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4 main reasons for adolescent inactivity and 6 effective strategies for more activity

BingMag.com 4 main reasons for adolescent inactivity and 6 effective strategies for more activity

Teens and sports do not have a good relationship with each other and this fact is not hidden from anyone! Today's teens spend most of their time at school, university, the Internet, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks, and spend little time on sports and physical activity. Mobile phones, laptops, or computers make up a large portion of people's work and entertainment, and for this reason, adolescents are no longer active, and they are becoming more and more involved in diseases and problems related to obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Obesity and overweight is one of the major problems of people all over the world and has caused them to suffer from various and dangerous diseases. Therefore, this problem should not be ignored and solutions should be sought to prevent it. In this article, we want to address the inactivity of adolescents and students and examine the reasons for this problem. In addition, we introduce strategies to help you increase your physical activity and largely prevent the bad consequences of inactivity.

Since the new school year has begun and is still involved in e-learning We are with the least physical activity, without a doubt we must try to maintain the health of ourselves and our children. For this reason, stay with us and figure out a more active school year for yourself.

What is the reason for adolescents to be less active and not exercise?

BingMag.com 4 main reasons for adolescent inactivity and 6 effective strategies for more activity

According to research and statistics, teenagers do not exercise enough at school or elsewhere. Although this statistic is based on the people of some countries and can not be generalized to the people of other countries, but in general, adolescents from 12 to 19 years do not spend enough time for sports and physical activity. Researchers have tried to measure the activity of adolescents and see where they spend most of their time so that they can find problems and look for solutions to problems. They found that teens spent more than 42 percent of their day at school but only 5 percent were active at school. These places were close (due to moving and walking) and when they reached school or home, their physical activity was greatly reduced. In addition, they found that girls were less active than boys.

Researchers generally concluded that although most adolescent physical activity occurs at school, they are more active than those who spend more time at school. It is very sparse and most of the time is spent doing school-based activities. Also, considering that teens spend time near home and school and are fully active (moving or playing), it is likely that increasing the time spent in these places can increase their level of physical activity.

1. According to research, the number of sports classes and exercise bells has greatly decreased and students do not have a good time for exercise and physical activity. Apart from this, due to the situation in Corona and the e-learning system, the same low activity has been completely eliminated and there is no longer enough physical activity and mobility for adolescents and students!

2. Excessive emphasis on exams and tests

Today's students have to spend a lot of time studying, doing homework and taking exams. Most people, parents, communities, and adolescents think that a teenager's success is tied to his or her test scores, which is why teens are forced to give up their health in order to get better test scores.

3. Heavy programs and lack of sleep

Adolescents who are busy with school and university work spend a lot of time studying and working, and if they are working, they will undoubtedly spend a lot of energy and time. For sleep and rest. The curriculum of schools and universities has become much heavier than in previous years, and e-learning has become a source of embarrassment for students!

They are completely unaware and think that students have only one class with them, so they confront these poor students with a huge amount of homework, projects, tests and whatever you can think of so that they do not even have enough time to sleep anymore, what? Get to exercise!

4. Morning Classes and Disrupting Student Bedtime

Most teens and students start their school days before 8 a.m. There is ample evidence that teens sleep late at night and need to get more sleep in the morning, but school and university classes start early in the morning and disrupt their sleep. They go to bed earlier at night, but in any case, the 8 o'clock class is no good. You might say that these same morning classes lead to them being forced to go to bed earlier at night, but perhaps this sense of compulsion has made teens wake up at night and add to their hatred of school.

Most teens wake up late at night. are. Even some people who go to bed early sometimes have to stay awake to prepare for the test or do their projects. Therefore, to start the school day at 8 o'clock in the morning, they face a severe lack of sleep. Always be tired and have little time. As we said before, most of their time is spent on social media and its negative effects.

With this situation, all we have at our disposal is a handful of tired and frustrated teenagers who have been left with an unfinished business. , Lack sleep, get poor grades, are in poor physical condition and are being destroyed from the inside out!

Strategies to increase exercise and physical activity for teens

BingMag.com 4 main reasons for adolescent inactivity and 6 effective strategies for more activity

Although the statistics are very worrying and the teenagers are not doing well, and the education system does not pay much attention to the students' health and their score is more important. He knows about their fitness, but there are ways to increase physical activity and prevent the negative consequences of inactivity.

