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1 minute exercises; The miracle you were looking for to lose weight!

BingMag.com 1 minute exercises; The miracle you were looking for to lose weight!

Whenever you see something being advertised too much and it looks too good, you should doubt it and not be fooled by this simplicity. But if you are talking about "intermittent and stressful exercises" (HIIT), especially "1-minute exercises", you should know that these exercises are worthy of all this noise and can really help you to lose weight and Get the body you desire. They work. These exercises should put a lot of pressure on your body and be done with 85 to 100% of your maximum heart rate. This rate of heart rate in normal endurance exercise is more than 70%. they give. Periodic and stressful exercises take a short time and increase the body's metabolism and calorie burning so that you can burn fat and lose weight hours after exercise.

That takes a lot of time to do these exercises You do not need to, it is one of the most important features of periodic and stress training. The new society has involved many people in work, education and family, and given them little opportunity to exercise. For this reason, many people do not exercise and attribute lack of time to inactivity and inactivity.

If you also think you do not have enough time to exercise, you should get help from these exercises. In the article "What is periodic exercise and what are the benefits?" We have comprehensively reviewed this training method. But in today's post we want to focus on 1 minute workouts and see how you can build muscle, lose fat and improve your health in the shortest possible time.

Recent research on 1 minute workouts

The group that did intense, intermittent exercise followed 10-minute sessions that included 2 minutes of warm-up, 3 minutes of cooling, and three to 20 seconds of stationary cycling. They were getting worse. Between each of these 20 seconds, they cycled slowly for 2 minutes to allow the body to recover. So, their program starts with warming up for 2 minutes, then 20 seconds for a fast bike, 2 minutes for a slow bike, 20 seconds for a fast bike, 2 minutes for a slow bike, 20 seconds for a fast bike, and finally 3 minutes for cooling.

The moderate exercise group also spent about 5 times as much time exercising and following 45-minute stationary cycling sessions, but the intensity and speed were constant.

Researchers assessed the effect of these exercises. They observed cardiovascular fitness and glycemic control and concluded that both groups had more or less similar results. That is, the group that spent only 10 minutes and put a lot of pressure on the body for 1 minute had the same benefits as the group that spent 45 minutes exercising.

Of course, this should be It should also be noted that research does not support the effect of intermittent and stressful exercise on brain health and more research is needed in this regard. Longer-term, moderate-intensity exercise can have many benefits for brain health, and many studies have confirmed this. But it is still unclear whether intermittent and stressful exercises that have very little time can also have these benefits.

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Benefits of 1-Minute, Periodic, and Stressful Exercises

But they can improve the overall health of your body and protect you from various diseases. Among the most important benefits of intermittent and intense exercise are the following options:

  • They increase life expectancy.
  • They help regulate and balance the body's hormones.
  • >
  • Increase extra oxygen intake after exercise to increase fat burning and burn calories at rest.
  • Increase the secretion of muscle growth hormones and fat burning.
  • They are a great natural remedy for type 2 diabetes.
  • They can boost cardiovascular health.

Exercise is good for starting 1-minute workouts

BingMag.com 1 minute exercises; The miracle you were looking for to lose weight!

In general, you can do a lot of exercise with intermittent and tense exercises or 1-minute exercises. . To do this, you only need to divide your exercise into short, intense and moderate periods and exercise for three to 20 seconds with the utmost strength and power. For example, the following exercises can be good options to start with:

Running on a Treadmill

If you have a treadmill or can go to the gym, you will have no problem exercising and losing weight. Many people go to the gym and walk or run on the treadmill for long periods of time. But this aerobic exercise, if performed with moderate intensity, has very little effect on fat burning and is in fact completely useless and a waste of time. You do, but you get better results and make the most of this time. To do this, first walk at a slow pace for 2 minutes, then, as mentioned above, have an intense 20 seconds of high speed and 2 minutes of slow recovery. At the end of the third 20 seconds, walk slowly for 3 minutes to cool down.

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2. Fixed Bike

To perform a stationary bike with periodic and tension exercises, we suggest using the Tabata method. This method typically involves 20 seconds of strenuous exercise and 10 seconds of light exercise. This method may not be very suitable for beginners and may lead to them losing their proper form. So, according to your body's ability, use the same ratio of 2 to 1 and do various sports exercises.

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You need to remember that it is very important to perform the exercises correctly and maintain a proper body shape. Because in severe periods, the body is under a lot of pressure and you may lose your shape. Improper performance of exercises can also increase the risk of pain, injury and muscle imbalance.

If you do not know how to do this exercise, use the following program and adjust it according to your body's ability To adapt to your level of physical fitness:

1. Start by pedaling at low speed for 3 minutes to warm up.

2. Now go to the periodic and stress section of exercise and exercise for 10 minutes. This should include 20 seconds of fast pedaling and 10 seconds of slow pedaling. In the intense 20 seconds, you must use all your strength and pedal with all your might. We also suggest using a timer to get things done in an orderly manner and to do the sessions accurately. do it. But if you see that you can put more pressure on yourself, spend even more than 10 minutes and get the most out of your workout.

