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Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

Recently, a book called "The Transformation of Life by the Magic of Order" was published by Marie Kendo, which helps people with accessories that are usually around the corner. Remove any found house from their living space. This book focuses on the Kanmari method, and based on this valuable Japanese method, it helps us to eliminate the irregularities around us.

Today we want to talk to the Kanmari method at BingMag. After reading this article, you can purposefully keep the items that have a special meaning for you and take the rest out of your life. Join us.

Kanmari method, magic left over from Japanese art

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

Kanmari method is an almost difficult method that may not be easy for everyone to implement. Of course, if you are looking to change your life and achieve a better feeling, we suggest that you get acquainted with this method and implement it. In 14 steps, we explain how to implement the Kanmari method. So you can easily find out if this method works for you or not. If you're ready, let's get started.

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1. Be prepared to throw away

Contrary to this book's overemphasis on "tidiness," the Kanmari method does not recommend arranging the items you have. On the contrary, it wants to get rid of everything you do not need. This method is based on getting rid of things that are not used in your daily life as much as you can so that you can organize everything more easily and quickly.

2. Get ready to change your mindset

The Kanmari method explains how to train our minds to organize effectively. The author of this book says to constantly clean around you and get rid of unnecessary items. Kanmari method emphasizes regular, permanent and permanent cleaning of the environment.

3. Arrange your surroundings at once

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

Arrange everything at once and do it several times Do not divide the stage. For example, if you want to tidy up the house, clean all the rooms, bathroom, kitchen and terrace in one day and in a row. By doing this, you can identify all the extra devices at the same time and remove them from your surroundings. It will also help you to return to your previous habits and not show signs of sloppiness in your home again. You should consider cleaning as a special event and not put it on your to-do list.

Don't Focus on Maintenance

Marie Kendo is by no means a fan of storing things. "Putting things away gives you the feeling that you have solved the problem of disorder," he writes in his book. That's why you can use storage spaces such as cupboards and shelves that are useful for your lifestyle and put only the items that you like and really use.

5. Sort by classification, not available space

This method emphasizes sorting by device and prioritizing storage. For example, keep all the clothes in the closet and the buckets in the warehouse so that instead of arranging each of those places at different times, you arrange all the clothes together at the same time.

6. Align yourself with the Kanmari method once and for all

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

Change your personality. The hive offers you only a simple solution and has nothing to do with creating a mess because of you: "You have to align with the Kanmari method in an integrated way and follow its rules."

7 . Use the two-part method

The Kanmari method has two parts: throwing away and organizing. You must first remove the items you do not need and take them out of your living space to get rid of all the clutter around you, then you can organize the remaining items.

8. Visualize Your Future

Kendo asks readers of his book to look at their lives and imagine the outcome they want from the implementation of the Kanmari method, then move on to implementing it. For example, if one of your goals is to do yoga every day and regularly, you should know the reason for doing that and why you want to spend this time taking care of your body and mind.

9 . Choose the items you need to keep

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

You should finally choose what you want do. Pay attention to everything around you and ask yourself if this device makes me happy and calm. If the answer is yes, keep it, if not, you should keep it away from you.

10. Work with order

To implement the Kanmari method, you must first go to your clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally souvenirs. Keep in mind that for each category you go to, you need to break it down into smaller sections so that you can examine them more easily. For example, if you go for clothes, check them from top to bottom based on the way they are worn. That is, first go for scarves and shawls and then hats, blouses, coats, coats, jackets, sweaters, jackets, pants, skirts, shorts, socks and shoes.

11. Learn how to fold clothes

Folding clothes is very important in the Kanmari method. As we said before, you should keep clothes that make you happy or relaxed. Then you have to hang the remaining clothes in the rack or closet. If you can't hang them, you should be able to fold them well so that they take up as little space as possible. By doing this, in addition to having easy access to all the clothes, you have also taken up little space.

12. Sort by yourself

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

"Sorting is a personal process," says Marie Kendo. So always try to do it alone because only you can know if a device will make you happy and calm or not. Do not let external factors influence your decision. Also, remember not to dispose of other people's belongings without their permission. Because a device that you do not think is useful to that person is important and a reminder of valuable memories.

13. Do not overdo it

Remember that you do not have to throw away everything. You can keep things that are really important to you. Items such as documents, books and souvenir photos are items that you can not throw away in any way. After inspecting your equipment, you can dispose of those that are unnecessary and only take up space and collect dust.

14. Put the related items together

BingMag.com Kanmari method; The magic of order in a chaotic world

The Kannari method for storing items is in favor of the principle of simplicity. One of the basic principles of this method is to store items in one place and next to each other and avoid placing them in different parts of the house. For example, instead of putting coats and jackets in several drawers and on hangers, put them together in a closet. Also place interconnected devices in a designated space. For example, put all your drinking glasses and utensils in a cabinet.


Embrace positive change. The Kanmari method suggests that you embrace life change with open arms. Marie Kendo believes that tidying up can help organize life in a positive way more than anything else. You can throw away the items you want but feel you still like them in a symbolic ceremony. The more you interact with these devices, the more likely you are to become addicted and therefore more difficult to get rid of. So say goodbye to them very logically and let your living space change.

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