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The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

BingMag.com The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

Each of us has our own way of covering and removing scars and acne on the face. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves, our lifestyle, our skin care routines, and our face masks. But what should we do to hide these skin problems when we are going to a party tonight or in a few days? The role of skin-covering cosmetics, including powder creams, becomes very colorful at this time. In this article from Digistyle magazine, we are going to tell you tips about powder cream, one of the most widely used cosmetics.

What is powder cream?

Powder cream or foundation cream is the main basis for starting face makeup and due to its thick and creamy formulation, it creates a smooth and good coverage on the skin. Powder cream is a great cover to hide skin imperfections and change its color. Usually, people with dry or normal skin are more likely to prefer powder cream than people with oily skin. Heavy and thick creamy tissues are usually not suitable for oily skin. Proper use of powder cream is very important and if used incorrectly, the skin will look uneven and cake-like. Due to its heavy and compact texture, powder cream is more durable than other skin cosmetics.

Powder cream for people with significant skin problems, such as discoloration in some areas of the skin, age spots or acne , Can be a good solution to achieve a superb and uniform coverage. The thick texture of the powder cream spreads easily in areas of the skin that have such problems and helps a lot to the uniformity of the skin. Since most powder creams contain strong moisturizers, they are usually suitable for dry skin.

Powder cream is usually not recommended for people with oily skin. As this product has a thick and dense texture, it may easily clog skin pores and cause pimples on oily and prone skin. The cream may not be completely on oily skin and lines and fractures may appear on the make-up during the day.

Use a large brush or slightly damp sponge to spread the powder cream on the face. You should be careful to combine makeup around the jawline, hairline and nose so that the makeup tonnage border is not clear.

Tips for buying powder cream

BingMag.com The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

Regardless of the brand, always choose a tonnage that matches your skin color when buying a powder cream. The first step in choosing a powder cream is knowing the true color of your skin. This will help you choose the right tonality for your skin. So choose a cream that perfectly matches your skin color and it is better not to go for darker or lighter colors than your natural skin. The purpose of applying the powder cream is to help you to have a uniform skin color while hiding scars, acne and blemishes.

Never try your powder cream only on your hands and in this Mode You should not expect the color to match your face and neck. Try it first on the hand, then on the jaw line and finally on the skin of the neck. Be sure to do this in natural light.

Specify your final makeup style. For example, one person is in favor of matte makeup and another person is emphasizing blush, which enhances the beauty of the face. People with oily skin are more likely to have a matte finish and usually prefer powdered pancakes. Oily skin alone has a significant glow and it is no longer necessary to shine. If you have combination skin, you should not forget the moisturizer if you use powder cream. If you have dry skin, do not underestimate the role of a moisturizer along with a powder cream. Mineral creams are ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Be sure to check with buyers when buying powder cream online. Everyone can have a different opinion about a similar product, but you still need to consider the views of buyers. When reading customer reviews, make sure they provide useful information and filter out useless comments. Don't be too sensitive to angry and emotional criticism, some people are inherently grumpy and always unhappy.

If you are still unsure of your purchase after reading the comments, do a Google search for your favorite professional make-up artists . Do not forget that in the ads of many "influencers", the features of the product you are considering are not honestly said and are influenced by the financial support of the manufacturing companies. Therefore, it is better to follow the recommendations of professional make-up artists.

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Color recognition Intrinsic skin

BingMag.com The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

To diagnose skin color, first of all Imagine that your skin is closer to warm tonnage or in the category of cool colors. To determine if your skin is warm or cold, you should pay attention to neutral shades and see which color makes your face more beautiful and beautiful. If your skin, eyes and the whole face look more beautiful than ever with a stylish combination of very light white or very dark black, your natural tonnage tends to be cool. But if you have more effect with milky, cream, brown and bronze colors, the warm color tonnage is in perfect harmony with you.

