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The most important rules of choosing and wearing socks that every man should know

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

You are also one of those people who think that because your sock is inside the shoe and can not be seen, it should not be given much attention and a special law for it in Considered? If so, we must say that you are sorely mistaken. We suggest that you do not be one of the men who wear inappropriate socks with their suits and clothes. Choose your style. So if you are one of those people who know that socks are just as important as ties, join us.

First of all, know that every occasion requires its own socks

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

socks are an integral part of your wardrobe. know that everyone can pay attention to large components such as a suit or suit, one can prove his uniqueness by leading the attention to detail. These are the details that can turn your eyes towards you, whether you've attended your family's wedding or are on a basketball team and on the court.

Your socks should not be punctured

By reading this sentence, you may say to yourself, well, that everyone knows. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's wearing. So that the thought never crosses your mind, think every morning before wearing socks that after returning from work, while sitting in the subway or in your car and thinking, your friend may suddenly ask you to go to the cafeteria. Go to the famous city so that it can benefit from your presence at its birthday party. What do you do if your socks have holes? Ready to party your friend's birthday party? As a result, you should make sure that your socks are healthy and without holes for any ceremony. Tarhim thinks of wearing colored socks? We have to say that we do not mean only colored socks. It is better to avoid wearing very light white or gray socks in this ceremony. However, the dark clothes you wear are more compatible with dark socks

4 positions and 4 different socks

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

Usually men either wear suits, or choose a casual shirt and pants, or decide to be completely sporty, or complete their style with a pair of shorts. We have specific recommendations for each of these situations, as you will see below.

Wear these socks with a suit

Usually you choose a suit for very formal occasions. It is true? So it is better that the sock you choose maintains this formal look. Of course, in today's styles, colored and patterned socks have been considered. It all depends on your personality.

Like the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, you might want everyone to know you about your socks and even write about them in the newspapers. Forget all our rules, but never ignore the fact that wearing plain white socks with a white suit is just like suicide. Also, we do not recommend the use of shorts or college socks with suits at all. socks are the first and last choice for suits.

2. Wear these socks at the club

The important thing here is that you should use socks that do not sweat and do not cause your shoes to smell. Also, wearing socks while exercising shows that you are a completely unprofessional person. So in appearance, do not show your unprofessionalism. Be sure to wear long socks with cotton sex. Its color depends entirely on your taste. Also try to pay attention to the thickness of the sock. Shoes should not cause your feet to bother.

3. Wear these socks with your shorts

Remember we said when you wear pants and exercise, be sure to think about long socks? Do not even think about it with shorts. Half-legged socks are the best choice for your style with shorts. Imagine that your shorts are a little above the knee and now you have chosen a sock that leaves only a small part of the knee down, in this case it is better to wear a pair of pants and relax yourself. So wear short socks with shorts to find more of the leg.

4. Wear these socks on the beach

Do you think about wearing socks on the beach? Isn't one of the fears of all of us getting our socks wet? So do not even think about wearing socks on the beach. Definitely you when you go to the beach or take off your shoes or use sandals that in any Two ways of wearing socks are not recommended at all. Let your toes breathe on the beach and absorb the sunlight.

Are you confused? Do not worry, here are some constitutions that you can carefully follow in choosing socks.

  • Types of men's socks and the rules for setting them

Some constitutions for choosing men's socks

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

choosing a pair of men's socks shows that you As a man, you know exactly what it means to be stylish. You need to know, what sock model should you wear with Bruges? Are patterned socks with sneakers allowed? How high should you lift your pants leg? Are socks and sandals always acceptable?

But do not be afraid, this article answers the above unanswered questions and provides clear instructions for each by presenting some constitutions of wearing socks with conscious advice of fashion and sense of humor. Determines the aspect of the sock style world.

It's time to make a serious decision about your sock drawer

One day, a parent or school board may be the main decision maker It has been your case to wear socks, which of course is well understood only by the sixties. But as we get older, this responsibility falls directly on us (or technically, the ankle). Fortunately, you do not have to be a genius to learn how to wear socks and learn all the rules of men's fashion socks with this privilege. In fact, this accessory is very ancient, and every time we wear a beautiful new pair of socks, we literally follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. True, in a remarkably interesting cut in history, it was the Romans who began the fashion of socks from animal skins and hair.

