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How to prepare a delicious and colorful vegetable crumb, with all the tricks to fit

Qarameh Sabzi is one of the most popular Iranian stews, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is world famous. There are a variety of recipes for this wonderful dish, and the ingredients are slightly different in each of these recipes. However, the vegetable broth, no matter how it is cooked, gathers all the members of the house together for a delicious meal. In this video from the BingMag video cooking tutorials series, we will teach you how to prepare vegetable crumbs in the usual way, and we will tell you everything you need to know about cooking a fragrant and crunchy vegetable crumb. Join us.

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  • Vegetables Crumb: 1 kg
  • Mutton: 300 g
  • Onion: 1 large
  • Omani lemon: 6
  • Chiti beans or Red or blue-eyed: 1 cup
  • Salt, black pepper, turmeric and spices: as needed

Prepare chopped vegetables

The most important thing To cook a delicious vegetable, it is its vegetable. The composition that we have considered in this video for cooking vegetable crumbs is close to the taste of the people of southern Iran, and for about 4 kg of vegetables, you can divide it into 4 packages after washing, chopping and frying, and with each part of it. Cook this stew for 5 people. The composition of this vegetable is as follows:

  • Parsley: 1 kg
  • Leek: 500 g
  • Spinach or beet leaf: 700 g li>
  • Coriander: 700 g
  • Green part of onion: 500 g
  • Fenugreek: 400 g
  • Dill: 200 g

How to prepare vegetable broth

  • To cook vegetable broth, pour it into a large pot to steam. First, put the pot on medium heat and when the green color changes, reduce the heat and give it an hour to soften and steam well. Then remove from the heat and beat with a meat grinder for 5 minutes. This will make the vegetable broth more glazed.
  • It is better to use a combination of solid and liquid oil to fry the vegetable broth. Of course, do not add oil at the beginning and add oil to vegetables in several steps. Once every 10 minutes, add some oil while stirring the vegetables.
  • Meanwhile, cook a serving of beans that have been soaked for at least 3 hours separately.
  • Suitable pot Remove the stew and fry the large onion, finely chopped into a gem.
  • Add the stewed meat to the onions and fry thoroughly until the meat changes color.
  • At this stage, add a teaspoon of curry powder, a teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of black pepper to the meat and onion and fry again.
  • Now add boiling water to the pot and top with the meat. Put the lid on the pot until the meats are fully cooked on low heat.
  • Add the fried vegetables half an hour before the meat is cooked. Add the cooked beans to the stew without water and stir.
  • At this stage, to reach the desired concentration, carefully add boiling water and leave the lid on the pot for one hour and heat it. Allow the stew to settle very lightly.
  • After an hour, add three more Omani lemons and add to the stew. Add salt to the stew and allow another half an hour for the ingredients to taste.
  • From this half an hour, the vegetable broth is ready. .

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