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How to set all kinds of paperback models in a beautiful spring style?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>set</b> <b>all</b> <b>kinds</b> of <b>paperback</b> <b>models</b> in a <b>beautiful</b> <b>spring</b> style?

As you know, the color of 2022 or 1401 is a kind of purple; Purple Very peri. A new color that boldly encourages personal innovation and creativity with its presence. Demonstrating confidence, carefreeness, and daring curiosity that enlivens the creative spirit of a person, it becomes curious and engaging, helping us to embrace a changed perspective of possibilities and, as we rewrite our lives, to see It opens a new world. We live in a time of change. The color of the year is a symbol of the global splendor of the moment and the transition we are going through. As we emerge from a period of extreme isolation, our concepts and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives are being integrated in new ways.

We will provide you with tips about the 1401 paperback model with the color of the year so that you can have a pleasant and smart purchase for this spring.

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First you need to know why paperback is necessary

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>set</b> <b>all</b> <b>kinds</b> of <b>paperback</b> <b>models</b> in a <b>beautiful</b> <b>spring</b> style?

Shoes are those clothes that are present in both formal and informal styles. To choose the best option for your position and body, you need to first get acquainted with different types of shoes. Here we help you to consider the important factors of choosing a shoe in your purchase.

"Chemise" is basically a French word that used to be a kind of lingerie. This dress, which looked like a shirt, was worn to protect formal wear from sweat and body fat. paperback is used today in Persian to mean a blouse; Of course, these days, closed front models have also been added to this category, and women of any age, regardless of age, can use this item in their clothing. Name the front, open back, collar, collarless, buttoned and zippered.

If you are looking to have the most suitable choice for you, the following tips can help you choose./p>

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The first point in choosing the right shoe

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>set</b> <b>all</b> <b>kinds</b> of <b>paperback</b> <b>models</b> in a <b>beautiful</b> <b>spring</b> style?

First of all, be careful to choose a shoe that is your size, shoes that are too tight or too loose for you. Negative effects on the comfort and beauty of your style. have. In addition, such clothes also affect a person's self-confidence and reduce a person's satisfaction with their style. The type of fabric, the color of the shoe and its cut should complement other items in your style to look stylish. Choose collars that fit the shape of your face and the height of your neck. If your face shape is long and narrow, wide collars are better options, and if your face shape is round or plump, it is preferable with seven-pointed and boat collars. They have rectangular limbs, do not have many protrusions on their upper body and their waist and shoulders are in the same direction. It is better for these people to choose shoes that have Apple, have a cut at the waist and have puffy or princess sleeves.

The good thing about this shoe model is that it fits well with pants or skirts and there are no restrictions. Do not have. If you are one of those people who have wide shoulders and your shoulders are wider than other parts of the body, avoid this model of shoes.

Sticky shoes

Absorbent and tighter shoes suitable for people with The limbs are triangular in shape; Patterned and pleated shoes are not suitable for these people. People with triangular limbs are people whose shoulders are wider than their lower torsos. If you want to balance, use tight-fitting shoes for the upper torso and puffy skirts for the lower torso. This maintains good physical balance and gives you the shape of an hourglass.

Shoes with a narrow waist

Look for blouses with a tighter waist. Blouses that are looser at the shoulders and bottom of the dress double the attractiveness of your body. Of course, it should be noted that aesthetically, all paperback models seem to be the right choice for these people; Fashionable, plump, puffy sleeves and. These are lucky ladies who have a wide range to choose from.

If you are like an hourglass, be happy that any type of shoe model is a smart choice for you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And paperback Be narrower and tighter. This diverts focus from the larger part of your body. Seven and U-shaped collars fit your body.

A-LINE skirts are the best complement to seven-collar shoes. You should wear a dress that is tight at the top and loose at the bottom, follow this principle for your pants or skirt. Butkot jeans will also create ideal conditions.

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You are the kind of lady whose body looks like a pear, it is better to choose a shoe with a wide and comfortable end; Folding the waist of your blouse by tying a belt or elastic band will make your style more eye-catching. High-waisted shoes are a good choice for these people.

Pear-shaped limbs should reduce focus from the bottom of the trunk. So wear a shoe that can do its job well. set the pencil skirts with your loose paperback and enjoy the balance you have created.

It's time to style your paperback

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>set</b> <b>all</b> <b>kinds</b> of <b>paperback</b> <b>models</b> in a <b>beautiful</b> <b>spring</b> style?

If you want to wear your sneaker with a skirt, always follow a few principles when setting your sneaker and skirt:

Patterned sneaker with a simple skirt and vice versa

Wear patterned and riveted shoes with simple and monochrome skirts and set patterned and full skirts with simple and monochrome blouses. While keeping in mind that in order to be stylish, it is better to divert the focus from the part of your body that is bigger or has a disproportionate body, so for larger parts of your body, choose between plain and simple clothes. p>

So again, if your upper body is oversized, wear plain paperback or a patterned skirt. But if you have a big torso, wear your patterned skirt with a simple sneaker.

