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8 important points that you should know before buying a water cooler for your home

BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

As the weather warms, despite global climate change, ideas are moving towards creating coolness in the cheapest and most convenient way, but with high efficiency. It should be noted at the outset that a typical family spends 13% of their annual water and electricity bills on cooling. Due to this issue, choosing the right air conditioner with optimal energy consumption is one of the most important factors at the time of purchase. So to get acquainted with the key points when buying a water cooler and to know the details of how to improve their performance, follow this article to the end.

  • 5 important points before choosing a water cooler
  • 6. Familiarity with different types of water coolers and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • 7. Other features in modern water coolers
  • 8. Tips for caring for and maintaining a water cooler
  • The best-selling models of water coolers

5 important points before choosing a water cooler

BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

One of the most important things to consider when buying a water cooler is that it is usually cooler than the air conditioner. They have more fans. Apart from the various factors involved, the issue of the high price of gas and split rigs is costly for most people. Therefore, it is natural that water coolers have been used to cool the home and work environment since ancient times. However, when buying this popular device, you should also consider the points so that your product will work well for you for years to come.

1. Paying attention to the city of residence at the time of purchase

In general, you should keep in mind that due to the water crisis in the southern provinces, choosing and buying a water cooler is not a cost-effective option. On the other hand, when you use this device, the ambient air becomes humid, and this issue is not very suitable along with the sultry summer air in these parts of Iran, because this product intensifies the sultry air. In general, cities with hot and dry climates and an average humidity of less than 20% are suitable areas for installing water coolers and provide higher efficiency along with lower electricity consumption.

2. Importance of material and body thickness of water cooler

Various models of this category of products have different materials and thickness of bodies. In this regard, we recommend that you go for models with a thick body when buying; Because they will have a longer life and under the sun, the roof will not rot, tilt or pierce. At the same time, the body material also plays an important role in the life of the air conditioner, so it is better to choose models with galvanized sheets.

3. Product energy label

The energy consumption of closed water coolers varies according to several factors. This means that the material used in the water cooler, the capacity of the device, equipment and its geographical location affect the energy consumption of the device. In addition, the type of paint used in the body of the air conditioner is also important.

When the air conditioner is placed on the roof, it loses its color over time due to the sun's ultraviolet rays, which is the same issue. Decay and absorb more heat leads to lower efficiency and higher energy consumption. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the color of the device is completely resistant to the sun's rays, especially ultraviolet. We suggest that you pay attention to the energy label (it is best if your device is at energy level A!) As well as the life-saving switch when buying water coolers with a standard with a ten-digit code.

4. Paying attention to the capacity and size of the air conditioner and the building

One of the most important things in buying a water cooler is to pay attention to the size of the air conditioner according to the dimensions of the building. Because of course, using a small water cooler for a 100-meter house will not be very efficient. In this case, the air conditioner motor is pressed and the motor may even burn very quickly. Therefore, it is natural that the larger the building, the larger the air conditioner you should use. In order to buy more accurately, the formula for selecting a water cooler to calculate the capacity of the system based on the building area is provided to you:

  • Building area (square meters) (0.027 2)

Since the capacities of this type of product are based on the CFM unit (cubic feet per minute), it is necessary to calculate the capacity of the device needed for your home based on this unit! According to this formula, for a building with an area of about 30 to 50 square meters, a water cooler with a capacity of 2300 CFM is an economical option.

5. Cellulose pads are better than straw!

As you may have seen, some water coolers use straw and some use cellulose pads. If you do not have a problem financially and at a higher cost, we recommend that you buy options with cellulose pads. In fact, these coatings, with less water consumption, get wet completely and evenly and will give you a more satisfactory result.

  • The most important points to buy a cooler with you need to know the appropriate capacity

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6. Familiarity with the types of water coolers and the advantages and disadvantages of each

BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

In order to make a more informed choice, it is necessary to deal with the types. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from water Coolers. before reading this article, you may have thought that water coolers only include blue and white models; But with further reading of this article, you will see that these types of cooling systems also have different types that have their own advantages and disadvantages!

