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Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

With the closure of offices and many jobs in different countries of the world due to the corona epidemic and the change of employment pattern from face-to-face to telecommuting, many of us usually We have trouble persuading ourselves to sit at work and do our homework while working at home.

Another condition that many graduate students face is their inability to complete their dissertation or dissertation. On time. Although they have an extremely long time to do this (sometimes up to two years) and the amount of work they have to do to write their dissertation is on average between 120 and 600 hours of continuous work.

Question The important thing about this is: Why do we often have trouble completing that task when we have more time than we need to do?

Cyril Northcott Parkinson, historian and author The British Navy published an article in The Economist in 1955 that began: "It is clear to everyone that the volume of any work expands by the amount of time allotted to it." p>

This phrase later became known as the "Parkinson's Law" and to this day is the basis for scheduling many of the plans and macro-plans of governments and large corporations.

This article from BingMag, we will explore the basic concepts related to Parkinson's law, then apply it to everyday life and work activities, to minimize We examine the time required to perform various activities. Join us.

What is Parkinson's Law?

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

How long it takes you to write an article depends on when your work is due and how much time you have until it is due. In his somewhat humorous article, Parkinson used an example of an elderly woman planning to write a postcard for her niece. Since he has no other job to spend his time with, writing a postcard that seems like a simple task takes him all day.

After Parkinson wrote this article, the principle in The General Assembly became known as the "Parkinson's Law" and became the basis for several other articles as well as a book by Parkinson himself. After the law became popular worldwide, Parkinson's was invited to give lectures to various countries around the world.

It was not the time of a letter written by an old lady or the time students completed their dissertation, but another inefficiency in the bureaucratic cycle of the British public service system.

Between 1914 and 1928, the number of naval personnel decreased by two-thirds, but the number of bureaucrats increased by an average of about 6 percent per year.

Although ships and crews were reduced. Operationally, the number of troops in practice was decreasing and the volume of managerial work was naturally reduced, but the naval management structure continued to expand. Parkinson argued that this was due to the influence of factors that are independent of the operational needs of the Navy.

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History of Parkinson's Law

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

Each task is expanded enough to complete the time allotted for it. This proverb is widely used in studies of productivity and efficiency gains and is often used. He himself had worked for many years in both the British Navy and the British Civil Service, and had considerable experience in this field. The course of bureaucracy disrupts and reduces efficiency in the operational and executive spheres. Bureaucracy itself is a by-product of culture because of the limiting belief that hard work is somehow better than smart, faster work.

Parkinson's law means that if you have a week Given a two-hour job, psychologically your mind makes it so complicated and daunting that it really takes a week. The great thing about this one-week extended period is that you do not fill the extra time allotted for two hours of work by doing more and more useful work, you just have stress about doing it without doing anything in practice.

By calculating and allocating the real time required to do each task, we not only get more time to do other things, but also the complexity and difficulty of the task returns to its normal state.


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Can this law help us accomplish our duties?

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

Some people who have done research on Parkinson's Law believe that you can set aside a limited amount of time to do something. You will be simple enough to finish on time.

However, Parkinson's law is based solely on Parkinson's observations and is not going to work a miracle for you. For example, you can not spend a minute building an 80,000-ton aircraft carrier that typically takes 8 to 10 years to build, and expect the process of building that warship to be so simple that in the same minute The work is finished. In fact, such an expectation, rather than a sign of your firm belief in Parkinson's law, indicates that it is time to see a psychiatrist.

This law is effective and useful because People often overestimate the amount of time they spend doing their tasks, and this extra time can often be eliminated. Sometimes this is because they want to have the leisure and opportunity to do what they want to do, but in practice they usually have a very inaccurate estimate of how long it will take. In fact, people are not aware of the speed with which they do things until they put this principle into practice.

Having a much higher efficiency for the organization, this approach is usually not always viewed positively. This stems from the idea that the longer it takes to get a job done, the better the output should naturally be. Fortunately, with the growing trend of remote employment, this law It has made things much better for those who adapt quickly to change. But just because employers do not know what their employees are doing with so much overtime from Parkinson's law.

It does not matter if you work in the office or at home, because The "work harder, not smarter" law is a deeply ingrained work culture in all human societies, and many people fall victim to it even when no one is supervising their work.

Let's take a look at how you can apply Parkinson's Law to your life, and thus complete your daily to-do list faster, resulting in more time for your favorite activities.

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Saving time doing things

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

To get started with Parkinson's Law, make a to-do list and divide it by the time it takes to complete it. Then set aside half of the default time to complete each task. You should consider applying this time limit very important and treat it like any other deadline.

Part of the process of reversing what we have been misinformed about (work harder, not smarter) It includes making the deadlines you set unforgivable. Just like the deadlines your boss or customers set for you.

Use your instinctive and human desire to compete in areas such as sports or games to do it on time. Make it possible for yourself. You have to win the battle against time. Try to beat time as if it were your opponent, without the need to use shortcuts or reduce the quality of work output. This exercise is very useful for you if you usually have difficulty meeting the deadlines set by others.

Mastering the correct assessment of time to do things

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

Working according to this rule will initially involve a great deal of practice in determining the exact amount of time it takes to perform your various activities. The timing of some tasks may be easy to determine at first, but the evaluation of others may be slightly different from the actual amount of time required until you get used to Parkinson's.

The things you may often have trouble estimating are times when you can not complete them on time when you cut them in half, so try longer time periods for such tasks. But never go back to the original time allocation right away, as there may be a better time interval between that amount and half of it.

If you are working with a computer, when you start doing this, use A digital timer will be very useful. It also saves you a little time, as the timer lets you see at a glance how much more time you have. But the use of ordinary clocks also includes addition and subtraction.

Parkinson's law to increase productivity

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

Instead of checking emails and news in 20 to 30 minutes Minutes in the early morning, spend only five minutes doing this. If you feel you are ready for a more difficult but rewarding challenge, take two minutes to do it yourself.

Do not check emails and news. But when your to-do list is complete, then you can safely read emails, check social media and watch your favorite videos.

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Learn prioritization

BingMag.com Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

You should try and make enough mistakes to realize that At what level can you implement this approach and tighten your standards every day to avoid doing useless things that only take time?

Final point

You can follow Parkinson's Law Apply to your daily tasks and minimize the time required to perform many of your activities. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Your goal is to do your job well in less time, not to create a catastrophe that results in the loss of your job or your customers.

By using Parkinson's law correctly, you can do more. Do it in less time and get an accurate estimate of how much time each of your tasks really takes. Perhaps the most important thing about Parkinson's Law is that you get the right timing for each of your tasks.

This is for education and information only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Lifehack , BBC

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