9 limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success

One of the easiest things we can do when we don't achieve our goals is to blame circumstances or other people. Have you ever noticed that you may be holding back your goals because of a limiting belief?

BingMag.com 9 limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success

One of the easiest things we can do when we don't achieve our goals is to blame circumstances or other people. Have you ever noticed that you may be holding back your goals because of a limiting belief?

We all have beliefs about different things that have a direct impact on whether or not we achieve success. When we have empowering and empowering beliefs, we will achieve our achievements with less effort. If our beliefs are limiting, it is as if we are pushing a big rock up a steep cliff.

Limiting beliefs penetrate our minds in different ways and show themselves in different ways. Even if we think the limiting beliefs we have support us, they still show their ugly side when we least expect it, prevent us from following our path to success and make things seem harder than they really are.

Belief is a feeling of certainty and certainty about the meaning of something. The reason for having confidence in it is the story that we unconsciously tell ourselves throughout our lives and we look for evidence to prove its truth. In this regard, we find a lot of evidence to prove the truth because we are looking for exactly this evidence, and the more evidence we have, the more confident we will feel. This means that we can create more potential or limitation based on what the belief actually means.

The question you need to ask yourself at this point is if your beliefs can have that much impact on your work results. Can you imagine how much more your personal potential would be if all your beliefs were supportive and in line with your preservation and growth? Besides, can you imagine how much they will help you find the right path if you are not on the right track of your progress? For this reason, awareness of beliefs is a very important issue.

Next, in this article, we have introduced 9 limiting beliefs that you should be aware of and some practical tips to overcome them. Even if you implement one of the simple instructions, you will notice how they will have a positive effect on your results.

1. I do not have enough time. In reality, you will never find enough time to do what you want to do. This belief can involve a person for years. "Time is a social construct," says Nathan Palmer, a sociologist and professor at Georgia Southern University. This means that time does not really exist and it is only an idea or a concept that we believe in in society and live according to its rules. The same issue explains why everyone has 24 hours in a day, but some achieve more than others.

When we see time as a social construct, we have a powerful belief in ourselves. We create that instead of being in front of us, it is in line with our goals. A simple and practical way to do this is explained below:

Use a sheet to evaluate how you use your time Be honest with yourself about this. As you pay close attention to how you spend your time, look for patterns that can help you stay on track. Patterns like doing simple repetitive tasks or putting other people's requests first really limit you.

If you make a few simple changes in your behavior, you will realize that you always had time, but how you used it. It depends on your own choice. Now you can cultivate this new belief in yourself.

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2. I can't

I can't is another limiting belief you can imagine because it doesn't allow you to do anything you tell yourself you can't do. The more you repeat this phrase, the more you will believe it. The subconscious mind is always listening and responding to what you are telling it. Some people have described this response as feeling physically blocked.

Even if you only use this phrase to mean not doing things for others, use another way to say it. For example, say I can't do this for you right now. There is no such thing as "I can't" because there is always a choice. You can do anything you put your mind to, and if you don't have the skills to do it yet, you can learn those skills. If indeed If you believe you can't do it right now, add the word yet to the end of your "I can't" statement.

Whenever you find yourself saying I can't, quickly remind yourself that There is always a choice.

3. I can't because I'm not...

If you add a reason to the sentence "I can't", the restriction becomes more powerful, especially when the reason begins with the words "I am ...". When you use the words "I am..." you are describing yourself, your identity, and what you believe about yourself. This statement is called an identity belief, and it is the most limiting belief you can have.

Identity beliefs are statements you make about yourself and who you think you are and are not. for example; You say to yourself, "I can't be organized because I'm not a planner."

Can you imagine how limiting these beliefs are? By changing the way you describe yourself, you can make slow changes in your perspective on various issues. for example; "If I learn to plan for each day, I will become an orderly and organized person."