Do not wear a long sneaker on your skirt

Never wear long or loose sneakers on your skirt, it will look unpleasant Makes it for you. Try not to neglect the belt in this combination and at the same time put the shoe inside the skirt. If your skirt is floral, for example it has pink flowers, you can match your shoe with one of the colors on your skirt.

If you like to put the shoe on the skirt, replace your skirt with a pair of pants.

Do not neglect the accessories

If your shoe design is very simple and monochrome, you can add style to your neck by adding a scarf. Do not stay away from necklaces. A long necklace easily designs your simple shoe. It can be so beautiful that you can not imagine. So, you can easily shine in the simple purple shoes that you have planned for the Haftsin tablecloth with a patterned necklace, and you can easily shine in Nowruz photos.

Do not wear knitted shoes with pants

Wear your knit shoes with a midi skirt and thus create a professional style for yourself. Midi skirts are stylish for any style. Knitted sneakers will make it a hundred times more beautiful.

Maxi sneakers and skirts are not a good style?

At first glance, most women think that sneakers with maxi skirts are not a good combination at all, but you A maxi skirt is the best choice for you when you prefer to wear a sneaker to a party and at the same time your mind is obese. Wear a maxi and a belt on your sneaker and enjoy your beauty in public.

Sneakers and shirts are also great, do not forget it

when you want a dramatic and beautiful difference in Create your everyday style, wear a loop sleeve shirt under your buttoned or zippered sneaker and open the buttons of your sneaker. By doing this, in addition to the new look that you have given to your style; You also look younger.

Also pay attention to silk shoes. It is enough that the bottom shirt is a little dark, the shoe on it shows like the shadow of the shirt. This will make you look your best.

Pair the bag with crotch pants

Our suggestion is that for friendly periods you can open the buttons on the bottom of your bag and put on a crotch. Tune in to have a unique style. If you are a young lady, wear your sneaker with a pair of jeans to look good in the comments. Combine heels with this set to become a girly and fancy style; Or you can add a tie to your blouse and pants set and enjoy this youth-friendly combination. 5.jpg ">

In this section, we will tell you about the types of styles with shoes made in 1401. The shoes that are going to complete your wardrobe.

Formal style with shoes

For more formal spaces, it is better to wear simple and solid color shoes with a suit and high heels. This will make you look stylish and formal at the same time. set with a pair of jeans. If you decide to make your look a little casual, put a long colored necklace on your shoe so that the colors bring charm to your style. If you want to use the trendy color of the year, we recommend that you style the 1401 color shoe with neutral colors according to your taste. Fortunately, this year has become a trend that you can combine well with white, gray and black.

Monochrome style and paperback

If you like monochrome styles, the color of the year Maybe it's a good, up-to-date choice for you. To style the color of the year in monochrome style, it is better to prepare your other purchases in the same purple color and accept that you may attract a lot of lovely attention in public spaces. Monochrome This color looks very suitable for summer 1401.

On Nowruz 1401, choose your shoe from these colors

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>set</b> <b>all</b> <b>kinds</b> of <b>paperback</b> <b>models</b> in a <b>beautiful</b> <b>spring</b> style?

You can combine fairy purple with pink. Since you have a light purple color in front of you, setting it with a face will make you look younger and fresher.

As you know, one of the ways to set colors is to use tones of the same color. The combination of dark and light purple may help friends who are interested in monochrome style to reduce the dullness of their style. Fans of monochrome types have a wide range of action in this way of setting colors.

Blue is one of the best colors you can set with purple; Beyond the same spectrum. This combination evokes hope and calm for the people who see you.

You can combine 1401 purple with a variety of cream colors. This combination makes the purple color of your clothes turn blue and you look stylish and unique in appearance.

Wear red with purple purple and take the excitement and vitality with you wherever you go and Be more visible than ever. This combination is warmer and warmer than the previous one and attracts a lot of attention.

If you want a warm combination but do not want to use red with purple, we recommend orange. . Finally, you will have a warm and at the same time soothing style.

If you are a cautious person, but you have always been stylish, we recommend styling purple purple with neutral colors. As always, neutral colors will never let you down. Specifically, if you are preparing for a formal visit, the combination of the color of the year with a variety of neutral colors will show you well-dressed and up-to-date at the same time.

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If you are unsure about the color of the year, take a risk, you will most likely not regret it, and if you do not like the color of 1401, do it yourself Do not be hard, do not worry and try to use the color spectrum applications to find your favorite purple tone.

Source: pantone , chemise

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