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6 Important Tips to Prevent Injury When Exercising at Home

BingMag.com 6 Important Tips to Prevent Injury When Exercising at Home

You may decide to exercise at home and stay healthy for a variety of reasons. If you do not have enough time and money to go to the club, the only way forward is to exercise at home with the least equipment. Apart from this, due to the situation in Corona, it is still not possible to safely perform various activities outside the home. Therefore, to stay healthy, the best thing to do is to exercise at home and keep your body active with the simplest exercises.

Exercise at home can be different. If you have dumbbells and barbells or resistance weights, you can still do a lot of the usual exercise in the gym. But if you do not have this equipment, you should get more help from weightless exercises with body weight. Apart from this, the home environment may not make you feel like exercising at all. Seeing the bedroom, kitchen and sofas certainly does not create an exciting image for exercise.

However, with a little light exercise at home, you can get results and improve your health. But injury prevention is very important. If you do the wrong exercises or do not pay attention to the safety tips when exercising, you will undoubtedly damage your health and come to the conclusion that maybe not exercising was a much better option.

Now a question This is how sports injuries can be prevented; What are some important tips for exercising at home? In this article, we want to examine this issue. Here are six things you need to keep in mind to prevent injuries and exercise more efficiently and better. Follow us.

What should we pay attention to when exercising at home?

BingMag.com 6 Important Tips to Prevent Injury When Exercising at Home

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need hours of strenuous workouts in the gym to work out and get results. Doing simple and practical exercises at home will also be very helpful and will help you achieve your desired body.

There are various training methods that you can use and a great exercise program for Set yourself. For example, we have taken a good look at this in the following articles.

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But before you go to these exercises and start exercising, you should pay attention to a few important points. With the help of these tips, you can increase the positive effect of your exercise and prevent possible injuries and dangers. Here are the tips.

1. Make your surroundings more secluded

First you need to make sure you have a quiet and peaceful environment. Get rid of clutter and everything around you, and keep your hands open and turn around to make sure nothing is blocking your body; You should be able to sit, stand, move forward or backward and rotate 360 degrees without any problems.

In addition, look at the floor to see children's toys, books, and anything else that might be possible. Come under the limbs, do not exist. Sometimes you may not have enough space at all to exercise. For example, sofas and chairs, TVs, etc. may not allow you to exercise safely and without restrictions. This problem is most pronounced when you do periodic, tension, jump, or plyometric exercises. So you either have to go somewhere else, or try to move around to get a fit for exercise.

Wear the right shoes

Although you can exercise barefoot, experts recommend wearing the right sneakers. Remember to wear these shoes only at home and do not go out with them, as this may bring germs and dirt into the house and cause various diseases. Is. But if for any reason you do not want to wear shoes, you should exercise barefoot and without socks, because socks can lead to slipping and injury. Exercising barefoot also has health benefits. This will strengthen the nerves in your legs and make you feel better when you touch the ground. This can make exercises like Scott and Deadlift more attractive and lead to better performance.

However, if something does not protect your feet, the risk of injury can increase. For example, your foot may be hit by a device and injured. So, do not forget the first point and be sure to exercise in a clean and safe environment. Finally, if you decide to wear socks, be sure to wear socks that are non-slip and have a non-slip sole.

3. Know what you want and watch your body react

BingMag.com 6 Important Tips to Prevent Injury When Exercising at Home

There are a variety of exercises and exercise programs that they You can find them on the internet and we have reviewed most of them in the section on sports and physical activity. But every person is different and there is no reason why your body should not be compatible with all the exercises and programs. So, if you get help from these exercises and you do not feel good about them, leave them immediately and move on to a new program.

For this reason, you must first know what your goal is and what it can do. Help you to achieve this goal. In addition, if you want to start exercising for the first time, you have to remember to do everything slowly and do not put pressure on yourself. If you start exercising suddenly and are very ambitious, you increase the risk of injury; And if you try to use strenuous exercise and exercise to get results sooner, you will only make the injury worse.

This not only leads to muscle and joint damage, but can also lead to Exercise and problems caused by excessive exercise. So start slowly, plan for the long term, and at first use only simple exercises and a light plan to adapt to the exercise over time and turn it into a regular habit. By doing this, you can also stay motivated and stick to your regular schedule.

The bottom line is to be aware of your body's reaction. If the program or exercise is not right for you, your body will inform you about it with the help of various symptoms. Severe pain, extreme tiredness, lethargy, and all indicate that your body is incompatible with your exercise. Of course, at the beginning of an exercise program you may experience pain and fatigue. But the pain is not as severe as it gets after two or three weeks. So take care of your body, and if you find that exercise is not for you and does not make you feel good, put it aside.

