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4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

BingMag.com 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

Japan has a rich and famous culture and philosophy. The teachings of Japanese philosophy can affect all aspects of our lives and lead to betterment. One of the lessons that Japanese philosophy teaches us is mind management. You can adjust your mind to the challenges of life while you float your mind to make it more effective. Introduce the change of mental states.

1. Mushin no shin or mental silence

BingMag.com 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

This is extremely heartwarming and people who have experienced it do not feel better. In Japanese philosophy, this concept refers to the silence of your inner voice. We naturally always talk to ourselves, and even when we are resting, our inner voice is talking. Mental silence is freedom in the true sense of the word. Meditation is one way to achieve mental silence, but not everyone is interested in doing it.

Have you ever experienced aimless walking? Without any conscious decision, you only follow the path that your feet decide to take. The whole mind is empty and our subconscious guides it; Just like what happens when you walk aimlessly. Mushin no shin is not limited to meditation and can be achieved in a variety of activities. Dancing, running, karate, painting or doing sudoku are some of the activities during which you experience Mushin no shin.

The key to achieving Mushin no shin is consistency in any activity. At the beginning of an activity, we may need a lot of attention and effort to learn how to do it, but once we learn and make it a routine, we can hope to experience Mushin no shin. Do whatever activity you are interested in on a regular basis and on a routine throughout the week so that you can experience mental silence.

You must have experienced days when you do not notice the passage of time . When we acquire the skills to do something, the mind is easily silenced and everything is done automatically. When you can turn off the inner voice of your mind, your focus on doing things will increase and you may even be able to do things faster.

You may have experienced this before, so you can experience it again. Do not lose motivation, practice and spend enough time to reach Mushin no shin again.

2. Fudoshin or immobile mind

BingMag.com 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

When we imagine a samurai in our minds, he is probably a glorious warrior, We see regular and calm. He is a person who has a strong will to achieve his goal. Fudoshin is exactly that: irresistible willpower to achieve the goal, regardless of internal or external distractions. Most of the time, Fudoshin works against us and even hurts us. For example, despite a toothache, we can eat a piece of cake because we want to eat it.

Studies have shown that people with a fudoshin mindset are more trustworthy than others.

Getting used to fudoshin and training ourselves to be in this state helps us to easily put aside bad habits. If we are planning to quit smoking or would like to become a vegetarian, Fudoshin helps us. With this mindset we can easily say no to anything and go our own way.

A simple way to practice this mindset and gain enough confidence to do the hard work, to delay It is a pleasure. If you are addicted to your mobile phone, decide not to look at it at all for a certain period of time. Do this regularly so that your mind goes through this issue and quits its habit. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that are not worth the fight. Instead of going to the gym every day from tomorrow, just exercise once a week for no reason. This is both easier and more eager to do so. Fudoshin is used in all aspects of life and only to achieve it you have to promise yourself and stick to it.

3. Zanshin or steadfast mind

BingMag.com 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

Zanshin is a state that comes to mind when a task goes best. It does not allow you to relax and keeps you awake until the end. When "Fudushin" is done without "Zenshin", it is as if you have won a match until the last moment, but the rival team steals the cup at the last moment.

We have all experienced the situation of doing something. We have started successfully and done it like a winner, but at the last moment, instead of winning, we have reached despair and failure. It doesn't matter if we're 99% successful, if we miss the finish we seem to have done nothing. The forgotten point along the way is to appreciate and take care of ourselves. Or when you are spending time with your friends, do not think about tomorrow at all. If you let your mind wander, you are prepared to lose the end result.

Shoshin or Boundless Mind

BingMag.com 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

Our brain has incredible learning and growth power but only in If we give new information to our minds, we will reach this stage.

The world will be a better place by reaching and maintaining Shushin.

Dry views and various prejudices hinder the growth of this ability. People usually give up after reaching a goal and think that everything is over by reaching the same goal. They are not trying to get better at the same goal and this is where they lose Shushin.

Never admit that you are wrong. How do you want to grow? Shushin allows you to make mistakes, grow and improve conditions. Shushin means listening, trying to understand others and being ready to apologize. Shushin's biggest challenge is believing in something without prejudice and leaving the learning path open.

To practice, you can think about the last argument you had and try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Think about what arguments he argued about and how credible each one was. This will help you to look at things from a new angle. Also, reading the articles of people who disagree with you will allow you to learn about the way others think without changing your mind.

Last word

Our minds have many powers Of which we are unaware. Japanese philosophy gives us special, deep and meaningful concepts and strategies so that we can recognize these powers and pave the way for their emergence. Mastering the mind and training it, in addition to infinite peace, allows us to experience a higher quality of life than usual and increase productivity.

This is purely educational and informational. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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