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Satisfaction with the body; How can we feel better about our body?

BingMag.com <b>Satisfaction</b> with the <b>body;</b> <b>How</b> <b>can</b> we <b>feel</b> <b>better</b> <b>about</b> <b>our</b> body?

Everyone has flaws and problems in their body that may be difficult for many people to accept. Too much or too little weight, too short or too tall, are physical injuries and part of human life and no one is perfect. But today, many people, especially women, are dissatisfied with their bodies, and this dissatisfaction has affected various aspects of their lives. Stay tuned to BingMag to learn How to love our body more and accept it with all its flaws.

How common is body dissatisfaction?

You may be one of those people who hates your body or maybe you wish you were different. In Iran, there is no extensive research on people's body satisfaction, but in the United States, research has shown that 84% of women have experienced body dissatisfaction at some point in their lives.

This statistic, It is worrying because dissatisfaction with the body can affect different aspects of a person's life and greatly reduce a woman's self-esteem.

Learning to love our body while really hating it is hard work Is. This is not at all as easy as it is advertised these days. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

How to love our body more?

BingMag.com <b>Satisfaction</b> with the <b>body;</b> <b>How</b> <b>can</b> we <b>feel</b> <b>better</b> <b>about</b> <b>our</b> body?

Experience body Satisfaction and no longer hate it, you can take these few steps. Over time, you will find that everything becomes easier for you and you feel better about your body.

1. Commit to change

When you come to the conclusion that you need to change your mindset and love your body more, it means that you have started the process of change to increase your body satisfaction. . In fact, knowing that you have the wrong mindset and looking to change it means you are halfway there.

The first step you need to take to change your mindset about your body is to commit to change. You must first acknowledge and admit that you have a negative relationship with your body and that you want to turn it into a healthy, positive relationship. By accepting the change, it will be easier for you to continue the path.

2. Identify the reasons for body dissatisfaction

Ask yourself why you want to have a different body?

Most people like to change their appearance so that more people like them. These people think that having a special look makes them more lovable and makes them more popular in the community. With special qualities, you are more lovable and valuable. But all these propaganda and ideas are unreal and not the truth of life. Having a special look that is advertised in fashion magazines does not make you live happier.

In addition, having a special and advertised look does not make anyone like you more. Take a look at your loved ones. Most of them have a normal appearance and may even be full of defects. But it does not matter to you, and you love them from the bottom of your heart.

Before you love your body, you must change your mindset that if I look flawed, I will be sad. And I do not care. To believe this, it is enough to see that many world-famous celebrities who look attractive and beautiful are still betrayed and may be lonely and sad.

The more you believe that Beautiful and flawless appearance does not guarantee a happy and easy life, you are less inclined to bring your appearance and body to the standards set in today's world. Gradually, peace and contentment return to your life and you gain self-confidence.

Of course, do not forget that this does not mean that there is no physical, racial or other discrimination. Unfortunately, we live in a world where these physical and sometimes congenital factors influence How people judge and behave. But that should not cause you to damage your body in order to achieve these unrealistic ideals. Spiritually and even financially is possible for you, it is very pleasant, but if it becomes a problem and a kind of psychological pressure for you, it will make life difficult for you.

Sometimes it is not possible to achieve these defined ideals for everyone. Is it our body that has a flaw or are these ideals misdefined? Instead of trying to fit in with your system Makes you sensitive to your appearance, try to change your way of thinking and have your own standards.

3. Do not judge others's body

In order to love your body, you must first learn to stop judging others based on their physical characteristics and body. When you judge the limbs of others, you convey the message to that person and to yourself that physical characteristics are one of the most important criteria for measuring the value of individuals. Leave it at that. You deserve to be accepted and loved, regardless of your physical imperfections. Others are just as deserving of acceptance.

Clear your social networks

Avoid any content that makes you feel bad about your body. If you follow people like actors, celebrities and singers with well-balanced limbs, you will feel bad about your body over time. At first you may think that following a beautiful actor will not hurt you, but when you always have their flawless appearance in front of your eyes, your self-confidence will gradually weaken.

Take a day and those who follow them. Check out. Do their social media posts have anything to lose that disrupts your life? Does seeing their pictures make you feel good or make you feel bad about your body?

Anfal any page or account that makes you feel bad.

