How to set boundaries with toxic parents?

Sometimes parents make their children suffer by controlling them. It is difficult to separate and become independent from parents. Establishing a boundary with parents can strengthen the child's will and help him have a proper relationship with his parents. How to set boundaries with toxic parents?

Sometimes parents make their children suffer by controlling them. It is difficult to separate and become independent from parents. Establishing a boundary with parents can strengthen the child's will and help him have a proper relationship with his parents.

A boundary with his parents is like a car tire in an adult; Almost everyone has it, but they don't know what it's like and how to use it until they're on the road?

You may have a good relationship with your parents, but that relationship is You interfere in life. Some parents may be overly supportive and more than when they are growing up, which is rooted in love and interest. However, it is very difficult for them to separate from their child.

Also, some other parents may be toxic, abusive or controlling, and the child must take a stand against them and define his own boundaries.


It doesn't matter if you have simple or strict boundaries, in any case, not having healthy boundaries can lead to tension and dissatisfaction and prevent you from having a good relationship with your parents.

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Parent-child relationship and culture

There may be cultural and family differences in the fields of parents' participation and intervention in children's lives. May it not be a problem and is acceptable. Previous studies have conducted more in-depth studies on the influence of parents in line with cultural norms on young children in the following areas:

  • choice of a spouse
  • choice of a job
  • level Dependence and demarcation

Every person has the right to make a decision, taking into account the intervention of his parents, and your decision may be different from another. You can do what you think is right based on the needs and preferences of your personality within the framework of your cultural and family values.

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Boundaries where there is no balance of power How to set boundaries with toxic parents?

Children and parents a relationship longer than a relationship that people experience with each other. Long-term relationships can be stable or intense, but they can become a barrier to growth.

  • Raising a child
  • Financial provision for a child
  • Sacrifice to keep a child alive
  • But like any creature On the other hand, humans find the need to become independent and rely on themselves as they grow older. This can naturally cause contradictions and inconsistencies.

    Creating boundaries with your mother, father and the person who is your guardian is one of the most difficult tasks.

    Dr. Stephanie John Jahn is a board-certified counselor in Florida who specializes in helping youth overcome family-related trauma. "It is almost impossible for adult children to establish boundaries with their parents," he says. John also adds: "The child inside us is constantly afraid of being rejected by our parents, because as children we needed our parents to survive."

    He believes that adult children are responsible for their well-being. Therefore, sometimes creating boundaries with parents is the only way to adjust the appropriate amount of power over oneself.

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    Benefits of boundaries Between parents and adult children

    Creating healthy boundaries with parents can make a difference in family life and relationships. Judith Aronowitz, a nurse and social worker, says some of the benefits for both parties include:

    • Avoiding resentment and being offended
    • Creating healthier and more stable attachments.
    • Supporting independence and self-reliance
    • Providing a sense of uniqueness and authenticity towards oneself

    Signs of the necessity of creating Boundaries How to set boundaries with toxic parents?

    Issues related to demarcation between parents and children are different in every relationship. Although Dr. Lauren Napolitano, a board-certified psychologist in Pennsylvania, says the following are some signs that establishing boundaries with parents is necessary:

    • Going over to your adult child's home. No previous contact
    • Occupying your adult child full time
    • Offering opinions without asking them
    • Interfering in the child's work or personal life
    • >
    • Trying to control your child's decisions
    • Comparing your child with others
    • Giving negative comments to your child
    • Using emotional blackmail
    • Not recognizing personal preferences
    • Creating guilt and a heavy conscience

    Of course, only this It is not cases, but the child may have grown up with the help of his supporters, which makes it difficult for him to separate from them. The following signs indicate that creating boundaries is essential for success:

    • You go to your parents' house without calling.
    • Also, you put your clothes in the closet. You wash your dad's house, eat meals there, or send your bills to them to pay.
    • They always pay your bills and bills regardless of a repayment plan or ad hoc payment. .
    • Whenever you have a conflict and incompatibility or have a problem in making a decision, you call your parents without checking the solution first.
    • You are involved in your parents' daily personal life.
    • You are involved in your parents' daily tasks or challenges (except caregiving or business partnership).
    • They know the smallest details about your relationship with your spouse, and often your spouse They ask you the sentence "My mother/father said we should...".
    • Lack of maturity or emotional intelligence during adulthood

    Guidelines for creating boundaries with parents h2>

    To create boundaries with parents, you can:

  • Pay attention to the unhealthy aspects of the relationship.
  • Determine your values and needs.
  • This point Consider setting a limit for yourself and your parents at a time so that you have enough time to conform. Make your own progress and well-being a priority and do what makes you comfortable.

    You may feel guilty and guilty about setting boundaries with your parents, but try to let go of the negative feelings. endure After the initial awkwardness is gone, you will feel grateful and happy that you implemented these boundaries.

    Be clear about your expectations of yourself and your parents to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding.

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    How to create boundaries with toxic parents?

    Dealing with toxic parents is a difficult task. , but you will feel better if you prioritize your well-being and relaxation. Being toxic is bad for mental health, but setting boundaries can help improve mental health.

    Try to stay calm when dealing with toxic parents, because parents may not take boundaries as seriously as we do. . Arguing with your parents is not helpful and will make both of you feel bad.

    You can clearly explain to them what will happen if they do not respect the new boundaries. If it seems that boundaries are not being respected, reduce the amount of time you spend with your parents.

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      Older parents may still treat you like their little child. see and want to treat you in the same way. Although setting boundaries can help you feel more confident about being independent.

      You can say no to your parents without proving why. It doesn't matter how many times they ask you. They may not change their mind quickly, but repeating the original answer helps them recognize boundaries. Try to be patient with your parents so that they adapt to the changes you want.

      Your parents are not perfect and ideal people, and being kind and compassionate to them can help them learn.

      In conclusion

      Creating boundaries with parents is not an easy task, but it can improve mood and make you feel better. have value and independence. If you feel that you have freedom and privacy as an adult, you will feel much better.

      Parents are not always easy to give up on their child's life, and this issue can make it difficult for them to tolerate boundaries. Slow down.

      You deserve to live your passion so don't be afraid to speak up. Once you've established your boundaries, you can work on improving your relationship with your parents. They will learn to respect your wishes and realize that you will be fine without their constant presence or constant comment.

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