3. Now pedal again for 3 minutes at low speed to cool down and get into recovery.

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3. Exercise at Home Without Equipment

Other 1-minute, explosive exercises you can easily do at home include sit-ups, butterflies, squats, ropes, swimming, and running. Note the long jumps. You can choose from some of these exercises and exercise for 10 to 20 minutes to increase your body's metabolism and calorie burning. It is best to do these exercises two to three times a week.

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Importance of diet Do not forget the food!

BingMag.com 1 minute exercises; The miracle you were looking for to lose weight!

You must remember as much as you exercise and in any way Get help with exercise, if you do not have a proper diet and do not eat healthy foods, you can not lose weight and show your trained muscles. You should look for nutritious foods that provide energy to the body and lead to muscle growth, that is, natural foods that do not contain low-quality carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods!

The purpose of this 1-minute workout To get you used to strenuous exercise and daily physical activity. By adapting to these exercises, you can spend more time exercising in the future and pursuing your fitness plan more seriously. Keep up and stick to your exercise. Not having a healthy diet is one of the biggest obstacles that prevents you from getting results and continuing to exercise. Therefore, be aware of your food choices and try to eat more nutritious foods and go for less unhealthy foods.

To do this, you should eat as many complete foods as possible, including protein, fiber, High quality carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins. You can also consult a trainer or doctor for help with exercise supplements. If your body does not have a problem with taking supplements, you can get help from them and increase muscle growth. Of course, try to prioritize natural foods and do not go for sports supplements from the beginning.

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Exercise program 1 minute before breakfast!

Finally, we provide you with an exercise program to start the day until after Increase your energy awakening and get rid of laziness. We suggest doing these exercises immediately after waking up to go with more energy to daily activities and have a happier life.

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You do not need equipment for these exercises and you only get help from your body weight. So if you do not have a stationary bike or treadmill and you are not a member of fitness clubs, go for these exercises to both improve your health and get rid of drowsiness and fatigue:

  • Warming up ( For 2 minutes) - Sit slowly for one minute and simultaneously rotate your arms in a circle, then slowly move the impeller for one minute.
  • High-intensity exercise (for 20 seconds) - From Use these weight-bearing exercises: Squat by holding your arms up, climbing, and moving.
  • Moderate-intensity exercise and recovery (for 60 seconds) - Sit slowly and keep your body active.
  • High-intensity exercise (for 20 seconds)
  • Moderate-intensity exercise and recovery (for 60 seconds)
  • High-intensity exercise (for 20 seconds)
  • Moderate-intensity exercise and recovery (for 60 seconds)

"Scott with his hands up > Arms-up Squat ): Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms above your head and keep them steady. With your arms raised, bend your knees and bring your hips back slightly, as if you were sitting on a chair. Now lower your body so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Pause for a second, then stand up again by pressing the ground. Repeat this cycle.

Mountain Climber: Put your arms and legs on the ground Open shoulder-width apart and be in Planck motion. Bring one knee to the chest and engage the abdominal muscles. Without pausing, pull that leg back and bring the other leg to the chest. Repeat this cycle and keep your shoulders and arms steady while moving.

Burpees ): To perform this movement, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and hang your arms at your sides. Lower your body like a squat and place your hands on the floor. Then throw your legs back and plank. Then do the opposite: bring your legs forward, sit in a squat position with your hands on the floor, then stand up and stand as you begin. Repeat the same cycle now.

You can also do your favorite workouts and have nothing to do with these three exercises. These are just a few examples to help those who do not know how and where to start. Be sure to search the internet for the names of these exercises and see how they are done by looking at the photos and videos. You can easily activate your body, increase energy levels, rejuvenate, burn calories and go about your daily life with more spirit.

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final word

not having enough time is the first and biggest reason that has led many people to exercise carelessly. But you do not always need a lot of time and facilities to enjoy the benefits of exercise and improve your health. According to research, you can get results even with 10 minutes of exercise a day, which includes only 1 minute of intense exercise, and enjoy the same benefits as 45 minutes of walking or stationary cycling.

Apart from this, Moderate-intensity long-term exercise can also lead to damage and lead to burnout or elevated cortisol levels. Therefore, with the same 1 minute of intense exercise, you will not only gain many benefits, but also reduce the risk of diseases and problems associated with excessive exercise.

However, you must remember that Always do the exercises correctly and pay attention to the proper shape of the body when exercising. If you do these exercises incorrectly or do not have balance and coordination during exercise, you increase the risk of pain and injury and endanger your health. We also suggest you read the following to exercise more safely:

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    By following the tips we said, you can easily strengthen your body in the shortest time and do not forget about your health in today's busy life!

    This article is only for education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Dr. Ax , Eat This Not That

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