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4. Get help from a variety of exercises

Exercise can be easy if you have a specific schedule and time. Even with the right balance and choice of exercises, you can exercise every day. But one of the big problems that prevents you from doing this on a regular basis is getting tired of exercising and losing motivation. There is a variety at your disposal and with their help you can do many exercises and always keep your schedule varied. But exercising at home can get boring after a while, because you have fewer options. Depending on the equipment you have, you may be able to do just a few repetitive exercises; Proper body weight training may eventually be limited and repetitive. This can be even more frustrating if you only have one specific schedule and do the same thing over and over again.

The key to exercising at home is to use a variety of exercise methods and diversify your work. There are many exercises from which you can choose the best movements and set a balanced schedule. For example, consider 2 or 3 days a week for weightlifting, one or two days for aerobic exercise or weight training. You can also get help from periodic and stressful exercises. Yoga, Pilates, and stretching are also good options.

Also, do not do just one repetitive exercise for each muscle group. For example, if you only use squats and deadlifts to strengthen your legs, you may get bored after a while. This is especially true if you exercise every day.

Maybe your plan is to do 10 reps for each part of your body every day. It is best to use a special exercise every day to have more variety throughout the week. For example, squat on Saturdays, deadlift on Sundays, long on Mondays, and so on. In this example, by varying the appropriate leg exercises, you can do well every day and not lose your motivation.

Finally, do not forget to prioritize rest days. You should take at least one or two days a week to rest completely, especially if you do strenuous exercise the rest of the day. It is best to prepare a weekly schedule. For example, dedicate even days to weightlifting or periodic and stretching exercises for the whole body, and individual days to stretching, yoga or aerobic exercise. Rest completely on Friday.

5. Do not forget the exercises that compensate for the injuries caused by sitting

BingMag.com 6 Important Tips to Prevent Injury When Exercising at Home

New life led by time Spend a lot on the chair and sofa while sitting. Working at a desk, watching TV on the couch, watching movies and playing games behind the computer all make you less active and have a variety of problems.

You should try to exercise with the help of exercise. Eliminate the negative effects of excessive sitting. Excessive sitting can disrupt the shape of the shoulders, neck and middle of the back and dry out their muscles. Therefore, you should use exercises such as deadlifts, bridge, armpit bending and resistance exercises with stretching muscles to strengthen and shape these muscles.

You should also try to sit less and stretch your body. Keep more active. Plan at least a few minutes of exercise and stretching for every 1 hour you sit. Or, for example, get up and bend 10 squats, 10 bridges and 10 armpits to prevent sitting injuries. Also, take the time to stand whenever you see fit. Stand for a while and do your work standing up. Exercises such as Planck, Superman and Brad Dog can also help maintain a healthy body shape.

In addition, you should generally keep your activity high and even exercise while sitting. The following entries may be helpful in doing this. Get help from these exercises and be more active so that you do not have many problems due to sitting:

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6. Enjoy your workout and keep yourself entertained

It does not matter what training method you use, however, experts believe that in order to enjoy the benefits of exercise, you should have an attractive program that you enjoy. You cut and have fun while exercising. This keeps you motivated and does not make exercise a boring activity.

In addition, exercising with friends, family, or in sports classes and with strangers can Be useful and make exercise more attractive. These people can cheer you up and make you enjoy your time more.

So, explore different exercises, find your favorite sports, get help from friends and acquaintances, and always have fun. Try it yourself. By doing this, you will undoubtedly make exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle, and it is impossible to become unmotivated or bored of exercising anymore.

Concluding remarks

If any The reason you can not go to the gym, home exercise is the only solution you will have. You can exercise at home with the least equipment and avoid wasting time and money. Exercise, training videos, and exercise Exercise, burn fat, and build muscle. But maintaining safety and exercising properly is very important. Although even a little exercise is better than nothing, it should not harm your health. If you do sports incorrectly and do not pay attention to safety tips, exercise not only does not bring benefits, but also causes a lot of harm.

There are many tips that should be followed to prevent injury and Keep motivated and get results. For example, try to keep your workplace clean and secluded, wear appropriate sneakers, set your goal and pay attention to your body's reaction, keep your schedule varied and attractive, from a variety of exercises to shaping Get in shape and prevent injuries, and also do not forget to always enjoy your exercise and entertain yourself.

By following these tips, you can improve your health, get the best results in the shortest time. , Have a healthier lifestyle and protect yourself from various diseases and problems.

This article is for education and information only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

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