Portable or portable water cooler

This model of water coolers is one of the most popular ones, because they are installed in the interior of buildings without the need for ductwork. It should be noted, however, that these cooling options are designed for small environments and are practically the most efficient in such spaces. Benefits from its surroundings. In older models, the water was placed manually inside the cooler, but in newer products, the water required for the cooler is provided by installing a hose.


  • Small and light to move
  • Portable water cooler, unlike the usual options, can adjust the wind in 4 directions!
  • There is no need for a service worker to check and service the device !
  • Power and water consumption of portable models is lower than other options.


  • Due to its indoor location, you have to withstand a lot of noise.
  • In models without a tank, the tank needs to be filled manually!
  • For use in Large houses are not suitable!
  • It smells bad in the beginning of use and if the water in it remains stagnant, it will be more annoying!

Straw water cooler

The most famous and common model of water cooler that is familiar to everyone is the water cooler. The design of these products is such that the water is directed from the tank to the cooler lids with the help of a pump and wets them. In this case, the passage of air through the wet litter will cool the air inside the cooler.


  • Less power consumption than It has gas models
  • There is easy access to buy parts
  • It is much more economical than other options
  • It is a suitable option for areas with dry weather!


  • Due to the use of water, there is a high probability of rust and corrosion of its parts
  • It has periodic inspection and service.
  • Its water consumption is high and it is not suitable for sultry areas with high humidity.

water cooler with cellulose pads

water cooler with cellulose pads has a very similar function to that of a cooler cooler, but the only difference with the dense cellulose pads used is that it increases the efficiency and coefficient of performance of the system. It is interesting to know that according to reports, the rate of heat transfer in this cellulosic product is about 30% higher than empty models.


  • Pads Cellulose in water coolers increases the amount of water absorption. Therefore, the performance of these models is higher than straw options.
  • The strength of cellulose pads is higher than straw, so it does not deform or sag over time!
  • The material of most cellulose pads It is galvanized or aluminum and is completely resistant to corrosion.
  • These types of pads do not need to be replaced annually and should be replaced only once every 5 years.


  • Cellulose pads are expensive!

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7. Other Features of Modern water Coolers

Like many other home appliances, water coolers are undergoing changes for more professional and better performance. Among these, two possibilities of economy mode and automatic shut-off system are among the new features in this type of devices, which have been considered.

  • Economy mode; One of the capabilities in There are modern and quality water coolers, it is an option of economy mode! This feature is such that in the first moment of operation of the air conditioner, cooling will start with power, but over time, the speed and amount of wind will decrease due to the cooling of the environment, in order to save electricity consumption.
  • Automatic shut-off system; Due to the busy life we are all experiencing, many people forget to turn off the air conditioner when leaving home. In fact, the presence of timers in new water coolers has the ability to set the duration of turning on and off the air conditioner; In such a case, having an automatic shut-off system can be very efficient.
  • Inverter motor; Another technology in the new generation of water coolers is the inverter motor, which consumes power up to 30 Reduces by 60%. In general, systems equipped with inverters do not turn off, but After a period of time, they continue to work at a very low speed. This saves a lot of energy each time the air conditioner is turned on.
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    8. Tips for care and maintenance of water coolers

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    Since empty and cellulose water coolers under direct light After installing and launching them, it is necessary to consider a number of practical points in order to increase the life of this device.

    The first thing that is important is to try for the optimal operation of water coolers. Do not start it until the air temperature reaches 30 degrees. In fact, by doing so, you save 50% on water consumption. Turn on the water pump 5 minutes earlier to moisten the debris well and then start the engine, this way you will have a cool and pleasant air.

    Try to turn on the air conditioner before the air temperature reaches 30 degrees. Do not start; Because by doing so, you save 50% in water consumption.

    Also, be sure to use a canopy for your air conditioner so that in addition to keeping it healthy outdoors, it does not let hot air out during the hot hours of the day.

    Keeping the air conditioner in winter

    Once you are sure that you no longer need a water cooler, you should prepare it for winter. To do this, be sure to remove the mineral deposits that are attached to the body of the cooler so that they do not harden inside the cooler. Clean the floor tray of the cooler and drain the water inside completely. To prevent the water connection pipe from freezing, disconnect it from the tap and drain the water well.