After a while, with a little ingenuity, the game of socks remained relatively unchanged. that is, until the knitting machine was invented in 1589, it provided an opportunity to mass-produce newer woolen socks that had previously been hand-spun. Quickly in 1938, when nylon hit the market, it changed the sock-making trend forever. Later, a variety of fabrics, fabrics, and even patterns became widely available.

Newer cuts helped keep socks in good shape and were often woven with today's most desirable fabrics, including cotton, wool, and silk. . socks also have a place in popular culture, where Western stories have different perspectives on filling socks with gifts, such as the socks we see at Christmas. But, whether you fill them with gifts or with your feet, socks remain a staple of style, and like a suit, you should have more than one type of sock.

If you have not thought much about what you are wearing, it's time to rethink your sock game and move on with time. socks can not only make your clothes more fun or stylish, but also play a vital role in personal hygiene by protecting your feet from sweating and scratches. However, their most important influence may be how they give us confidence to move forward.

From the choice of fabric to the pattern, you can say a lot about a man who wears clothes. So join us to learn how to choose the right socks for your needs and personality.

Which socks are more suitable for men?

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

There are few rules about wearing socks. Just know that when you wear a pair of socks, you have to pull it all the way up (please without folding). socks makers make socks with certain lengths, so you should wear them as they are. However, only do something that makes you feel good. Of course, as long as you do not intend to wear socks with sandals or shorts! , Styles, patterns and sizes. Therefore, to find the right socks for your needs, you need to answer a few questions to help you make informed decisions. First, start by defining what you expect from your day. Will it fit the need, formal or sporty? Is it used at work or travel? These questions determine the basis for choosing socks. So let's look at a few basic options.

Cotton socks are the best choice for workdays

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

A cotton sock is a great choice for a typical day. Pair them with sneakers to do your homework. Meet your friends in the park or just sit at home. Today, these socks are marketed in different colors. So you can easily pair them with all kinds of clothes.

Definitely on a day when you have shoes on for a long time and You go to different places, you like to wear soft socks that fit your clothes. Thick socks are a great choice because of their ability to relieve tired muscles and increase blood circulation, especially on long flights or whenever you are sitting for a while. So pay a little attention to the thickness of the sock. Of course, we should also point out that the thickness of the sock does not mean that it is not comfortable.

The height of the sock is also an important parameter

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

Go to stores that only sell socks. You will find different types of socks with different heights and sizes. What is your best height? In the following, we will explain.

Types of socks according to the height of the leg

And finally knee-high socks (although these are rarer and often more expensive).

Wrist socks

As the name implies, these short socks are suitable for sports activities due to their shorter length, which fits well in tennis shoes. They also have a nylon compound to absorb sweat, a breathable mesh design for comfort and a tongue in the heel to make sure they do not slip down, no matter how much you move around and work.


For many men, leg socks (or leggings) are the socks that make up most socks. These handles are above the ankle, but below the knee, and are a comfortable and stylish choice when worn with pants. In general, these socks usually have a lot of variety depending on their price and are offered in the widest range of colors and designs. use. Unlike traditional ankle-length socks, knee-high socks give you the assurance that if you shake your leg during the day and your pants go up, you will not have a problem. These special pairs are available in fun yet stylish colors, so you can wear them easily.

Knee socks

are not a good choice for any style in men. In fact, try not to choose these socks because you do not have a skirt that you want to give up wearing pantyhose and replace it with long socks.

  • 5 important points about college socks that must be You should consider

choosing socks with suitable fibers

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

Once you have chosen the right sock size, let's consider which sock fiber is right for you and suits your needs best.

Wool because of its ability to keep your feet cool over the months. Burning in summer and keeping your feet warm in colder winters is a very popular choice. Wool may be blended with other fibers to add strength, durability and other positive factors, or cheaper socks may be produced. Great athletes. Cotton is cheaper than wool, it can also be combined to create durable and comfortable socks.

