Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

Yoga is a light physical activity that puts little pressure on the body and burns few calories. Although some exercises and various methods of yoga are difficult, but in general this physical activity may not seem like anything special, and that is why many people ask themselves whether yoga is considered a sport or not. Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

Yoga is a light physical activity that puts little pressure on the body and burns few calories. Although some exercises and various methods of yoga are difficult, but in general this physical activity may not seem like anything special, and that is why many people ask themselves whether yoga is considered a sport or not.

In fact, many people may not go to yoga for this reason and prefer to devote their time to other activities that are really considered exercise.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at this issue. And let's see if you can get enough physical activity and exercise to improve your health by doing yoga. Many experts suggest that you do 30 minutes of regular exercise every day. Therefore, we have to see if yoga will be the right choice for your daily exercise or you have to consider your time for another exercise. So stay with us to explore this issue.

Can yoga shape your daily exercise? Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

American experts and doctors, as well as the American Heart Association, believe that people should have 30 minutes of proper and regular physical activity every day.

Researchers by examining types of yoga and focusing on hatha yoga have come to the conclusion that doing 30 minutes of this activity daily is not suitable for strengthening muscles and burning calories. In other words, you won't sweat enough and get your heart rate up by doing yoga.

Yoga is a light physical activity that puts little stress on the body. For this reason, it will not be a good choice for strengthening the muscles or the cardiovascular system, and doing it cannot lead to an improvement in fitness. Therefore, experts claim that yoga cannot form a part of your daily exercise and it is better to go for other activities to increase your physical activity. For example, walking, which is one of the simplest exercises, has a greater effect than yoga and will be a very good option to increase calorie burning and lose weight. do yoga That is, you should not think that doing yoga is enough and ignore other sports. Instead, you should do various aerobic and strength exercises regularly and perform yoga exercises along with them.

Also, this does not mean that you should completely abandon yoga and think that it is a useless and fruitless activity. Is. Yoga is one of the best physical activities to improve physical and mental health. Although it cannot have a great effect on burning calories and strengthening muscles, it still has many benefits that we will examine below. So read the rest of this article to see why you should not remove yoga from your lifestyle.

Types of yoga and how to do them Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

Before you go to yoga, you should familiarize yourself with its types and see which yoga is right for you. In the following, we have listed some examples of the most important styles of yoga.

1. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga includes the physical exercises of yoga and its physical activity and includes various movements as well as breathing techniques. To perform this yoga, you have to put your body in different positions, meditate and also do breathing techniques known as pranayama.

2. Bikram or hot yoga

Hot yoga and Bikram are performed in hot rooms with high temperatures and increase perspiration to flush toxins from the body. This type of yoga may not be suitable for all people, but it can burn more calories and also improve the health of your skin.

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3. Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga can be considered a type of yoga known for its relaxing, gentle, and healing effects. This yoga includes maintaining body balance and stretching positions for relatively long periods of time, which are usually done with the help of equipment such as blankets, pillows, matka, etc. These devices support your body so that you can relax and release muscle tension.

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4. Vinyasa yoga

This type of yoga includes various exercises and physical positions that you should do quickly and have little rest. Since there is little rest and sometimes you don't rest between exercises, you can increase your heart rate and experience more benefits.

5. Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, you must maintain physical sitting positions for long periods of time to release muscle tension, calm your mind, and also lead to increased body flexibility.

6. yoga Eye

Eye yoga includes eye activities, movements and exercises that affect the strengthening of the eye muscles and around them, eliminating eye fatigue, reducing stress and improving vision.

Yoga exercises The eyes are relatively simple and include activities such as focusing, rolling the eyes, staring at a point and changing the focus of the eyes.

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    7. Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that combines yoga movements, chanting mantras, mudra poses, meditation and breathing techniques. Mantra in Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain and Mazdisna religions, which have religious roots, is equivalent to dhikr in Islam and other religions and consists of a set of words and sounds that are repeated several times with a special song. Mudras are various gestures that are formed with the hands or the whole body and are considered a symbolic movement in Hinduism and Buddhism.