Also pay attention to eye color and natural hair color. Eye and hair color helps you to know if the natural color of the skin is warm or cold. Most people with blue, gray, or green eyes and blonde, brown, or black hair fall into the cool category. But people with brown, amber, and hazel eyes with brown, black, and red hair are more likely to have a warm complexion. If you find beautiful, tanned skin after sunbathing, your skin tends to be warmer. But if you have fair skin that turns red instead of sunburned after sun exposure and eventually burns easily, your skin falls into the natural cold tonnage group.

Choose a cream Suitable powder for all skin types

BingMag.com The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

When it comes to powder creams and ingredients When it comes to skin rejuvenation, one type of cream may not be suitable for everyone. So before you buy yourself the flawless powder cream that your friend uses, you should make sure that this powder cream is suitable for your skin or not! In fact, not all cosmetics are good for your friend. Due to the different formulations of different types of concealers, from cream powder to pancakes, each of them has properties that can be suitable for your skin type, so you should not be satisfied only with the experience of others.

Suitable foundation for oily skin

Oily skin needs special, yet gentle care to balance. So in this case, before applying makeup on your face, prepare your skin with a primer and then apply a little matte moisturizer on the face to remove excess sebum or the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin. Wait five minutes for the moisturizer to dry, then apply a cream or concealer. If your skin is oily, you probably want more softness than full skin. Therefore, people with oily skin should choose a permanent matte formulation with medium or full coverage. Matte concealers are a good choice for oily skin and the person will not feel heavy. But use pressed powders or pancakes for a matte finish.

Foundation suitable for dry skin

If your skin is dry, before using any powder cream or moisturizer And use a primer. Then wait for both to be completely absorbed into the skin. Basic hydration is a good way to treat dry skin, which is why liquid foundation cream or powder cream for dry skin is the best choice.

Foundation suitable for combination skin

If your skin One day it is oily and the next day you see signs of dryness on it, your skin is in the category of combination skin. Choose a slightly matte liquid foundation, as it helps reduce any fat and will not be too harsh in dry areas.

Suitable foundation for sensitive skin

Mineral powder cream for people Sensitive skin is a great choice. Because they contain minerals, they are not only kinder to your skin, but also do not clog pores and may even help the skin breathe.

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How to use powder cream?

BingMag.com The most important points to buy powder cream that you should pay attention to

  • Before you start working with the powder cream, clean your face thoroughly, apply toner and then use a moisturizer and finally a primer. Now it's time to apply the powder cream.
  • If you want the cream to have a better coverage and you are getting ready for a party or wedding, use a flat contour brush. But for a light coverage of the powder cream, round styling brushes are more appropriate.
  • Start from the center of your face outwards. Move the brush on either side of the nose blade and then pull it toward the cheeks and jawline.
  • For areas of skin that have acne or scars, apply it to the skin instead of brush strokes. For a better result.
  • If you are not comfortable using the brush, you can use a simple cosmetic sponge pad or egg sponge instead.
  • When covering facial skin With powder cream, do not neglect the skin of the neck and ears, because in the end, the clarity of the color difference will make the result unpleasant.
  • Your skin may have changed throughout the year, so the powder cream The one you are currently using may not be the best option to continue using. Because heavy powder creams may settle into the wrinkles on the face and create an unpleasant appearance.


The beauty of the skin in makeup is of particular importance. And is the basis of makeup. The beauty of the facial components in a smooth and even skin can show itself well. So you have to be very careful in choosing the best cover. But what matters more than beauty, or is directly related to it, is the issue of skin health. Health that depends on the quality of cosmetics, the right choice for the skin type and how to use it properly. The healthier the skin and the less damaged it is from cosmetics, the more beautiful it will be.

The high quality of skin masks, including powder creams, depends on recognizing reputable brands. In order to make the right choice for your skin, you must also be very careful about the sex and color of your skin. The use of powder creams is also very effective and at this stage, the role of moisturizers and primers becomes very colorful. Aloe vera extract and vitamins "E" and "B" help to keep the skin moisturized. Remember that the more you try to hydrate and keep your skin hydrated, the less the negative effects of cosmetics will be.

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