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How to set a beautiful and creative table for Yalda night?

We arrived on the 30th of Azar and the night of Yalda, and surely today your whole mind is busy spending a beautiful and pleasant night with your family. You must have made a lot of preparations for such a night; From preparing fruit and dinner to setting the style of Yalda night. But an important part of preparing for this night is setting the table and the Yalda table. However, everything should be ready for this party and the food you have prepared should be neatly arranged. In this video, we are going to present creative ideas for Yalda table setting. So join us.

  • To design a fruit bowl , grate the pomegranate and pour it into a bowl, placing it in the middle of a larger bowl and wrapping it around the bowl. Cover with pine leaves and then place autumn fruits such as oranges and persimmons around it.
  • Fill in the gaps between the fruits with cardamom fruit and smaller pine leaves.
  • Put cinnamon on the fruit to multiply the autumn weather. Yaldaei , put rosemary leaves, lemon feathers, fragrant leaves, cinnamon stick, cloves and any aromatic plant you have in the house in a glass and pour boiling water on it and finally, put a warming candle on it.
  • To serve the side dishes , place the dried fruit on a wooden board and next to it you can add biscuits, pistachios, pickles, chips and sauce and any Yalda items. Use another attractive one.
  • To make a Yalda incense , a few rosemary sprigs and Wrap pine, cinnamon stick, fragrant rose, fragrant leaves and dried orange feathers tightly with string and let it dry completely (pre-soak the fragrant leaves to make them soft and pliable).
  • To make the kids happy , you can make puff pastry funnels with red paper.
  • Finally, cut the watermelon into triangular slices as shown and serve it with an ice cream stick.
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