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9 important reasons to hug children that help develop their body and mind

BingMag.com 9 important reasons to hug children that help develop their body and mind

Hugging has many benefits that are not hidden from anyone. We all need hugs in life to feel safe and overcome problems.

Hugging has other meanings for children. This is so important that in the early stages of a baby's birth, mothers are asked to hold their baby and make skin-to-skin contact. Even if the mother does not have the condition to hug her baby, the baby's father should do so.

Hugging has been scientifically proven to secrete the hormone oxytocin, a hormone known as love hormone. The hormone oxytocin has special effects and mechanisms on the body and improves performance and increases physical strength. This hormone is happy and reduces sadness.

In this article, we have listed 9 reasons for hugging children. Join BingMag Meg.

1. Hugging children smarter

Researchers say that close physical contact with children as they grow Their brains have a significant impact.

A study of children in Eastern European orphanages found that the brain development of children who had less physical contact than other peers (in their father's arms) And mothers have grown) less.

In another study, children's IQ was measured at regular intervals. The children were then hugged by adults for 20 minutes a day. This process was repeated for ten weeks and the children's IQ was measured again. The test results showed that the IQ increased during this period and the children became so-called smarter!

2. Makes children better aware of the world around them

BingMag.com 9 important reasons to hug children that help develop their body and mind

You may have seen around you Babies start crying for no reason and nothing but the warm embrace of their parents calms them.

Children feel and perceive differently from adults. Children's perceptions are limited at birth and evolve over time. Physical contact allows children to get to know those around them better and to establish stronger relationships with them.

3. Promotes children's physical development

Physical contact is very important for children's physical development.

Researchers have proven that children who are away from the loving embrace of parents or distant adults for a certain period of time They were less physically fit than the rest of their peers. They cite this as a case of growth failure. They have also shown that as soon as physical contact is re-established, children's bodies will resume their growth.

  • Growth failure is a problem in the growth process; This means that children's physical development does not go according to standard charts. To solve this problem, you should consult a specialist.

The reason for this has been proven by various researches. Research has shown that with the release of the hormone oxytocin, growth hormones such as insulin (IGF-1) and growth factors (NGF) interact and reinforce each other. Eventually this mechanism will cause the physical development of children.

4. Promotes children's physical health

There is no doubt that hugging is good for health and has many benefits for the health of body and soul. When we hug someone, the hormone oxytocin is released, which has unique effects on physical health.

  • Oxytocin improves the immune system and reduces inflammation in the body. It also helps to heal wounds and bodily injuries faster.

5. Hugging reduces mood swings

BingMag.com 9 important reasons to hug children that help develop their body and mind

Hugging for mental health Children are very useful. When the baby is making excuses, hug him a little to calm him down.

Some parents think that hugging a bad-tempered child causes the child to learn to be bad-tempered in order to be hugged and to achieve his desires. And repeat this cycle over and over again. But it is not. But you are not going to give him anything he wants.

In fact, in our body, there are two separate mechanisms for emotions:

  • The branch of arousal that increases emotions . Keep in mind: A child who is moody is driving at full speed in a car that will eventually crash into an obstacle and the car will stop. It is the parents' job to calm the child down first to slow down the car. Ignoring the baby will cause the baby to push the accelerator harder and the final accident will be much more serious.

    Hugging is one of the things that can save your baby. Oxytocin helps the relaxing branch to do its job and keep the baby safe from heavy blows.

    • What can you do to make your children listen and respect you?

    6. Hugging creates resilience

    Children are growing, and their nervous and emotional systems are evolving over time. For example, no baby is stubborn; Because he has not yet learned these things and does not have a complete nervous and emotional system.

    • Cortisol is a substance that is released during anxiety. When a child feels anxious, the toxin spreads through the body and brain of children, causing varying degrees of stress. Stress also has a negative effect on children's mental and physical health, which is why we should not allow children to have emotional problems.

    The secretion of stress hormones weakens the immune system, which means Welcoming all kinds of viruses and infections for easy entry into the body and disease.

    Stress reduces brain function; Reduces memory stress and reduces speech ability. It will also cause depression.

    Hugging helps children experience different emotions without being hurt. Thus, children learn to control their emotions in different situations and to be so-called enduring.

    7. Makes children happy

    Hugging increases children's psychological resources.

    Psychological resources (optimism, mastery and self-esteem) refer to individual differences that directly affect physical health. And predict the psyche. These three sources are very close to each other and reduce the bad events of life.

    • In fact, oxytocin, by creating a feeling of interest, causes the psychological resources of children to expand and make them feel happy./li>

    8. Improves friendships

    Hugging increases trust. Trust is essential to building a two-way relationship. The more trust that develops between people, the stronger the friendship between them.

    Oxytocin reduces fear, increases risk-taking, and builds a relationship based on trust. By creating a sense of security for children, a deep friendship between children/adults will be formed.

    9. Hugging causes empathy

    BingMag.com 9 important reasons to hug children that help develop their body and mind

    Have you ever been upset about something? And do you feel that no one understands you? It is enough for one person to hug all of you with interest at this moment, so that all those destructive feelings give way to joy and empathy.

    When you hug your child, both sides empathize with each other. . Released oxytocin will convey a sense of empathy to you and your baby. It will bring happiness, satisfaction, empathy and.. It also strengthens the body's immune system and prevents viruses and germs from entering the body.

    Hugging has a more valuable meaning for children. This helps children to get to know themselves and the world around them better and to grow better mentally and physically.

    So you can hug and kiss your baby as much as you can.

Source: parenting for brain

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