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From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

Naturally, this does not seem fair, but a lot of research has been done to show that facial beauty has many benefits for the individual. In fact, physical attractiveness has important social consequences for a person.

It is not surprising that attractive people have more and perhaps better choices than others when it comes to dating and emotional relationships, but what can you do? Do not know that beauty is associated with the formation of more Platonic relationships and stronger bonds.

Beauty is also significantly associated with better economic status, especially for women. In job interviews, people who have certain physical and behavioral characteristics that make them attractive are significantly more likely to be hired for a variety of job positions. This is true even when their education and work experience are lower than that of other applicants. They fine others.

There seem to be many stereotypes about physical attractiveness. People who are considered beautiful in appearance are usually seen as more competent and kind people who generally have more desirable social characteristics than others.

But what determines the beauty of a person? Is the person compared to other people? Are these factors and criteria related to beauty the same from the point of view of all human beings and everywhere in the world? Or have they taken different forms in different time periods and in different cultures?

In the continuation of this article by BingMag, the existing scientific findings about beauty are examined from a scientific point of view. Join us to learn about the beauty-shaping factors of the face.

Where does the concept of beauty come from in our minds?

BingMag.com From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

It is a common misconception that our perceptions of beauty come from cultural products such as movies and visual content in cyberspace. Many of us believe that the concept of beauty in our minds is formed based on the images we have encountered throughout our lives. In fact, by imitating the beautiful elements in these images, we have formed a pattern in our minds called beauty, which has certain physical characteristics.

If this is true, it means that what the concept of beauty and Defines attractiveness, varies according to dominant culture and different time periods. From this it can be deduced that infants naturally should not have any background and criteria for beauty in their minds and therefore are not able to recognize beauty. But none of these statements are true.

How do babies perceive beauty?

Research shows that in terms of conceptualizing beauty, we are only slightly influenced by our culture and experiences. we have. There are certain characteristics of the human face that seem to be universally regarded as criteria for attractiveness, and even infants use these patterns to distinguish beautiful people.

How can infants' perceptions of beauty? Evaluated? We know that children stare at things that are interesting to them, such as bright colors.

In one study, infants' visual interests were assessed using eye-tracking technology. The results of this study show that infants between 12 and 24 months of age are interested in such things as facial symmetry and features that are usually associated with facial femininity. These items are among the items that are also considered as elements of facial beauty for adults. In fact, infants' perceptions of facial attractiveness are exactly the same as those of adults.

This is important for infants in that they are not yet influenced by culture, advertising, or cyberspace rather than mental patterns. Inspire them with their beauty.

The important question is, if all the influences of society and the media are erased from a person's mind, what will be his perception of beauty? In fact, the visual appeal of certain facial features perceived by such a person indicates a pure biological biological reaction.

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How is beauty defined?

BingMag.com From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

There is a common proverb that says: "Beauty in The eye is the viewer. The phrase actually implies that visual beauty is an indefinable and mysterious concept. However, what we know for sure about human beauty is that scientists have reduced the factor that shapes the attractiveness of the human face to a few key factors on which there is a relatively unified consensus over time and across cultures. And there were different ethnicities.

The basic technique used to determine these aesthetic characteristics was to ask participants in a study to review the images of different faces that were given to them and give their feedback. Record them. These feedbacks are then analyzed and the features that are most favored in different faces are extracted as criteria for facial beauty.

Researchers can also digitally manipulate the features of these images and how they affect See participants' comments. For example, angling a man's jaw in an image and observing how it affects participants' reactions. Please note that much of the scientific research on beauty and attractiveness is based on surveys of asexual men and women without gender reassignment.

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BingMag.com From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

Symmetry refers to the similarity of one half of an object to the other half. In fact, the human face is not exactly the same in both halves. Facial symmetry is one of the most important and important elements when choosing a mate in all cultures and societies and even among animal species.

In this experiment, when the images are Manipulations were made to make one side of the face look more like the other side of the face, which dramatically increased the likelihood of choosing that face as a beautiful face compared to the unchanged image.

This may be Relate to human evolutionary motivation for reproduction. In men, the symmetrical body is directly related to the increase in sperm count and sperm health. Breast symmetry in women is also associated with increased fertility.

Secondary sexual characteristics

This includes the characteristics by which changes in masculinity or femininity after puberty in the face Is formed. Typically, masculine features such as a large jaw and a bulge behind the eyebrows indicate a man's strength, dominance, and beauty. The same is true for features such as fuller lips and longer or fuller cheeks.

Research has shown that women with more feminine faces have on average higher levels of estrogen in their blood. Similarly for men, increased testosterone levels are directly related to "masculine" appearance. These physical signs, which indicate the level of a person's hormones, are subconsciously noticed in various cases, such as choosing a spouse.

Healthy appearance

BingMag.com From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

Characteristics that indicate a person's health and physical vitality are also of great value and attractiveness to others. These include features such as skin tone. Of course, it does not mean a specific color, but the uniformity and uniformity of skin color. This, along with the smoothness of the skin texture, the absence of skin blemishes and the presence of fewer lines on the skin, are directly related to the health of the facial skin.

These features subconsciously indicate a person's health, even when only part of the skin Be visible. The condition of the skin is actually a useful indicator to assess the general health of the person. Women are also more attractive to men when wearing red clothes than other colors. And they do not look attractive to others.

Personality Traits

People 's faces look more attractive when their physical features indicate valuable social traits such as kindness, calmness or cheerfulness. Although facial expressions are transient, smiling faces are more beautiful to people than neutral faces. This is especially true when combined with direct eye contact or when the person giving the photo feels that the opposite image is smiling.

It has already been suggested that masculine features on the face cause Make the person look more attractive. This is true for women who have just started a romantic relationship, are in their ovulation phase, or even when they are looking for a romantic relationship.

However, women in other stages of the menstrual cycle They themselves prefer the faces of men who have more feminine features on their faces, or prefer more feminine features such as honesty, love and cooperation in men instead of a domineering temperament. In other words, traits that are not necessarily related to female fertility but are related to parenting and a lasting relationship are important to a woman.

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Marital status

BingMag.com From the point of view of science, what factors determine human beauty?

Research shows that men who Known as married people are more attractive than single men. Women also find men surrounded by other women more attractive than men alone.

Men also find people who have a beautiful former partner to look more attractive. Factors influencing beauty and attractiveness

An interesting feature that determines how you can find a partner for yourself is your appearance. Women seem to hate the faces of men who look feminine. When men looked at the faces of women who had masculine features on their faces and were asked to imagine a short-term relationship with the face in the photo, they expressed disgust. However, this is not the case with long-term relationships. In fact, it may explain why some couples sometimes look alike.

This may be because the part of the brain responsible for interpreting beauty (Cyrulate Cyrus) is It is also responsible for assessing one's own condition.

Other studies have shown that in hair color and eye color, the dominant pattern in choosing an attractive person is choosing the one whose characteristics are most similar to hair color and color. Have the eyes of the parent of the opposite sex (daughter=father/son=mother). In addition, women who had a positive relationship with their father as children are more likely to be attracted to men whose facial expressions are similar to their father's. Some of the latest academic research on beauty tells us, but these studies can never explain the beauty of a meaningful connection with a funny, intelligent and thoughtful person. It is a fact that not everything can be measured, not everything in this world is small. In fact, the most lovable things are within us and cannot be measured by any means.

Source: Verywell Mind

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