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8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Autumn season with its changing weather and its beauties demands its own style. Every year, a wide variety of items suitable for the fall season are offered in the market; From sweaters and knit sweaters to fall jackets, raincoats, sweatshirts and hoodies. In order to have a functional, comfortable and attractive autumn style, you need to know how to set the items correctly and the correct principles of layering and combining colors. In this article, we offer you 8 men's autumn sets for stylish, casual and sporty styles. Inspired by these fall sets, you can set the items in your wardrobe together or identify and prepare the items you need. Join us in Digistyle Magazine.

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1. Men's autumn set for work and formal occasions

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

A comfortable and beautiful men's fabric jacket, including These are the items that should be in your autumn wardrobe so that you can create all kinds of attractive stylish and casual autumn styles with these lovely jackets. For this men's autumn set, we have chosen a beautiful and colorful gray sweater from the Liurgi brand, which also has a very soft material.

One of the most beautiful combinations with gray is blue, and on the other hand, the combination. Men's shirt with jacket makes a stylish set for formal occasions, workplace and casual; Accordingly, a blue and gray plaid shirt completes this wonderful set.

By choosing a viscose fabric pants that are suitable for the cold seasons of the year, we will complete this attractive autumn set and then a douche bag. And a gray shoe made of synthetic leather will be our choice for this stylish autumn set.>

2. Men's autumn set with a combination of autumn colors

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

What color groups to choose for your autumn style It totally depends on your taste, but one of the best suggestions for the fall season is a combination of green, beige and brown. In this attractive and stylish autumn casual set, which is also very suitable for the workplace, we have considered this lovely autumn color combination.

Men's acrylic jacket from Adora brand is our choice for this functional autumn set. Proper layering is one of the things that must be considered in the fall. Therefore, for the undershirt, we have chosen a sweatshirt with Judon material and a buttoned collar from Bint brand, which completes the layering of the set well, and the green color of the sweatshirt is in perfect harmony with the selected sweater. Now to create the color combination we want, we go to the brown, beige and cream color groups. A burnt brown shower bag, a very comfortable and comfortable shoe from Iran Teb brand in beige color and a cream colored linen pants complete this attractive autumn set.

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3. Men's autumn set with leather jacket

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Autumn is a very suitable season to wear leather coats and jackets. These items are too hot for spring and may not be warm enough for winter. The best season to use these beautiful and stylish items is autumn.

Our first choice for this men's autumn set is a brown leather jacket from Rajhan brand, which is made of natural leather and is a very suitable choice for Those who are interested in using leather clothing. Combining different types of fabrics with each other is one of the most attractive options that is easily available in the fall, so to make our selection more special and attractive, we have chosen a patterned brown sweater from my Elsie brand. The combination of these two items, along with other items in the brown and cream color group, provides an eye-catching autumn monochrome set. This autumn set, which in addition to everyday situations is very suitable for the workplace, has the characteristics of an attractive stylish autumn set, both in terms of the combination of different sexes and in terms of color.

A pair of colored jeans Charcoal, a leather shoulder bag and a honey brown leather ankle boot complete this autumn monochrome set.

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4. Combination of men's wool shirt and sweater

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Layering in men's autumn style, both in terms of practicality and It is also very important in terms of beauty and charm. If you wear different layers of clothes on top of each other, due to the variable air temperature, you can increase or decrease the layers of your clothes, and on the other hand, create a stylish and impressive autumn style for yourself by choosing attractive color combinations. One of the principles you should follow in layering is to wear thin clothes first and then wear thicker types. One of the best ideas for layering in the fall is to combine men's wool and thick autumn shirts with sweaters.

In addition to being very practical in terms of layering, attractive color combinations can also be created together. . In this lovely set, we have chosen a men's sweater from the brand of Liurgi and made of linen, which has a very attractive orange color.

A plaid woolen shirt from another brand is our choice for this lovely autumn set. The green and red checkered design goes well with the orange color, and in addition to creating a great color combination for fall, it is also very practical in terms of layering.

A mustard ankle boot, a beige suede bag and a Charcoal jeans complement this set and create a good color harmony with the main items of the set. This set is very suitable for both casual and everyday situations.

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5. Autumn sports set with sports jacket

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

If you are interested in sports style, you will have several options in the autumn season. . From autumn sports jackets to various types of hoodies and sweaters in different designs and colors. For this functional autumn sports set, we have selected a sports jacket made of viscose and polyester from Technik brand, which is suitable for the autumn season according to its gender. For the jacket, a nice gray cotton sweater from my Elsie brand is suggested, and a pair of light jeans can also be a good combination for the proposed set. Finally, a gray sports sneaker from the Skechers brand and a gray backpack complete this men's autumn set.

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6. Sport set with puffer

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Puffers are bulky vests that are a great choice for the fall season. For this functional sports set, we have selected a patterned and attractive puffy vest from the Kiki-Riki brand. In addition to being the color of 2021, yellow is a very vibrant and lovely color, especially for the fall season. Accordingly, we have chosen a colorful yellow sweater from the Fantasio brand, which in combination with the gray and black patterned puffer creates an attractive combination both in terms of color and layering.

In order for the eye-catching color combination to be eye-catching. To create the proposed style and not to be crowded, for the rest of the items, we will go for black and gray, which are great in combination with yellow. A pair of black jeans, a pair of black army boots and a charcoal backpack are good choices for this sport set, and finally a gray hat and scarf set can make this sport set look more attractive.

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7. Hoodies are a good choice for autumn set

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Hoodies and sweatshirts are among the sporty and very practical items. It is better to have it in your autumn wardrobe. If you want to have an economical purchase and limit the number of your purchases and go for dark crimson, gray and black colors, but if you are a variety and create happy and exciting color combinations, we recommend that you buy hoodies in various colors. p>

Our offer for this attractive autumn set is a cotton yarn hoodie from Fantzio brand. The best material for men's hoodies or sweaters is cotton. Clothes made of cotton yarn are very delicate and can keep the body warm and comfortable. The Fantasy brand also offers other hoodies in orange, yellow, black and gray, but the green color of this hoodie makes it a very attractive choice for an autumn set.

You can set the hoodie with a variety of jackets and puffs. And you can make a sports set alone with a hoodie. In this fall set, we have considered a long-sleeved T-shirt for under the hood and a pair of jeans, a patterned sports backpack in green and white, and a Timberland mustard ankle boot complete this attractive set.

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8. A stylish and formal set with three layers Layering

BingMag.com 8 men's suggested sets for fall 2021

Layering three layers of clothes is one of the stylish styles for It is considered an autumn set. In this type of layering, your clothes are divided into three layers: base, middle and outer. For the base layer, cotton T-shirts and shirts are a perfect option. For the middle layer, you can go for knitted vests, sweaters or sweaters, cotton or knitwear, and for the outer layer, choose a raincoat, blazers, leather jacket, denim jacket, sweatshirt or a single autumn coat.

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