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The most spectacular places in Iran to spend Yalda night

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

We want to combine Mag Yalda and Safar in BingMag and make Yalda night in nature to make a memorable night Let's celebrate beautiful. So join us to introduce you to attractive places to celebrate Yalda night in Iran. The year is Azar 30. This night coincides with the winter solstice and Iranians and Persian speakers have been celebrating and partying on this night for a long time. Eating watermelon, nuts, a elaborate dinner and fortune telling is one of the old rituals of this night. . No matter how far or near we come together to celebrate this beautiful ritual of our culture. These excuses become memories that we remember well for years and are filled with pleasure to remember them.

So it is good not to miss this opportunity to be together and in the best way Use it and make a memorable night with family and loved ones.

Undoubtedly, travel is always one of the best pleasures of this busy life. We can pack our bags and go to the heart of the road and create different memories for ourselves and our loved ones. Let's dream a dreamy night under the starry and magical sky and celebrate this beautiful night with our loved ones. Now that we are approaching the night of Yalda and it is possible to travel, we decided to introduce in this article from BingMag 6 places of interest with the special ritual of Yalda night so that you can easily plan your trip.

1. Yalda night in the deserts of Iran

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

One of the attractive places to hold this The beautiful celebration is the desert. Many desert eco-camps in Iran prepare attractive and entertaining programs for this night. You can join these camps and enjoy seeing the customs and traditions of this night under the starry sky of the desert. The desert of Iran, like the famous village of Egypt, are the best places to celebrate Yalda night. It is held in these areas, participate.

Just remember to have Yalda night snacks, nuts and fruits as well as food with you. Although you can prepare these snacks at the destination, but due to the crowded nature of these Iranian attractions on the night of Yalda, food may run out.

Arrange for your stay in advance Do it. Tonight the capacity of these places is quickly filled. Of course, in the villages around these deserts, there are usually beautiful ecotourism resorts that you can stay in.

Usually, these resorts have the necessary facilities for spending the night there, but it is better to have the necessary equipment. And bring enough warm clothing.

most importantly, do not forget the camera to record these spectacular programs and record memories!

Another desert place that has spectacular ceremonies for Shab-e Cheleh is Matinoabad Eco Camp, which carries live music, camel riding and a memorable night in your memory with local dances.

2. Yalda night in the forests of Iran

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Let's go to the forest from the heart of the desert

The forests and northern regions of Iran also create a unique and completely different feeling of the desert. You can spend this long and beautiful night in the beautiful Siahkal and the attractions near Bandar Anzali. These areas are one of the best attractions in Iran for Yalda night. Along with beautiful waterfalls and even drinking local tea among the northern tea plantations, there are only a limited number of Yalda night attractions in the north of our country for people, tourists and families.

Yalda night is a lovely ritual Which is held in all cities of Iran. Everywhere with different colors and flavors, but with a philosophy that is to cherish these moments when we are together and laughter from the bottom of the heart next to the elders of the family.

To see these colors and the feeling Different Yalda You can travel to other cities, taste local food and experience the customs of Yalda night in Iranian cities up close.

3. Yalda night in Bojnourd or Little Paris

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night
Bojnourd is one of the beautiful and famous cities of North Khorasan where Yalda night ceremony Are traditionally held. On this night, all the families gather in the house of the eldest person, or so-called white beard, and celebrate this beautiful night together. The people of North Khorasan believe that there are two types, big and small. The big challah is from January 1st to the 10th of Bahman and the small challah is from the 10th of Bahman onwards. In a small gorge, the earth is warming up and little by little, the sound of spring footsteps can be heard. Also, cooked squash, sugar beet and lips are some of the snacks that are present in Bojnourdis tonight. In North Khorasan, snacks are called "Shab-e Chereh" and it is clear that Yalda Chehreh night is the best snack of the year.

Another custom in Bojnourd is to eat snow and juice. If it snows on Yalda night, people fill the containers with clean snow and pour grape juice on it and eat it like ice cream. If you have not tried this delicious and cool food, be sure to go to it with the first snow this year.