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    8. Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation practice that helps you draw your awareness into your body and have a conscious sleep experience. In other words, you can fall asleep while you are fully awake and alert.

    Yoga Nidra helps you put your brain in a state between waking and sleeping. This state is as if your body has fallen asleep and your mind is still awake. While the simple definition of yoga nidra is "yogic sleep", this style of yoga has various complexities and involves different nervous, concentration and breathing processes and affects different parts of the body.

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    Unique benefits of yoga to improve physical and mental health Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    Yoga has many benefits and has a great positive effect on your body and mind. By doing yoga regularly, you can experience the following benefits.

    • Increasing strength and physical endurance
    • Improving mood and strengthening morale
    • Reducing stress and healing Feeling tired
    • Improving brain function
    • Improving body balance and coordination
    • Increasing flexibility
    • Improving sleep and night rest
    • Increasing motivation and self-confidence
    • Reducing depression and anxiety

    In general, yoga can improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, regulate the body's respiratory system. Strengthen, increase cardiovascular endurance, increase body resistance, improve digestive system, strengthen immune system, improve sleep and also increase life span. These are only a small part of the benefits of this unique activity, and you can completely transform your health and lifestyle by doing it regularly. We have brought the popular yoga that is the best option for beginners. By doing these exercises, you can easily add yoga to your lifestyle and benefit from its unique health benefits.

    1. Mountain Movement Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    This movement seems very simple but it has many benefits and if you do it Done right, it can improve your form, boost your confidence, and even have a positive effect on your other yoga practices. Mountaineering engages several muscles, including the upper body, legs, core, and arms. In addition, it engages and strengthens the soles of the feet.

    To perform the mountain movement or Tadasana, you must first stand and keep your body completely straight. The soles of the feet should be in such a way that the heels are far from each other but the big toes are close together. You can also keep your thumbs slightly apart from each other for more balance. In any case, you should stand in such a way that you maintain the balance and proper form of the body.

    Now let your arms hang loosely by your body, but let them remain active and involved. In this position, you should move your shoulders slightly back and down and keep your neck stretched. Also, place the palms forward.

    Then by breathing and inhaling and exhaling, spread your weight on your legs and by moving your legs forward and backward, put your body weight on the heel to the toe. Focus your feet. You should swing in such a way that your toes and heels alternately rise and leave a little distance from the ground. Hold this position for a few deep breaths, swinging the legs and spreading your weight over the legs. You can also keep your eyes closed to feel better.

    2. Standing forward bend Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    Utanasana movement calms the brain, relieves stress and fatigue and other mental problems such as It eliminates anxiety and also leads to better activity of kidneys, liver and digestive system and food digestion process. In addition, when performing this movement you will work on the muscles of the spine, hips, You focus on the hamstrings, quadriceps, and pear-shaped muscles and eliminate the tension in them.

    To perform this movement, first stand and slowly bend the upper body. Now stretch your spine and let your head fall towards the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent. Then put your hands on the floor. You can also hold the opposite elbow with each hand, place them in front of or behind the thigh, or even on the back and on the back. Hold this position for a few seconds so that the thigh muscles are well stretched and the abdominal organs are strengthened. adapt For example, place a chair or a sturdy object in front of you and place your hands on it instead of the floor.

    Note that this movement may be difficult for those with back or hamstring injuries, sciatica, sciatica. It is not suitable if they have high blood pressure or retinal tear.

    3. Body movement Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    Maybe this movement doesn't seem like anything special and sometimes you don't care about it at all, but the movement The corpse is very useful for concentration and mindfulness and calms your whole body and relieves tension. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and relax the body and mind, and is considered a suitable treatment for reducing chronic body pains, relieving fatigue and insomnia. Therefore, with this exercise, you can cure many of your pains and problems and make sure of your health.

    Usually this movement is done at the end of the yoga session to cool down the body and relieve tension. destroy It is better to go to the corpse movement after the exercises that we have introduced to finish your exercise session.

    To perform this movement, first lie on the floor on your back and keep your arms by your body. With the palms facing up, spread the legs a little wider than the width of the hips and place the tips of the toes to the sides. Then relax your body and remove any stiffness or tension in your body. Now take a deep breath and let your body lie flat on the floor and relax. You can maintain this position for 5 minutes or more.

