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Is it better to wear white or black clothes on hot days?

BingMag.com Is it <b>better</b> to <b>wear</b> <b>white</b> or <b>black</b> <b>clothes</b> on <b>hot</b> days?

We have always heard that wearing white clothes makes the body cooler on hot days, and on the contrary, if we wear black clothes, we feel more heat than usual. But we have never found the reason for this recommendation. The effect of colors on people's mood is an undeniable issue, we also know that white color does not absorb any color spectrum of light and black absorbs all spectrums. But does this have an effect on the amount of heat felt?

In this article from BingMag, we want to talk to you about the same issue and see if it is really better to wear black and white clothes on hot days?


First advice: wear white clothes

BingMag.com Is it <b>better</b> to <b>wear</b> <b>white</b> or <b>black</b> <b>clothes</b> on <b>hot</b> days?

White color because it reflects all color spectrums The light is seen as white. That is, it reflects all the light it receives, so we see it as white. So we can conclude that if we wear white clothes, we reflect all the light, so we feel less heat.

Second recommendation: wear black clothes

BingMag.com Is it <b>better</b> to <b>wear</b> <b>white</b> or <b>black</b> <b>clothes</b> on <b>hot</b> days?

A black object absorbs all color spectrums of light, so it appears black to our eyes. But wait! The Bedouins of the African desert wear black, the weather is very hot there, but the heat doesn't seem to bother them. So, there is definitely an advantage in using black that is not in white. Maybe black clothes prevent body heat from reflecting back to us and therefore keep the body cooler than when we wear white clothes.

Should we finally wear white or black?

BingMag.com Is it <b>better</b> to <b>wear</b> <b>white</b> or <b>black</b> <b>clothes</b> on <b>hot</b> days?

To be honest, we have to say that the war between white dress fans and black dress fans for the warm season will never end. In 1980, an article in the journal NATURE titled "Why do Bedouins wear black in hot deserts?" was published, and in it, he examined the effect of black color in reducing body temperature. It is known that the Bedouins choose black clothes to stay cooler. But does this also apply to common clothes, such as T-shirts? Is it better to wear a white or a black T-shirt on hot summer days?

Is a black shirt warmer than a white shirt?

If with an infrared camera two black and white shirts under the light If we check the sun, we will find that the black shirt is slightly warmer than the white shirt. You can do the same experiment without an infrared camera and with two pieces of paper. Place a piece of white paper and a piece of black paper under the sun. After touching them for a few minutes, you will find that the black paper is warmer. Now the question arises, can the white shirt reflect your body heat back to you?

The answer is yes. white color has more thermal radiation than black color, so it strongly reflects the heat produced by your body towards you. This issue has been investigated with the help of an infrared camera and on various devices such as chassis and household items, and all the tests show the same result. white color has more thermal reflection power than black color.

The result of these tests shows us that we may think that black color causes more heat than white color, but the temperature of white and black shirts in Aftab have little difference from each other. But white and black shirts, in front of an infrared camera, both emit the same amount of infrared radiation and do not reflect much.

Often, white clothes behave exactly like black clothes in infrared. . Both reflect thermal radiation to the same extent. black clothing acts like a chimney against thermal radiation and directs the heat upwards. As a result, the air flow created under the black clothes helps to cool the human body. Of course, this happens on the condition that your clothes are a little loose.

African Bedouins use the same property of black color and keep their bodies cooler by wearing loose black clothes. But if a black dress sticks to you, it can keep you as warm as a white dress.


BingMag.com Is it <b>better</b> to <b>wear</b> <b>white</b> or <b>black</b> <b>clothes</b> on <b>hot</b> days?

Now, after reading all the reviews, we can conclude that a slightly baggy black dress can keep you cooler in the summer. So you can wear black on hot days. But that doesn't mean you should never go for a white dress. white clothing absorbs less light and thus creates a lower temperature on your skin. You can keep your body relatively cool by combining these two colors in summer. For example, using a slightly loose black shirt with a white skirt helps to establish proper air flow on the skin and absorb less heat from the sun. Before using the recommendations of this Be sure to consult a specialist doctor. For more information, read the BingMag disclaimer.

Source: Wired

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