Halva Gholgholi is another special Yalda night snack in Bojnourd. This halva is made from walnuts, almonds, sesame and other oilseeds that have been crushed and mixed with grape juice. It is customary for the elders to give this sweet to the younger ones on the night of Yalda so that their taste will be sweeter than the others. In this city, like all cities, storytelling, reading Shahnameh, defining memories and taking Hafiz's fortune are inseparable rituals of this night.

places of interest

We recommend you to visit these places of interest in Bojnourd.

Hosseinieh of Jajarmiyeh


This building was built in 1325 AH, ie during the Qajar period, by Professor Gholamreza Bana Yazdi in the center of Bojnourd and these days it has become one of the tourist attractions of this city. In the eastern court of this mansion, there is a written wall on which a religious poem by Mohtasham Kashani about the Karbala incident has been written, and for this reason, it is probable that this place was in the old days of Hosseinieh. The architecture of this building is very beautiful with the shape that you first enter the courtyard and then you can see all the rooms and rooms around it. If you want to see this old building, you should go to East Taleghani Street, Jajarmiha Alley.

Spakho Fire Temple

The Temple or Temple of Espajo is one of the oldest surviving structures. This temple belongs to the Sassanid era and is made of stone next to a village of the same name. To visit this fire temple, you have to move 115 km from Bojnourd to Golestan forest to reach it. Espaho Temple is located on a high hill in the foothills of the Aras coniferous forests and in the southern part of the village of Espaho. .jpg ">

To visit this promenade, you have to move 7 km from Bojnourd to Esfarayen. Bashqardash in Turkish means five brothers, but in ancient times and before Islam, this place was also called Chahar Moghan. It seems that this promenade was a place of worship for the great men of Zoroastrianism during the Parthian and Sassanid eras. There are 5 mineral water springs in this promenade, the locals believe that their water is useful for treating many diseases.

4. Yalda night in Isfahan, half of the world

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

, That is, 30 Azar, is divided into two parts, "Cheleh Zari" and "Uncle Cheleh". The reason for this is the historical history of dividing all objects and events into male and female in Isfahan. Raisins are the main fruit seen on the Yaldar's table in Isfahan. According to an old tradition, at the end of the grape season, the grapes are kept in a cloth in a cool and shady place to turn into raisins and be placed on the Yalda table. Is.

Chelsmeh is a combination of nuts, wheat and hemp that is prepared for Shab-e Cheleh. Watermelon, persimmon and autumn fruits are other foods present in the night of Isfahanis. According to an old custom, on the 30th of Azar, people spread their clothes and beds in the open air in order to welcome Zaleh Zari and Uncle Cheleh in this way.

places to see

You went to Isfahan at night, be sure to visit these 3 tourist places and take souvenir photos.

Naghsh Jahan Square

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Naghsh-e-Chahan Square is located in the heart of the Naghsh-e Jahan historical complex. Aali Qapo, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Qaisaria Gate are the main entrances of the bazaar around Naghsh Jahan Square. There are also 200 double rooms around the square, which have often been turned into workshops and handicraft shops. This square was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran on February 29, 1958 and in the UNESCO World Heritage List in May 1979.

Forty Columns Palace

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

The construction of the forty-column palace began during the reign of Shah Abbas I and ended during the reign of Shah Abbas II. This beautiful palace has 20 tall columns, which are reflected in the water of the pool in front of it, which gives it a very beautiful effect, and the reason it is called forty columns is the same beautiful reflection in the water. These days, the Forty Pillars Palace has been turned into a museum, where you can visit a collection of pottery, glassware, the oldest coins, carpets, Kufic manuscripts, Safavid artifacts and ancient inscriptions.

Wank Church h4>

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Wank Church, or Church of the Holy Savior, is another monument built during the reign of Shah Abbas II. It was built and is known as the beating heart of Jolfa neighborhood, an Armenian neighborhood. The church is mostly made of raw stone and clay and its inner wall is covered with plaster. There are old and very beautiful paintings on the interior walls that everyone will be surprised to see.

5. Yalda night in Shiraz, the city of poetry and tarab

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

It can be said that the most beautiful Yalda nights in Shiraz will be held. Watermelon, pomegranate, sweet nuts, dried fruits, dates, figs, raisins, daffodils and mirrors, candles and Divan of Hafez can be seen on the Yalda table of Shirazis. Shirazis try to balance their hot or cold temperament by eating various fruits and snacks on this night to start a good winter. Reminiscences, jokes and divination of Hafez are also among the rituals that are performed every year on the night of Cheleh.