4. I'm not good enough

BingMag.com 9 limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success

This is the most basic limiting belief out there and one that many We have been influenced by it at some point in our lives. We are all always good enough for every person, situation and opportunity that comes our way. But at times in life when our safety and security are threatened, we choose to have a belief that is not correct. We execute When we want to do something that develops our abilities, a voice inside us warns us of danger and tells us we can't or shouldn't do it. You can change it by negotiating with the little voice inside you. This may seem simple or silly, but it is practical and useful. Remember that what we resist will persist, and the more we try to ignore that inner voice, the more persistent it will be.

Respond to that little voice by thanking it. Start and tell it you're fine and you're going to do it anyway. As you do things repeatedly, you will build this belief in yourself more and you will realize how good enough you are always.

5. I will be judged

Often we avoid doing new things because of the fear of judging others and worrying that they will not notice our weakness. Remember, we often focus on our fears, the more we focus, the more examples we will see of being judged by others.

The reality is that we have no control over the thoughts and feelings of others and Most of the time, others don't think about us at all. They are more concerned with how they think and feel about themselves, just like we are. If you feel judged by others, it is often a reflection of your thoughts and judgments about yourself. When you feel the fear of being judged, ask yourself, where am I judging myself right now? Remind yourself that the result is not important and the fact that you do things shows that you are always more than good and you should thank yourself.

6. I am not as good as others

This is a limiting belief based on comparison. When we compare ourselves to others, we can easily stop ourselves in our tracks. This very limiting belief has become more prevalent with the advent of social media and can lead to more wasted energy and make us feel like we don't have what we need. If you notice that you are comparing yourself with others and have feelings such as jealousy, loss of self-confidence, embarrassment and annoyance, you should know that this belief is being implemented unconsciously.

Remind yourself that everyone is different, that is, we all have unique personalities with different innate strengths and talents. In addition, we all have different behavioral characteristics that need improvement. No one does everything perfectly and that's why we can complement each other in different ways.

No one is above or below the other and the only thing that exists is the difference. Just because someone else does something differently than you doesn't mean you're not as good as them. It just means you're unique, and that's a good thing.

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7. I'm a failure

BingMag.com 9 limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success

If you keep telling yourself I'm a failure You will eventually stop doing the work. Believing that you have failed can be very frustrating because it is closely related to believing that you are a loser. This belief will prevent you from doing things in the future where you may feel that you will fail.

Remember that the more you repeat this phrase, the closer your belief will be to reality. For this reason, you should completely remove this phrase from your vocabulary. Just because what you were doing didn't go your way doesn't mean you're a failure. Instead of telling yourself that you failed, learn from that experience. Ask yourself what you can learn from it and how you can use the feedback you received from it to get help in the future?

8. I am ignorant

If you are telling yourself that you are naive and ignorant, please stop this process. This is the phrase you say to yourself when you do something wrong. But the point is that even if you say something to yourself as a joke, the subconscious mind listens and reminds you regularly. If you think that doing something wrong means that you are ignorant, you will avoid doing things where there is a possibility of making a mistake, and this will keep you in your safe zone.

The truth is this. that mistakes are part of success. All humans do the same task at least three times to master it. In fact, every mistake brings you closer to your goal. So remove the phrase "I'm ignorant" completely from your vocabulary and remind yourself that every mistake brings you closer to your goal than you think.

9. I can never do it

This is a limiting belief about one's ability combined with generalization. Generalizations are often accompanied by words like "always," "never," and "everything," and when we use them we eliminate any possible exceptions to the contrary that could be true.

In If you tell yourself you can never do it, you'll avoid it at all costs in the future because you'll get too many reminders of your inability to do it. When you change that belief to "I'm not up to it yet" and take small steps to prove that you can, you'll give yourself more opportunities to develop your abilities and tap into your true potential.

In conclusion

Recognizing and validating a limiting belief is the first step in regaining your power. Blaming and blaming can involve a person for years and destroy self-esteem over time and even cause a person's regression. True consistent success comes from the inside out by working on your belief system. The most important thing is to remove the limiting beliefs. In this way, you will gain real power and success, and over time you will realize that life will become limitless.

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