Synthetic fiber socks are also important, especially if you are an athlete. These lightweight socks are not very effective in preventing perspiration, but their flexibility makes them socks for long-term use and durability. Cashmere, silk and other luxurious and expensive fibers are often used for ties and other Special accessories are used. There are usually few people who want to wear a silk sock.

It is better to have different materials of each sock size so that you can use them for different events.

choosing the right socks color and pattern

BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> know

Now it's time to get into the fun of choosing socks: color and design. This is the time when it's best to let go of the rules and forget about them. Or wear a scarf. Times have changed and you may see a manager wearing a sock with a SpongeBob designer. The fashion world for men today is a world of patterns and colors.

Neutral socks are great for formal events, but it is perfectly acceptable to pair your socks with an attractive scarf or tie. But keep in mind that solid colors are always a safe choice for your everyday clothes, but do not you think life is so short that we always want to wear a sock design with a certain color?

If You want to make your clothes attractive, socks are an easy way to add color, texture or designs without feeling like a spotlight on you. For example, if you have a striped tie, choose a similar striped sock for a well-groomed look.

For new socks, the best bet is to go with your heart. If you are confident, a comedian, or just a fan of humor, new socks can be worn for great impact. Just try to stick to fun colors and seasonal patterns, not get too weird. For example, on Yalda night, you can be special by wearing a pair of socks with a watermelon design.

Finally, there are several situations that can be an option without having socks. It is definitely not easy to have socks when you are on the beach or in the desert. Also, to prevent sweating and unpleasant odors, you should wear comfortable shoes with high quality leather. Days without socks can be liberating and comfortable, but in most cases, you are expected to wear socks for at least 300 days a year.

If you are still unsure about the height, fabric or color of socks Choose, let's get acquainted with a few simple socks that will not disappoint you. jpg ">

Ordinary socks are characterized by two things: the length of the sock and its color. The shorter and bolder it is, the better. For example, a very ordinary and painless sock, for example, light blue, is almost taller than the ankle and works well on foot. Ordinary socks may have fun patterns, but their images are more serious; For example, their design is a few geometric shapes instead of a sponge. You have definitely seen this sock design a lot. Our fathers mostly wore this model of socks.

So how do you choose comfortable socks for your clothes?

  • Choose socks up to the ankles.
  • If it is summer, choose cotton. In winter, choose wool.
  • Make sure the color of your socks matches at least one color of your clothes.
  • You can apply these general principles everywhere. Whether you want to go to work or walk around the house with a friend.

    rules for wearing socks for a formal look

    BingMag.com The <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>rules</b> of <b>choosing</b> and <b>wearing</b> <b>socks</b> <b>that</b> <b>every</b> <b>man</b> <b>should</b> knowsocks are a much more complex subject and are usually determined by the quality of the fabric and the subsequent price. Formal socks are often made of pure wool or cotton or more luxurious fabrics such as silk or cashmere. Formal socks are usually much taller than regular socks.

    With that said, how do you choose the right socks for your outfit?

  • Choose a knee-length sock.
  • >
  • Choose a 100% cashmere or silk sock depending on your budget.
  • Wear black, gray or navy blue to match the original color of your suit (limit exotic patterns
  • You can wear this look with a little freedom of action at a business or social event. Patterned socks may be a good choice, but avoid bright colors and large prints. For a simple black style, choose all-black socks and try to pay attention to the fabric.

    As you can see, socks are much more practical than slipping on ceramics, fun and a piece of fabric. A good pair of socks can fit a piece of clothing perfectly and beautifully to make it look eye-catching; They can even take your pants off and turn them into your signature.

    Do I have to match my socks with my accessories?

    It depends. The answer is usually yes, you need to match your socks to the pattern of your handkerchief or shirt. However, there are a few points. For example, if you are wearing a pair of fancy shoes that are a symbol of style in themselves, adding any kind of crowded and patterned socks is probably an exaggeration. The same can be said for metallic shoes or flashy sneakers. But, if your dress has no other recognizable focal point, now is the time to go for those purple polka dot socks to add a little design.


    Seriously, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to keep your feet dry, comfortable, protected and preferably clean, and beyond that, it is an exciting opportunity to express who you are and what style you are in. You define.

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