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Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

It is not clear who was the first woman to think about the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the moon, but people have been thinking about it for centuries. Perhaps the reason for this idea is that the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, ie 29 days, are equal. We know that the tides of the seas on Earth are controlled by the movements of the moon, and its effect on our bodies is not far-fetched. There are many scientific studies that refute this effect, but the general public still thinks that the two are related. This belief is so strong that on the day of the "Bloody Moon" in 2019, many people on social media were comparing their menstrual cycle and their friends with this astronomical event!

Today in BingMag Let's look at the subject and see if the moon really affects the menstrual cycle.

What do the old studies say?

BingMag.com Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

Charles Darwin was one of the first to theorize about the relationship between the moon and the menstrual cycle. Since then, several studies have been conducted to prove or disprove this connection. A 1986 study found such a link.

It is logical that the lives and physical changes of older people were more in tune with the moon, but without principled research we could not conclude. After examining 826 women, the researchers found that 28.3% of women started menstruating at the same time as the new lunar month. Another study in 1987 confirmed these theories. In 1977, researchers found that women whose menstrual cycle coincided with the onset of the new moon were more likely to become pregnant. What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and how do we cope with premenstrual depression?

What are the results of recent studies?

BingMag.com Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

The study was resumed in 2013, and a team of researchers examined 74 women in one year. The team concluded that there was no evidence that this coincidence existed. A recent study in 2021 also found that menstrual cycles may coincide with the lunar cycle, but the presence of artificial light and modern lifestyles have disrupted this relationship.

In this study, 8 women Who had recorded their menstrual periods of 19 to 32 years were examined. The menstrual cycle of 5 women in this group was alternately synchronized with the menstrual cycle, and the synchronization periods of 3 women were in accordance with the new moon or full moon.

For women, it coincides with the full moon 3 times in its lifetime.

However, in 2019, the Clue app reviewed the data of 1.5 million users and stated that there was no connection between the moon and menstruation. The Clue team explains that it is normal for a woman's menstrual cycle to sometimes coincide with the start of the new moon, but this is a coincidence and there is no particular connection.

Other narratives of the influence of the moon

BingMag.com Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

While we still do not know whether the moon really affects the menstrual cycle or not, we are faced with other accounts of the influence of the moon. A reliable source in 2021 stated that sleep fluctuations in rural and urban communities with different patterns are affected by the lunar cycle. During the full moon, most people go to bed later, sleep less, and sleep more at the beginning of the new moon.

If the moon affects our mood very little or zero, then it is almost impossible to confirm these theories. .

Another credible source stated in 2017 that there is a significant relationship between lunar cycles and mental health, and this effect is more pronounced in people with bipolar disorder. Two participants in this study showed a clear association between their mood and menstrual cycles and lunar cycles. These changes usually start at the time of the full moon and the new moon. But another study in the same year rejected this theory, stating that there was no connection between lunar cycles and referring to psychologists.

The connection between the moon and menstrual cycles is rooted in culture and tradition

BingMag.com Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

The relationship between the moon and the menstrual cycle has not yet been scientifically confirmed, but beliefs that are rooted in our culture and tradition They confirm this connection. Even in modern societies, there are rituals that link menstruation and the moon. At the Red Tent Gathering, which takes place in the new moon, women gather in a specific place and form a spiritual bond. The ritual is named after a novel of the same name published in 1997. The book states that during the Bible, women were instructed to hide from society during menstruation.

Ancient Greek culture

The word menstruation Derived from the Latin and Greek word mene meaning moon. In ancient Greece, physicians believed in the connection between the moon and the menstrual cycle, and thought that women were psychologically powerful in this period. Native American Culture And they believed in the menstrual cycle. In the Ojibio tradition, menstruation is known as the "time of the moon" and women stay home at this time to think and relax. "Women have a lot of power in this age and they are relieved of the stress of being a woman by bleeding," says Patti Smith of the Leach Lake Group. In the tradition of the York tribe in California, the time of the moon has become an important part of culture. "It's time for power." "The moon is the time when a woman is at the peak of her power," she told Buckley. So he should not waste his time with daily chores and social distractions. Nor should their focus be broken by concerns raised by the opposite sex. " "Holy." The women of the tribe believe that all of them were in sync with the moon in ancient times. They say that if a woman from the tribe becomes inconsistent with the cycles of the moon, she will sit under the moonlight at night, talk to her and ask her to restore balance to her body.

Ayurvedic and Hindu culture

Today's spiritual traditions associated with the lunar cycle

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Alicia Mick, the founder of Wildlife Cycles, guides women through the Vikasa practice to regain a cycle on the ground in a state of consciousness, retaining old feminine ways, and so on. Take the old form.

Vikasa is a modern pagan religion that originated in England in the mid-twentieth century. This religion has its roots in pre-Christian religions.

It is true that there is no scientific evidence to prove this. We Mick believe that the four main phases of the lunar cycle are related to menstruation:

  • Menstruation or the new moon
  • The moon Follicular or crescent moon
  • egg or full moon
  • month before menstruation or crescent moon

Some people also believe that menstruation It shows certain characteristics in people at certain times of the lunar cycle.

White Moon Cycle

Mick says that people whose menstrual cycle coincides with the new moon and whose ovulation coincides with the full moon in the cycle. There are white moons. Some people believe that these types of cycles occur when a person is most fertile or ready for pregnancy during menstruation. They may be in the red moon cycle. According to Mick, this is an opportunity to embrace the passionate aspects of ejaculation, sexual activity, and sexual activity. Indicates a rising moon.

Purple lunar cycle

This cycle is associated with healing and refers to the time of menstruation on the waning moon (the last days of the lunar cycle).

Align your menstrual cycle with the phases of the moon

BingMag.com Relationship between menstrual cycle and lunar changes; Myth or reality?

Some People who participate in lunar cycle rituals believe that the onset of menstruation in the new moon or full moon has a positive effect on their mood and energy levels, and they feel they have established a stronger spiritual connection. Of course, this has not been scientifically proven at all.

Follow your cycle

If you want to see the link between your menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, you can use the apps in the list Use the following:

  • Mira
  • naturalcycles
  • Clue
  • Flo
  • Cycles

Using these apps, you can see if your period corresponds to the cycles of the moon. Then work on your body's natural cycle to get the most out of your period. For example, rest more during menstruation and do things that require more energy during ovulation.


There is no scientific reason for this, but some People believe that there are ways to synchronize menstruation and the moon. Ways like:

  • Be aware of the different phases of the lunar cycle.
  • Direct your energy in certain ways during your lunar cycle and your menstrual cycle.

For example, you can do activities related to your inner feelings and moods in the new month and social activities in the full moon. Do it. "If a woman wants to get into the white moon cycle, she has to focus more on home and spending time in her shelter during the new moon," says Mick. The body is more like magic with the lunar cycle. While many scientific studies reject this theory, many individuals and cultures believe that the menstrual cycle coincides with the lunar cycle, and recognize this harmony as a spiritual event. Of course, monitoring the menstrual cycle and finding the coordination and connections it has with the lunar cycle is not without merit. This harmony may exist naturally and accidentally in your body, but do not forget that this is not a proof of the theory that the moon has an effect on your body. Now that you have read this, write to us what you think. Is the connection between the moon and the menstrual cycle a reality, or is it just an old myth passed down from generation to generation?

This is purely educational and informational. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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