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3 important things you should do immediately if you are sexually assaulted

BingMag.com 3 important things you should do immediately if you are sexually assaulted

Injuries from rape can leave the victim with physical, emotional and psychological wounds. The way each person recovers, as well as achieving peace of mind, is different, so it is not possible to compile a general prescription for all sufferers. But in general, there are a number of basic steps that, if taken, you can prove with evidence that you have been raped, the rapist can be easily found, and most importantly, your physical damage can be healed and You will recover.

In this text from BingMag Meg, we first want to state the necessary actions that you should take up to 72 hours after the rape, then we suggest that you must use one of the following methods: Try to heal your soul. Because what matters is that, you have to survive.

What kind of relationship is called rape?

BingMag.com 3 important things you should do immediately if you are sexually assaulted

According to the US Health Organization definition, rape means any sexual act without the consent of the victim, which includes trivial matters such as touching people, all kinds of sexual intercourse without the victim's consent. , Attempting and attempting to have unwanted sex, harassing children and having sex with them and all the different methods of sexual torture.

3 basic actions you should take immediately after rape

BingMag.com 3 important things you should do immediately if you are sexually assaulted

If you or someone close to you has had this bitter experience, you must first consider that the main culprit This is an aggressor and you have not committed any sin. So gather all your energy and do the following steps in order:

1. The first and most important step is to keep yourself

away from the space you are in, even if it is your home. You should not be alone with the criminal anymore. Because in some cases, the perpetrator, after the rape, harms the victim and even kills him.

You are definitely very scared in this situation, so contact the police or the closest and most trusted person you know. Take it and want it to reach you quickly. The first person you talk to about rape is called the "first witness." This person may need to report your situation to the police and, if possible, should accompany you to the hospital or police station.

Any re-contact, phone calls or text messages Ignore the rapist and try not to approach him again.

Get to the nearest hospital or clinic immediately and ask for your name to be registered as a rape case. Remember that under no circumstances should you change your clothes, go to the bathroom or take a shower, or even comb your hair. Changing clothes and putting them in a plastic bag may destroy the evidence of the crime. Because, there may be hair, blood or semen on your body or clothes that can be used as evidence of rape.

If you have to change your clothes, be sure to wear them. Put a paper bag. Anything can destroy the effects of the crime and you can not identify the culprit and prove it in court. Only 72 hours after the accident, penetration, attempted penetration, oral or anal intercourse can all be identified, but after that it will be very difficult to prove the crime. If you are afraid of a sexually transmitted disease or getting pregnant, ask your healthcare provider for advice.

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2. The second step to take is to gather evidence to prove the rape

Personal injury and fear of social stigma should not deter you from filing a complaint. You are a victim and your silence can bring an aggressor back into society and threaten others. Also, do not forget that your silence will give the aggressor courage again. He is abusing your silence. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. Your report to the police should not be blocked. Try to remember what happened as much as you can.

Ultimately, you are the one who can make this decision or give up. But by no means destroy the evidence and keep it with you. Medical records and evidence, any physical injuries such as scratches or fractures, phone calls, text messages, and anything that can identify the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice are among the objective evidence of a rape case. Keep them and act at the right time.

The best way to prevent documents from getting lost is to email them. Email the documents to yourself and to someone you trust. If you can take a picture of the scene and all the scratches, it would be the best action. Slowly For some tests, you will be referred to a forensic pathologist. Do not be afraid. You have to keep your cool and do all the tests. The evidence that forensic medicine provides to the police is one of the most reliable evidence, so do it carefully without any delay and despite your poor physical and mental condition.

When reporting to the police, initially only a brief statement They ask you. Be sure to read the statement before signing. You can make a more detailed statement later. Ask for a copy of your statement. After the trial is over and the crime is determined, if you are afraid of the aggressor or aggressors, ask the court not to allow the aggressor to leave on bail or ask for a protection order.

3. The most important part is your need for a backup.

BingMag.com 3 important things you should do immediately if you are sexually assaulted

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Finally, reconnect with yourself and your life. Klein, a psychologist and social trauma specialist, believes that unless you repeatedly analyze the damage done to your body and soul and learn to deal with it actively, you will not find yourself and you can no longer live as you did in the past. p>

All those who are sexually abused leave their friends, do not go to the club anymore, drop out of school and wish for death at home. But you only need an inner flip. You certainly can not expect to continue your activities as before, but try to start from the smallest and safest groups of friends and start communicating again. Never forget to exercise.

At this point, psychologists recommend group therapy, which can reduce fear and depression and has many positive psychological, emotional, and social benefits. Group therapy means joining a group that has been raped just like you and understands you and what you have left behind. This will have a profound healing effect on you.

Never forget that you are not the only rape victim in the world and if you remain silent, you will not be the last. Every complaint and every cry will throw an aggressor into the grip of the law, and this oppression will gradually be erased.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .


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