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Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

BingMag.com Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

Is a brown egg more nutritious and tastier than a white egg?

Many people buy colored eggs when they are colored they care about. Some people believe that brown eggs are healthier and more natural, while others feel that white eggs are cleaner or taste better.

But do white and brown eggs differ only in the color of the shell or different Is there more than a simple color difference between them?

In this article, we will answer this question and examine which of the white or brown eggs is healthier and tastes better.

Eggs come in different colors

BingMag.com Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

Eggs can have different colors and in many stores white eggs in They are served with brown eggs. Some people think that eggs with brown skin are local and have more nutritional value. Sometimes these eggs are sold at a higher price.

But most people do not know what makes the difference in the color of the eggs. The answer to this question is very simple; The color of the eggs depends on the breed of chicken. For example, hens lay eggs with white shells, while Plymouth Rock hens or Red Island hens lay eggs with brown shells. Even some breeds of chicken, such as Aracana, American (American chicken), Dong Jiang, and Luchi, lay eggs with blue and blue-green shells. The hens produce a difference in the color of the eggshell. The main pigment in the shell of brown eggs is called protoporphyrin IX, which is made up of heme. Heme is a cofactor, and cofactors are non-protein components in some enzymes. The red color of blood is due to the presence of heme in it.

The main pigment in the shell of blue eggs is called bilirubin, which is also the result of the breakdown of heme molecules. Billiardin is the pigment that causes bluish-green color in bruises.

Of course, in hens of the same breed, the color of the eggshell can be different, and the reason for this difference is a genetic phenomenon called dominance. It is this phenomenon that causes hens of the same breed to lay eggs whose shell color is slightly different from each other.

Although genetics is a major factor in determining the color of the eggshell, other factors can play a role. The contexts are effective. For example, hens that lay eggs with brown shells usually lay larger, lighter-colored eggs as they age. Living environment, nutrition and stress levels of chickens can also have some effect on the color of the eggshell. Of course, these factors affect whether the skin color is lighter or darker and can not change the color at all. Breed is a major determinant of egg shell color.

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Are eggs healthier coffee? Is it from white eggs?

BingMag.com Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

Usually people who prefer brown eggs because they believe These eggs are healthier and more natural than white eggs. They choose them.

But the correct view is that eggs have the same nutritional value and the size, color and quality of the eggs do not make a difference in their nutritional value. White and brown eggs are healthy foods. Eggs contain a lot of quality vitamins, minerals and protein. By consuming one egg, you get all of these nutrients while consuming less than 80 calories.

Of course, scientists have compared brown eggs with white eggs to determine possible differences. Various studies have shown that the color of the eggshell has little effect on its quality or nutritional value. In other words, the color of the egg shell does not have a significant relationship with its health and the only real difference between them is related to the pigment present in the shell.

What factors affect the nutritional value of the egg?

Of course, there are other factors that can affect the nutritional value of eggs. For example, chicken habitat can have a big impact. Roaming the chicken in the sun increases the amount of vitamin D in eggs 3 to 4 times more. Therefore, hens that can live in the sun for many hours of the day lay more nutritious eggs than hens that are raised indoors.

Another factor that can affect the nutritional value of eggs is chicken nutrition. Chickens on a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids lay eggs that contain much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than regular eggs. The same effect is seen on eggs rich in vitamin D when chickens eat vitamin D-rich foods.

Do white eggs taste better than brown eggs?

BingMag.com Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

Some people prefer the taste of white eggs, while others confidently say that brown eggs taste better. But just as these eggs did not differ in nutritional value, there is no noticeable difference between the taste of white and brown eggs.

Of course, not having different flavors does not mean that all eggs taste the same. While the color of the shell does not make a difference in the taste of the eggs, other factors such as the breed of chicken, the nutrition of the chicken, the freshness and the cooking method can affect its taste. Which can affect the taste of the eggs they lay. In addition, the longer the egg is stored, the more likely it is to taste bad.

Storing the egg at a low temperature and without fluctuations such as the temperature inside the refrigerator will preserve the pleasant taste of the egg for a longer time. Be. Perhaps these are the reasons why some people believe that home-made eggs taste better than farmed eggs. Because home-made eggs are not packaged and distributed, they may be fresher than store-bought eggs and therefore taste better.

How eggs are cooked can also affect their taste. For example, scrambled eggs taste better than boiled eggs. Therefore, while many factors can affect the taste of the egg, the color of the shell cannot be effective.

Why is the egg brown more expensive?

BingMag.com Is a brown egg better or a white egg?

Although brown and white eggs are the same in other features except for different colors, more expensive coffee eggs are available in stores. This higher price has led many people to believe that coffee eggs are healthier than white eggs and of higher quality.

In the past, producing brown eggs was more expensive. The hens that laid the brown eggs were larger hens and laid fewer eggs than the hens that laid the white eggs. Therefore, to compensate for the higher costs, you had to sell the brown eggs at a higher price. But today, even though the cost of producing white and brown eggs is about the same, brown eggs are still sold at a higher price. Perhaps one of the reasons this is so expensive is that local eggs are usually brown and sellers use this to their advantage.

Local eggs

Or buy local eggs from ranchers who keep a number of chickens. These eggs may be the freshest eggs you can buy. Usually farmers and ranchers who have a small number of chickens in villages or small towns keep the chickens in more natural environments. These chickens roam in the sun for many hours during the day.

In addition, these chickens have different diets that can affect the nutritional value and taste of eggs. This effect is especially pronounced if chickens have access to legumes. A 2010 study found that chickens fed a variety of plant-based foods lay eggs that contained higher levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. 21 Foods High in Vitamin E Include Diet

Of course, local chickens may not be cared for by healthy chickens. So try to buy local eggs from sources that you are sure will provide the necessary health care.


Eggs come in a variety of colors, and the color of the eggshell depends on the breed of chicken. Brown and white eggs have the same nutritional value, and the only real difference between them is the color of the shell. Of course, their prices are usually different.

Unlike shell color, which has no effect, factors such as diet and poultry conditions affect the taste and nutritional value of eggs. So the next time you go to the store to buy eggs, consider these other factors; The color of the shell does not reflect all the features.

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