    4. Downward Dog Movement Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    In this movement, your body turns upside down and this position is for beginners and advanced Daily energy is very useful. In this state, your nervous system is adjusted, your brain becomes more active, and your body is filled with energy and lightness. This movement focuses on and engages the arms, shoulders, wrists and core muscles. Apart from this, it also stretches and softens the muscles of the hamstrings, spine and legs. Therefore, most of your limbs are either engaged or stretched and flexed.

    Additionally, Downward Dog can be considered a good exercise for treating sciatica and relieving fatigue. If your back is a problem and does not allow you to sleep or exercise well, and if it always leads to pain and fatigue, this movement will be right for you. Then move your hips up and back and keep your spine straight. Now open the fingers and distribute your weight between each hand. Your body should take the shape of the number 8. At the end, press the soles of the feet to the ground and lift them up so that the leg muscles are well stretched. The one-legged downward dog movement leads to the stretching of your side and hips, and apart from peace of mind, it also leads to an increase in self-confidence. Try doing this exercise at the beginning of the day to feel better about yourself.

    To perform this movement, first get into the downward dog position, spread your body weight on both hands, and take a deep breath. draw Raise your right leg while breathing. When you raise your right leg as high as possible and keep your hips parallel to the floor, exhale and bend your right leg so that the heel moves toward your hips. Then rotate your upper body so that the right side of the body is well stretched.

    At this stage, take two deep breaths and let the hips and right side stretch and soften. Now straighten the right leg, rotate the upper body again and place the right foot on the floor to come into downward dog position. Then repeat the same cycle with the left foot.

    5. Baby Stretch Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    This popular yoga move is a great option for beginners who want to tone their glutes and thighs as well as It stretches the hip joints and the spine, and doing it at the beginning of the day will make you fresh and energetic. The spine works. In addition to these benefits, the movement of stretching the child can lead to relaxation of the brain and eliminate stress and fatigue. Therefore, it will make your day full of energy and good feeling.

    To perform this movement, first move your legs and hands. Lay on the floor and keep your hips up until your body forms a figure 8 (like the downward dog exercise). Then kneel on the floor and open the knees. Now straighten your spine, stretch and stretch your arms forward.

    Put your upper body between your thighs, your stomach should be on your thighs and knees, your big toes on the floor and your hips on your heels. Feet should be placed. Put your forehead on the floor and relax your neck, shoulders and arms and take a deep breath. Stay in this position for a few deep breaths.

    6. Cat and Cow Movement Is yoga a sport? (important points you should know)

    Improving spinal strength and mobility is very important for upper body and back health. The cat and cow movement, which involves bending the back, is a gentle and light movement that stretches the spine and increases its mobility. With this movement, you can engage the muscles that straighten the spine, the rectus abdominis, the back of the arm, the serratus anterior muscle, and the gluteus maximus, as well as stretch and soften the upper body, shoulders, and neck.

    To perform this movement Put your hands and knees on the floor. Your wrists should be under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Spread your weight evenly on these four points and keep your body balanced.

    Now you should bend your back in and out. First, lift your head by pressing your hands to the ground and bend your back. Then bring the chin towards the chest and bend your back in the other direction. Do this slowly and breathe well. Also, focus completely on releasing tension from the body. Do this movement for 1 minute to reduce chronic lower back and upper body pain.


    Experts may not consider yoga as a sufficient activity for your daily exercise and They suggest that you get help from other training methods such as aerobic, strength, periodic and tension exercises, etc., in order to have 30 minutes of regular and sufficient exercise daily. Despite this, yoga still has many benefits and should be a part of it. Be part of your daily schedule. Although yoga is not considered an aerobic or strength sport, it helps flexibility, physical and mental health, as well as improving the balance and coordination of the body and increases the quality of your life. So try to use this activity along with other sports and live a healthier and more cheerful life.

    This article is only for education and information purposes. Before using the recommendations of this article, be sure to consult a specialist doctor. For more information, read BingMag Disclaimer.

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