. Also, from the beginning to the end of March, the old woman has been registered. The last 4 days of the big chaleh and the first 4 days of the small chaleh in Shiraz are called "Chahar Chahar". They believe that they experience the coldest winter in these 8 days.

Fal Klok is one of the old customs of this city. Klok is an open-mouthed jar covered with green glaze and in ancient times oil, pomegranate paste or pickles were poured into it. The women put a special sign in Kluk on Shab-e Cheleh, and then a little girl from the family removes one of the symbols from Kluk and shows it to the group. A woman whose sign is from Kluk should sing a local song.

places to visit

If you go to Shiraz, be sure to visit the old mansions and tombs of the great poets, which are no more fun than walking. It is not beautiful in this city. All the tourist places of Shiraz are spectacular, but if you do not have much time to explore this city, be sure to see these 3 places.


BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Memory of the tomb of the great poet of the eighth century, Hafez Shirazi. Usually Shirazis and tourists who have gone to this city for Shab-e Cheleh spend this beautiful night in memory. It is interesting to know that today's memorial building was built by the great French orientalist Andr Godard. If you go to Hafeziyeh, you can also visit the tombs of poets and mystics of different historical periods.

Bagh-e Eram

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Eram Garden is a garden-pavilion inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The paths and streets of this garden are surrounded by citrus trees that can make the experience of a dream walk for you. In Eram Garden, in addition to the citrus tree, there are old and tall Sarvanaz trees that you will not be satisfied to see. Some consider this garden to belong to the Seljuk period, which was captured by the Safavids after a while. But during the Qajar period, another mansion was built in this garden and it has become the garden we see now.

Vakil Bazaar

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar is one of the most famous old bazaars in Iran, which was built during the Zandieh era and by the order of Karim Khan Zand. If you are going to buy souvenirs during your trip to Shiraz, you can visit this old bazaar to enjoy its architecture and prepare the best souvenirs.

6. Yalda night in beautiful Tabriz

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Are held around the chair. The Yalda night ceremony in Tabriz is almost like the rest of Iran, but with the difference that when the family is eating watermelon next to a chair, they sing two Turkish beats to each other.

places of interest

Tabriz is full of sights, historical monuments and beautiful nature. If you travel to Tabriz and do not have much time to visit, be sure to go to these three beautiful places.

Ail Goli Park

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Gol or Gol in Turkish means pool and Shah Goli or Ail Goli means king or great pool. Some consider the king to mean great and others to mean the same king. The pool of this park was created during the time of Aq Quyunlus and expanded during the Safavid period. This pool was a place for storing water to irrigate the gardens of East Tabriz. Ail Goli is located near the Tomb of the Poets and the Old Bazaar of Tabriz, and you can visit these places on the way back or forth.

Master Shahriar

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Master Shahriar's house or museum is located in Maghsoudiyeh neighborhood, South Army Street. In this house, all the tools of this great poet along with his printed works, books and all his manuscripts are placed for public viewing. There is also a sanctuary for visitors in the basement of this house.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

This church dates back to 879 to 979 AD (1500 to 1600 AD) and the Safavid era. Of course, the architecture of this church is similar to the architecture of the patriarchal period, which suggests its construction in the seventh century AH (1200 to 1300 AD). This possibility became stronger when the name of the Church of the Holy Mary of Tabriz was seen in Marco Polo's travelogue. This church is located in Shahnaz Street, at the corner of Namaz Square, and you can easily visit it.


BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>places</b> in <b>Iran</b> to <b>spend</b> <b>Yalda</b> night

Shab Cheleh or Yalda night is the longest night of the year and coincides with the winter solstice. According to the old traditions, the people of Iran gather together on this night, have fun and recite Hafiz. Eating watermelon, pomegranate and persimmon is one of the regular traditions of this night. Also, in the past, spoon-waving ceremonies were held on this night, but these days they have almost been removed from the Yalda night ritual. Of course, in recent years, young people have turned to this custom again and hold it in their neighborhoods. So we wish you a happy heart with your loved ones on Yalda night. Make your best memories together; Wherever you are in Iran.

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