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3 important tips for raising capable and independent children

Raising capable children is one of the biggest goals of parents. We all have big dreams for our children and it is our responsibility to raise them as a responsible and caring person. Teaching basic life skills from an early age is one way to prepare children for big things in the future. As a first step, we can ask them to help us with household chores so that they can easily move forward. Entrusting a series of small tasks to the child and encouraging him to do it correctly and on time will definitely increase his self-confidence and develop a sense of responsibility in him.

Doing personal tasks as well Like tidying the room, picking up toys, folding clothes, etc., a child can feel sparks of self-sufficiency and the "I can" mentality, and can make manipulations in their living environment to take care of themselves and improve the situation./p>

BingMag.com 3 important tips for raising capable and independent children

Have you seen the Soul anime created by Disney and Pixar? This fascinating animation tells the whole story of what happened in the past and made you who you are today. Watching this film will make us pay attention again to all the behavioral differences of the children around us and pay attention to our relationships with them and think about how the characteristics and features of each child need different parenting methods. But even if every child needs a different way of parenting, the ultimate goal is to raise children as empowered and strong as possible. As parents, we need to be able to help our children learn more and develop skills despite their different personalities and interests. We do and ask about the things they do at home to have independent and capable children. Are you also trying to raise capable and self-reliant children?

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1. Start raising capable children at an early age

BingMag.com 3 important tips for raising capable and independent children

If children have been involved in household chores since the beginning Ask, we must say the sooner the better! When children are small, they desperately want to imitate your behavior and grow up, so use that passion and give them homework and opportunities to help at home. Keep in mind that the result of their work may not be satisfactory, but in the early stages it is necessary to be a patient parent and not let the sense of improper perfectionism spoil the child's early experiences in discovering his surroundings. The following is a list of some small and safe tasks that you can do with your child in your presence and supervision:

  • Setting the dining table
  • Moving dirty dishes After eating
  • Folding clean clothes
  • Receiving postal packages
  • Watering the pots
  • Feeding the pet
  • Collect toys and books
  • Arrange cushions on the sofa
  • and

Let children ages Do small chores at home and teach them that homework is part of being in the family, and ask them to continue working and helping as they get older and take on more important tasks of their choice./p>

2. Kids Must Learn Accounting

Let your children's analytical and inferential skills grow alongside the rest of their physical skills. It is true that as parents, we have a lot more experience and can solve problems in a more effective and better way than our children, but we must allow them to think for themselves and find solutions to problems, and this is how That they really try and learn. Ask your child about home-based issues based on their age and cognitive abilities. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. How many days will this amount of food I bought run out of? How many pots of water is this pitcher of water enough to irrigate? What gift and when is it going to be prepared for his friend's birthday? What do you need to do to prepare your home for the arrival of an elderly grandparent? Involve the home and minimize clutter, clutter and chaos in decision making. Let the kids try and even let them fail sometimes. Instead of planning everything step by step to save them, give them the opportunity to try and fight, because these are real teachers!

3. Have stronger children with joy, play and laughter

BingMag.com 3 important tips for raising capable and independent children

to accompany children Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. If you can teach your children to see doing things as a game, a story, or another mental puzzle to make work less like "work," they will learn to enjoy working much more. The tasks given to children should also be entertaining for them and they should not perform the tasks out of compulsion. Coercive tasks will cause the child dissatisfaction and ultimately anger and aggression.

Assigned tasks should be such that children can also show their creativity in them. One way to foster creativity in children is to involve them in household chores. You entrust him with a responsibility and ask him to state the solutions for it. This can also boost a child's emotional intelligence.

For example, when children have to pick up a bunch of logos after a game, we can say, "Hurry up and get all those logos instead" "Collect" Choose a way to have more excitement to work. I can say, "We are on a pirate ship and now water is seeping into the ship!" All these logos are water. "Take them and throw them in the buckets before our ship sinks." In such a situation, you will immediately find that your little ones are working to collect "water", filling Lego buckets and stacking them, and of course talking like pirates.

But it is possible that children You do not like such imaginary scenarios; In this case, try a suitable method with their own spirit. Play some happy music and see how fast they can get things done before a song ends. Do a little water play before you start washing the yard or balcony and watch your child get excited to get things done. Racing to get things done quickly is also the method that will work best for children with a high sense of superiority. A small mental change will make such a big difference in their morals and willingness to do things that you will be amazed at the result.

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Finally, we must point out that in order to have capable children, we must always remind them to learn basic life skills such as cooking, picking up splinters, and so on. It is one of the tasks that everyone will need in the future and they should be encouraged from a young age with play and excitement to acquire these abilities. Children who are respected at home and have the opportunity to try and make small mistakes will be more confident, more efficient, and more empowered in the future based on their past experiences. Of course, keep in mind that children have different moods and abilities, and age as a number can not be the only criterion for deciding their level of ability. Before assigning any task to your children, fully consider their physical strength, cognitive skills, interests, and motivating factors.

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Remember not to discriminate on the basis of division of labor in the home. In today's world of living, cooking is no longer a purely feminine task, and housework is not the sole responsibility of men. As aware parents, it is your job to raise your children away from gender stereotypes and to remind them that everyone should know a minimum of housekeeping and outdoor work, and that one of the main conditions for empowerment is gaining skills in personal work. And achieving relative independence.

What are your strategies? As a parent, what do you do to get your child involved, and what are your plans for having more capable children?

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