6 reasons why some people change their name

People's names and faces are considered their most distinctive features. Even identical twins who look alike are given different names to make people realize that they are different.

BingMag.com 6 reasons why some people change their name

People's names and faces are considered their most distinctive features. Even identical twins who look alike are given different names to make people realize that they are different.

Our names are attached to our identity. They are a big part of who we are. Unfortunately, people have no control over the names they are given at birth.

Parents try their best to give good names to their children. They want to make sure they are giving their children the best possible identity. Therefore, almost all names have positive meanings that show desirable characteristics of people. No parent names their child something that means "criminal".

However, despite the best intentions and hopes of parents, some people deviate from the identity given to them through the name and they become criminals; So, it's not like a kid always lives up to his name. In fact, when people hear a good name with a good meaning, they are quite impressed. As if this is a guarantee that the child will stay true to his name.

Names, identity and ego

Have you ever come across a person who does not know the meaning of his name? Your answer is probably negative. This shows how special their name is to people. If you like your name, how it sounds and what it means, you will have a sense of value that will make you proud of yourself. As we have often encountered, hearing our name is one of the sweetest sounds, especially when it is spoken by special people.

In fact, everything that makes us proud also includes our ego. Takes. If you mispronounce someone's name or make fun of it, you can hurt their ego.

Names and Prejudice

Human brains are designed to process as much information as possible. about others based on the least available data. Sometimes, a person's name can tell a lot about them. Names, apart from conveying positive characteristics, can contain information about things such as ethnicity, gender, and religion. Also, based on the expectations that are formed in people's minds based on their own experiences, some names are tied to certain personality types. Eat. This is why you sometimes hear people say things like:

  • The name Maryam is used for aunts.
  • The name Samaneh is the name of a beautiful girl.

Actually, people have come across many aunts named "Maryam" and many beautiful girls named "Samaneh". So, upon hearing such names, certain expectations are formed in their minds.

When we attribute issues to people because of their names, this presupposition can cause problems such as prejudice and discrimination for people. In fact, through a person's name, you have limited information about them as a person, but you can get enough information about the group they belong to, and if you don't have a good feeling about that group, they probably stereotype that group. you will generalize to all people.

Reasons to change the name

BingMag.com 6 reasons why some people change their name

Now that we understand that names have psychological significance, then we will discuss the reasons for that.

1. Disliking Your Name

If you don't like the way your name sounds or is spelled, it may be embarrassing to introduce yourself, and if you're someone who meets new people a lot, introducing yourself frequently can be overwhelming. be annoying to you; Therefore, sometimes people change their names to be better-sounding and easy to remember.

2. Popularity of your name

We all tend to feel special and unique. If your parents gave you a name that's too common, it's hard to be that unique. When people face someone with the same name as themselves, they don't have a pleasant feeling about it; Therefore, people turn to more specific names to feel better and share their sense of being different.

3. Incompatibility of name and personality

This happens when your personality and name are not compatible. When people who know you ask the meaning of your name and you answer them, the look on their face is undeniable and you may be faced with the statement that you are the complete opposite of your name; Therefore, people change their name to something that more accurately reflects their personality.

4. Name and Identity Mismatch

While personality is about people's stable characteristics, identity can be much more fluid. In fact, identity may change and evolve faster than one's personality. Since names represent a person's identity, as the identity evolves, a person's first name represents another. It is not identity. Therefore, giving a new name to people creates a new identity for them. To better understand this issue, consider the following example:
People who join cults are often given new names so that they can fully accept the identity of their new cult.

5. Ditching Old Identity

Sometimes people change their name to get rid of their old identity that they don't like.

For example, if you had an abusive father who chose your name. and now you have cut off your relationship with them, probably your name evokes those abuses for you and you prefer to leave your past behind by changing and ignoring your name.
Similarly, some of Other people do not want to identify with their family or social groups. Changing the name helps them to separate from these groups.

6. Escape from prejudice

If you live in a country that is involved in prejudice and discrimination and you are one of the minorities, you must have realized by now what consequences your name can bring you. To escape these problems, some people change their name to be more in line with society.

Final point

BingMag.com 6 reasons why some people change their name

What's in a name? Much Ado About Nothing?

There's no denying that names carry psychological weight and influence. But if your identity is constantly evolving, your name will occupy only a small corner of your identity room. In fact, you are much more than what your name suggests. So at this stage, you should learn not to take your name too seriously and don't think too much about it.

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