have found that people who have a negative view of the world also have worse lives on average.

    These people generally had physical, mental, and emotional disorders caused by developing negative emotions. The rate of their incidence of disorders Traditions such as depression were also reported higher. Dissatisfaction with life and high suicide rates or suicide attempts were also frequently observed among them. Finally, these individuals performed worse than their peers, even in their jobs.

    In another part of the study, experts examined the consequences of having moderate or neutral views of the world. Interestingly, they found that having such an attitude towards the world was also associated with dissatisfaction with the overall quality of life. People with moderate views have had even more difficult times than negatives!

    The results of this extensive study certainly can not be used as a basis for making a definite decision about how to introduce the realities of life to children. Can be used, but can illuminate the path. In short, it is good for parents to know that if their children grow up constantly in fear of the harm that awaits them in the future in the world, they may suffer the same fate as their fear.

    Finally, what Should be done?

    BingMag.com <b>Should</b> we <b>teach</b> <b>children</b> <b>that</b> the <b>world</b> is dangerous?

    Having a negative view of the world and living in it, rooted in the collective unconscious of human beings and the perception of their ancestors It's the best way to live. But for all the respect we have for them, we have to admit that being negative and hoping for a positive future is not a smart thing to do with low-expectation tools. Being negative, along with its limited benefits, can make the mind accustomed to being skeptical and imagining the worst possible events.

    With this in mind, the best way is to remind children of the following two points:

  • There are difficulties in life that you have to manage in due time.
  • Having the opportunity to live in this world is a precious gift and its beauties are so vast that they appear promising in difficult times.
  • Last word

    Life, as much as it promises unrepeatable pleasures and memorable moments, can sometimes be a form of condemnation of survival. All human beings, at some point in their lives, willingly or unwillingly learn lessons that can dramatically change the course of their lives.

    In the meantime, educating children about the twists and turns of life is very sensitive and important. Is. The best way to introduce the reality of the world to children is to present a dual and realistic picture of its content. Remember that emphasizing the positive aspects of life in the world is a better option than scaring children of the bitterness ahead.

    This is for education and information only. Be sure to consult an expert before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

    Source: Psychologytoday

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