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5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

The term obedient or domineering personality is used for people who voluntarily surrender to another person's authority. They have a service-oriented mindset and achieve peace of mind by following the orders of the controller. This can manifest itself at home, at work, in relationships with friends, or even in their social relationships. Based on the agreement of the parties. In fact, in this type of relationship, people agree that one party has more management power and decision-making power, the other party agrees that the relationship continues in the same way.

For example, the relationship ratio of a coach A military with soldiers who have just joined the army, or even the role of a commander in the war over control of forces. Student-teacher relationships can be another example of healthy relationships based on obedience between individuals. Even the division of responsibilities among many couples is such that one party is responsible for making fundamental decisions and leading the family, and the other party follows his or her spouse's decisions.

In this article by BingMag Meg, Personality Traits Obedient and domineering individuals have been described and the difference between healthy relationships based on obedience and unhealthy relationships based on abuse has been examined. Finally, solutions to better manage these personality traits are provided. Join us.

A relationship based on obedience and obedience

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

It is important to note that in a relationship based on obedience, there is no equality at all. In a healthy relationship where the responsibility for decision-making rests with one party, as long as the roles each person plays are in agreement, the obedient person does not feel any threat to their own personal values or position towards the other party.

It is quite conceivable that an obedient person, in order to accept a life with these conditions, must have full knowledge and trust in the other party.

Although this may be so It seems that obedient characters cope with any situation and adapt themselves to the dominant person and have no thoughts and will of themselves, but the opposite is true. Obedient and obedient people usually have amazing personality traits.

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Amazing personality traits of obedient people

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

These people have a deep sense of self-awareness and know exactly who they are and what they want from the world. For many people, it may take years to finally figure out who they are, and this never happens to many people. Obedient and domineering people have full knowledge and confidence of who they are and what makes them happy.

They are also well aware of the needs of others. The world is full of narcissists and selfish people who use other people to achieve what they want. Obedient people are well aware of the thoughts and needs of such people, however, they voluntarily try to meet the selfish needs of these people and experience a lot of satisfaction and happiness by serving them.

This inner desire attracts these selfish and domineering people, and the result of such interactions is often a toxic and abusive relationship.

Healthy domineering people are by no means contrary to popular belief. They are not lazy. In fact, they are very hardworking people. They do their job best and can be counted on to do different things. This is because it is very important for these people to satisfy the dominant person who dominates them.

People with an obedient personality type experience good inner peace. Knowing what he is responsible for doing and what is not in his area of responsibility can give him a lot of peace of mind. A healthy obedient person knows what to look out for and what other things he or she should not worry about.

Lastly, people with obedient personalities have high self-esteem. A person with deep self-awareness who is aware of the needs of others and is a hard-working person, while having a deep inner peace, is naturally a valuable person and he is certainly aware of this.

Naturally, all people are obedient and domineering. They do not have all these characteristics and obedient people are not obedient in all different areas of their lives. But they know their limits and can shine in areas where they feel comfortable.

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5 psychological characteristics of obedient and domineering people

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

Obedient people usually have a bitter and painful past with them, which makes them who they are, that is, they do not oppose anyone to prevent further suffering so as not to create tension. Obedient people usually do not raise their voices, always try to be second in their relationships, and follow whatever the dominant person wants them to do.

However, this kind of attitude can sometimes lead to a harmful and unhealthy relationship that eventually leads to hurting them. However, changing these personality traits is very difficult and complex.

This does not mean that these people do not want to give up domination and obedience, but rather their past experiences, certain psychological traits in They are created that they can not easily get rid of.

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1. Obedient and domineering people are not decisive people

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

Obedient people never prioritize their needs or wants They do not. Instead, they always prioritize the needs and wants of others.

Their lack of assertiveness forces them to take a secondary position, for example, in a group work.

All of this It is because of their intense internal conflict about expressing their views or opinions. Although they may want to express their thoughts or desires to others, thoughts of social stress come to them quickly and they regret doing so. They believe that their thoughts and opinions are not taken into account by others and are often skeptical of their own opinions.

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2. The past of these people is full of pain and sorrow.

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

A childhood spent with toxic and unhealthy parents, or teenage years spent Constantly being bullied in that person can be reason enough for the person to take on a completely submissive and domineering role in his or her life. To feel helpless if he does not give himself to others.

This pattern of behavior is not healthy for them at all, because in the long run, it makes them very vulnerable and easily hurt by others. Hurt.

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3. Obedient people avoid all kinds of conflicts and tensions

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

You can never be obedient and domineering people See if they are looking for conflict or tension. On the contrary, they try to avoid conflict at all costs.

Any tension or conflict makes them very nervous, perhaps because such issues remind them of their past experiences.

The problem with this is that in order to avoid conflict, they surrender to the domineering person and take on what they are not willing to accept and consider for themselves the position they deserve. They do not.

This extreme effort and concern to avoid any kind of conflict or argument makes them too tired.

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4. Obedient people are not interested in attracting the attention of others

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

Some may mistake this for being shy But in reality, this approach is a way to escape being seen and highlighted.

People who are obedient experience a great deal of anxiety about what others think of them. This is why they are very careful about their choice of clothes and behavior.

This behavior ensures that they are in any situation that may lead to humiliation or insult or potential conflict. Cause to avoid.

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5. Emotionally dependent on others

BingMag.com 5 personality traits of domineering people that make them under the control of others

Obedient and domineering people often think too much of others They are so vulnerable from within that they always need someone else to protect them.

Therefore, it is perfectly normal for these people to enter into a relationship based on dependence, in which the person is dominant. And often gives meaning to their lives while protecting them.

Research shows that this is also true in relationships based on abuse. That is, even if the dominant person does not treat them well, they still say in their minds, "No problem, at least I have someone."

This extreme domineering approach exposes them to great suffering. In their relationship.

Final point

Have you ever been in a relationship with an obedient and domineering person? Do you think that you are an obedient person? It is possible to get rid of this emotional state based on maximum submission to others, but it requires a lot of effort and awareness of the interactions that are taking place inside and outside of you.

With the help of a With Practitioner Psychiatry, you can learn how to act more decisively, increase your self-esteem, and get rid of the inner insecurities that make you feel worthless.

However, obedient people are usually in They suffer more than others in their lives.

Their personality traits always attract domineering and abusive people to them, so that over time and after suffering a lot of damage, they finally come to this conclusion. That they should understand and respect their own dignity.

This is just an education and information aspect. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Withers Whisper , Step To Health

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