Experts suggest that teens exercise for more than 1 hour a day. . But spending time with the phone, e-learning, writing exercises and doing projects, watching movies and TV series, playing games and so on do not give them the opportunity and many teenagers do not have this amount of physical activity.

The following tips are quite simple and can make a big difference in your life. Lifestyle changes can be relatively difficult and time consuming. With a fresh, slow-moving plan and a few of the solutions you see below, you can get started and try to stay healthy.

Do not confuse the term! Every change takes time and you can't get used to it overnight. So do not be hard on yourself and start with small changes. These small changes are enough for big conclusions.

Although it is difficult, but accept your current schedule and adjust your sleep with it

Since you can not work for school hours and change them, we have no choice but to accept this schedule! Therefore, as a student, you have to adapt your daily routine to this training program and try to take at least 8 hours of sleep and rest. So it is best to go to bed at least 10 nights to get ready for 8am class.

2. On school days, try to increase your physical activity.

You can use exercise software to see how active you are throughout the day and how much you walk. Try to increase this amount little by little. For example, you may spend a few minutes going to school and back home. By specifying this time, you can sometimes increase it and, for example, walk a little further in your neighborhood.

Of course, this solution is suitable for when there is no virtual training! Therefore, you should take a short walk during the virtual lessons and continue to listen to your teacher and teacher. Instead of sitting still all the time in class, it is better to stand or walk for a while.

Apart from this, you can also exercise a little between each class and your break. Try to do a little light exercise between each lesson. Butterfly, Swedish swimming, tug-of-war, sit-ups, sit-ups and other light exercise movements can be good options for increasing physical activity on school days.

3. Look for things to do at home

BingMag.com 4 main reasons for adolescent inactivity and 6 effective strategies for more activity

Many teens do not help with household chores. Instead of sitting around grieving over quarantine, try doing household chores such as washing dishes or cooking in the kitchen, cleaning rooms or yards, taking out trash, and so on. You can also stand and keep your body more active while doing things like reading and watching TV. In addition, you can enjoy short, high-calorie exercise, such as intermittent and strenuous exercise or Tabata, and explosive exercise, and stay healthy.

Do not let your cell phone take up too much time

One of the main reasons for adolescent sleep deprivation and dysfunctional study is what has affected all age groups but has had the greatest impact on adolescents. ; And that's nothing but smartphones.

Many people today are addicted to their phones and spend hours with them. Tell everyone about this addiction, he says "I work with this phone I study with this phone I live this phone!"

We have no motivation to keep you away from your phone at all do. But you should be reasonable and try to spend less time on the phone. Occasionally turn off your phone, turn off the Internet, and take a short walk around the house or yard. Rest assured it is worth it and you will see its positive effect.

5. Eat a Healthier Diet

In this article, the general point is that teens do not have enough energy to exercise, and this lack of energy occurs due to irregular sleep and a heavy schedule. Another reason for adolescents' lack of energy is their poor eating habits. Most adolescents consume large amounts of processed foods, soft drinks and whole grains, and things like organic vegetables and fruits, free-range animal meat and no antibiotics. , And probiotic foods have no place in their diet.

As a teenager or parent with a school-age child, you should strive to make healthy food choices to get the energy and nutrients your body needs. Provide, improve your health and live a more energetic and happier life.

6. Stop Eating Disorders

Finally, teens, especially girls, may take risky and reckless ways to lose weight, or they may become stressed and overeating. To be. Because of this, they suffer from eating disorders and damage their health.

Symptoms of this disorder are usually avoiding eating and overeating. Psychiatrists and psychologists can identify this problem and suggest ways to treat it. If you experience symptoms of overeating, undereating, obsessive-compulsive disorder, weight loss, excessive exercise, dietary supplements, guilt over eating habits, See a specialist and ask for help.

Concluding remarks

New lifestyles have led to people around the world, especially adolescents and students, becoming less active and experiencing a variety of problems. In addition, coronation and quarantine have had a significant negative impact on adolescents' lifestyles, further alienating them from sports. Tests, lack of sleep, and inadequate classroom hours have led to adolescent inactivity, leading to obesity-related illnesses and problems. In addition to academic problems, even adolescents' hobbies keep them away from sports, and this group of people spends most of their time on the phone, computer, internet, etc., and spends less time on sports and mobility.

So, from now on, try to get help from these solutions and make even a small change to change your life completely.

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Dr. Ax

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