    If you cover your water cooler in winter; you will prevent damage to it. In this regard, it is best to use a water cooler cover. Containers of the tarpaulin type prevent moisture from penetrating into the cooler and dust or cold and wind do not enter the water channel. Of course, you can also use large and thick nylons, but you should take some time to apply it properly on the device.

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    The best-selling models of water coolers

    Now that you are familiar with the details needed to choose the right gas cooler with the features you are considering, it is time to take a look at the buyers' offer by referring to BingMag website and models. Let's review and analyze the best sellers of this category of products.

    Test water cooler model AZ-6000

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home The AZ-6000 test water cooler is a straw-type product with a life-saving key (RCCB) that has gained a large share of the market for products in this field. In general, the features of this product include 220V electropump, body with electrostatic paint and resistance to ultraviolet rays, aeration rate up to 3410 cubic feet per minute and capacity of 5500 CFM. In addition to these features, it should be noted that the body of the water cooler is made of galvanized material. Therefore, it does not rust and wear out over time. The net weight of this device is 68 kg and it has dimensions of 850x850x1050 cm. 21199-6.jpg ">

    Iran Shargh water cooler, thermostatic model IS 60, durable product with accessories such as temperature adjustment, automatic shut-off timer, touch keyboard, life protection key and control It is remote. It is interesting to know that in the structure of this model of air conditioner, cellulose pads are used instead of straw, which in addition to increasing the efficiency of the device and uniformity in wetting the plates, is also a factor for saving water.

    In addition to these advantages , Another of the best features of this air conditioner is the presence of a radio remote control that allows remote control of the engine, water pump, temperature adjustment and turning the air conditioner on and off. Also, in the structure of its body, polyester paint, which is resistant to moisture and impact, has been used. In the end, it should be mentioned that the dimensions of this device are 103x87x87 cm and it is considered as a cooler of everything.

    View product in BingMag img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2206/21199-7.jpg" alt="BingMag.com 8 important points that you should know before buying a water cooler for your home" loading="lazy">

    Cellulose cooler model VC0380 is a smart and fully automatic product with dimensions of 800 750 750 cm, which has cellulose pads for installation at home. People with asthma and lung disease are good choices. In this product, the temperature is intelligently and automatically controlled by the ambient thermostat and, if necessary, changes the wind speed to the environment. In addition to these cases, the thermostatic series cellulose air conditioner consumes as much as 20% of the standard air conditioner in the same conditions, which is an important issue considering its price.

    Regarding the structure of the body and the color of this system, Acknowledged that in the architecture of this product, galvanized sheet with thicker thickness than conventional coolers (type of foam) with electrostatic paint has been used. Which is a factor for its strength, durability and less vibration. -8.jpg ">

    If you are looking for a model of water cooler that is almost light (compared to other models) but with power, Alborz polymer cellulose air conditioner, Balazan model, 18000U, can be interesting for you. Of course, the price is not so low! Due to the use of ABS plastic, this air conditioner weighs about 50 kg and its dimensions are 1090 x 1090 x 975 cm.

    The screw housing and bearings do not need to be serviced and maintained like the support models. This water cooler is also equipped with cellulose pads whose outer layer is impregnated with anti-fouling laminate to increase the efficiency and productivity of the system. Another advantage of this high quality product is ease of assembly and ready-to-use device, which can be implemented in the shortest time.

    src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2206/21199-9.jpg" alt="BingMag.com 8 important points that you should know before buying a water cooler for your home" loading="lazy">

    Absal water cooler model AC55R, with a solid structure, a cost-effective, high-quality product with a long life, which is also from a remote control Enjoys. Of course, you should know that this product is of the straw type, but in order to have better air flow and water evaporation, the straws are spread with the same thickness on all surfaces of the product. Among the features of this product are the volume of 5500 CFM, the blowing power of 6650 cubic feet per minute, the new water supply system and the remote control. It is covered with a thick layer of powder paint. Also, its dimensions and weight are 870x870x1000 cm and 67 kg, respectively. .jpg ">

    Mashhad water cooler MD800 model, with dimensions of 870x870x1200 cm and a weight of 87 kg, which is not very light, can meet your needs in houses with an area of 100 meters and even higher. This product is made of fully galvanized body and has high strength. The volume of the air conditioner is 7000 CFM and its motor power is 44259 watts and it can inject wind of 7500 cubic feet per minute into the environment.