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5. Follow useful pages

BingMag.com <b>Satisfaction</b> with the <b>body;</b> <b>How</b> <b>can</b> we <b>feel</b> <b>better</b> <b>about</b> <b>our</b> body?

Instead of malicious pages, follow pages where real and normal bodies can be seen. These days, many people on social media are trying to show a more realistic picture of the body and appearance of ordinary people. Accept the fact that not all people who live around you are perfect, and most ordinary people live with different characteristics that may not be appropriate by fashion standards.

Real life with perfect limbs What you see on social media is different. Follow pages that show you this fact.

Get to Know Your Body

Some of the problems and shortcomings you have in your body are solvable. It is enough to know your body and learn How to deal with it properly. For example, you can see a doctor to solve many of the causes of pimples. Or you can get a diet that fits your body by visiting a nutritionist.

You do not have to torment yourself to achieve the ideals of the outside world, but with the help of medicine and science, you can exercise and achieve yourself. Become the best version of yourself. The most important thing to know is not to expect too much from yourself and to try to be better every day according to your body's ability.

Accepting and loving your body does not mean that Ignore problems that can be solved. It just means to expect as much from yourself as you can.

Do a good job for your body every day

Get in the habit of doing a good job for your body every day to feel better. This can be using a face mask, exercising, massaging the face and hands, and so on. The goal is to feel good about your body for a while every day.

8. Do different things

To increase your body satisfaction, try challenging your body with new tasks to realize its capabilities and see another aspect of it. For example, try a new type of exercise to find your favorite exercise. You can even try a new diet for a while and see the effects on your body.

9. Exercise

BingMag.com <b>Satisfaction</b> with the <b>body;</b> <b>How</b> <b>can</b> we <b>feel</b> <b>better</b> <b>about</b> <b>our</b> body?

If exercising is not part of your daily routine, be sure to include it in your schedule. . Exercising can correct many body problems, such as weight gain or poor posture. In addition, exercising makes you feel fresh and vibrant. Satisfaction with the body follows this feeling of happiness and vitality.

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10. Do exercise for your happiness and Satisfaction

Exercise has many benefits for the health and beauty of the body. But this exercise should not be obsessive and you should not do it under duress. Exercise should be done with the goal of feeling better, healthier and happier, and enjoying it.

In fact, exercise should be a form of appreciation and happiness for your physical health, not a means to yourself Set standards that you can not reach. If you look at exercise with the view that it is something to make yourself happier, you will never get tired of doing it and you will not feel pressured to do it.

11. Choose the right cover

Sometimes when we have a problem with a part of our body, Consciously or unconsciously, we try to cover it up in different ways so that it is out of sight of others. This time, when buying clothes, think about what clothes make you happier? Treat your body like a valuable work of art. Wear the best clothes and do not be afraid to wear the clothes you like. By wearing good and desirable clothes, you convey the message to others and to yourself that this body is valuable to me.

12. Fight Obesity

BingMag.com <b>Satisfaction</b> with the <b>body;</b> <b>How</b> <b>can</b> we <b>feel</b> <b>better</b> <b>about</b> <b>our</b> body?

Obesity or photophobia means fear or hatred of becoming obese, being obese and Obese people. Being overweight increases the risk of many diseases. If you are obese, you should try to lose weight. But do not forget that weight loss does not happen overnight. You need to spend a lot of time exercising, exercising and exercising to reach your ideal weight. But until you get the result, you will be overweight for a long time.

You should not feel bad about your body during this time. Your body is changing every day and the excess weight created in a few years is not going to go away overnight. Be patient and be sure that in the long run, you will see the results of your efforts.

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13. Exercise in front of a mirror

Some people avoid seeing their limbs due to defects and problems in their body. But do not forget that loving your body does not happen overnight. You need to practice daily for long periods of time. Stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes each day and look at your body. Transfer others. So first try to accept your body and do not worry about seeing it.


To have a positive feeling about your body and experience body Satisfaction You must first accept a fact for yourself. Your body, with all its features, flaws and beauties, does not define your identity. Accept that all people in the world each have a body defect, some of which is visible and some of which are not visible.

Exercise to solve underlying problems in order to feel positive about your body. , Have your own standards and when you can not, do not try to get closer to the standards set in today's world; Standards that may change completely in a few years.

Source: Mindbodygreen

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