    View product in BingMag> BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    If you are looking for a compact yet high cooling product on your desktop, this is probably a rechargeable water cooler. The TGL code can best meet your needs. This product covers up to one meter and is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery, USB port for charging the device, 6 hours of continuous operation and CE & FCC quality certificates. It should be noted that the dimensions of this attractive product are only 13x12x11 cm and despite its plastic body, it weighs little and you can use it anywhere geographically.

    View product in BingMag

    Energy Cellulose cooler Model EC0280n

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    Energy Cellulose cooler Model EC0280n is a powerful product with dimensions of 60x55x62 cm and galvanized body with Given its price, it has created a high purchase value for most users. This model of water cooler has cellulose pads with suitable thickness and with life protection system (RCCB) and can cool small spaces with an area of about 16 to 25 square meters (in temperature conditions similar to Tehran). It should be noted that its maximum wind power is 1300 cubic feet per minute, the motor power of the air conditioner is 44204 watts and its volume is 2800 CFM.

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    General Thermal water cooler model PC-2500, according to its price and compared to similar products with features It is suitable that it can cool small spaces to an acceptable level. In this air conditioner, cellulose pads have been used for higher water density and better performance, and its maximum wind speed is 850 cubic feet per minute, which is not very high compared to the roofing cases introduced in this section; For this reason, we emphasize that it is a more suitable option for spaces of about 50 meters.

    The body material of this product is ABS plastic, its volume is 18,000 CFM, its weight is only 11 kg and the dimensions of this model are 450x420x920 cm. In addition, you should know that the height of this product is not very high and you will not be able to orient to the wind. Also, the sound of this product may be annoying for some users. .jpg ">

    Basseus cellulose cooler model cxtm-21, product with cellulose pads, tank with a capacity of 500 ml of water, ABS plastic body, speed adjustment, changeable blades, low noise, mobile Indicating the amount of water, the volume is 3500 CFM and the wind power is 1500 cubic feet per minute.

    In general, the dimensions of this The device is only 170x170x160 cm and is a good choice for cooling the space around your desk or even while traveling. It is interesting to know that this product can work with power bank or electric about 25 watts and if you use ice in its tank, it will provide you with proper cooling.

    View product in BingMag

    water cooler General Santos Model 320

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    water cooler 3200 General Santos Model 320 Products in medium dimensions (600x600x750 cm) for It is used in the back of the roof, which has the ability to cool environments up to 70 meters. In general, the electric motor of this iron product has a power of about 150 watts and its cooling efficiency is 75%. Considering the price of this type of 3000 cooler, it can be acknowledged that it offers a suitable quality, so it has a high purchase value.

    BingMag.com 8 <b>important</b> <b>points</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>know</b> <b>before</b> <b>buying</b> a <b>water</b> <b>cooler</b> for <b>your</b> home

    Izowat Double Pump water cooler is designed and built to prepare the necessary moisture in the best way for the environment. On the other hand, the integration of the impeller and its balancing by fully automatic devices during the manufacture of this product prevents any vibration and noise during operation, so you can be comfortable about the sound and strength of the body of this air conditioner.

    important to know that all izowat coolers have crs motor energy class b. other features such as life-saving switch, two pumps for better water supply, electric motor, 44198 watt power, 3500 cfm capacity maximum wind power 4500 cubic feet per minute, increase the purchase value product compared competitors.> View product in BingMag
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    Final Word

    Given the tips and details in this The shopping guide was reviewed from the BingMag Meg series of guides, you can buy a quality air conditioner that, in addition to cooling your environment, is also energy efficient and does not face an astronomical amount of bills. At the same time, during this article, for your convenience, we have prepared a list of 12 samples of quality and best-selling water coolers, which you can purchase from BingMag's site with just one click.

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