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How to prepare custard roll; Delicious bread with delicate texture

Baking all kinds of bread at home is fun and, of course, elaborate. During the Corona Pandemic and our long quarantines, it became more and more popular, and many of us, even if we had no experience baking bread, tried it for the first time and had experiences of failure and success. In this video of BingMag video cooking tutorials, we will teach you How to prepare roll custard. Roll custard is a very tasty bread for breakfast or dinner that has a pleasant aroma and soft texture, and a delicious cream makes it more attractive.
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  • Milk: 3 cups
  • Cornstarch: 3 tablespoons
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Eggs: 3 yolks and 1 whole
  • >
  • Butter: 75 g
  • Pastry flour or bread flour: as needed (details in the video)
  • Instant dough: 1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla: One-half teaspoon
  • Almond flakes: 3 tablespoons

Cooking time: 2 hours

Quantity: 12 pieces

How to prepare custard roll

  • Separate 2 egg yolks from the egg whites and pour into the pot.
  • 4 Add a tablespoon of cornstarch to the yolks and then add a third of a cup of sugar.
  • Add 2 cups of milk at least to the ingredients. Add and stir constantly with a hand mixer to prevent lumps.
  • Put the pot on low heat and stir constantly with a hand mixer. When the ingredients are thick like the picture, remove the pot from the heat and add a half teaspoon of vanilla and 25 grams of butter and stir it and finally put the lid of the cream pot.
  • Pour a teaspoon of instant dough into half a cup of lukewarm water and add 1 teaspoon of sugar to it and mix, then put the lid on the cup to puff and activate the dough.
  • Pour the active ingredient into a suitable container and add 1 cup of lukewarm milk to it and add 1 egg along with a half cup of sugar and mix the ingredients.
  • Fancy bread flour or pastry flour Add it little by little to the above ingredients and stir it with a spoon to form a dough (carefully add the amount of flour to the ingredients until the dough is formed).
  • Place the prepared dough on the surface of the flour Spread the dough and knead it for ten minutes, at this stage add 50 grams of isothermal butter little by little to the kneading dough (beating the dough on the surface causes the gluten in the dough to be activated sooner and the dough to become more cohesive. ).
  • Put the softened and silky dough in a suitable greased pan and cover it with cellophane and keep it in a warm place for one to two hours.
  • Puff the dough Take the prepared one and grease it on the surface. Spread the dough in a rectangle with a rolling pin to a thickness of half a centimeter. Close and cut the rolls with a thread.
  • Place the rolls in a pre-greased oven tray and be sure to leave space between the rolls.
  • Turn the oven on at this stage. Heat it, then put cellophane on the roll tray and set it aside for half an hour to puff the rolls.
  • After half an hour, mix one egg yolk with 1 tbsp. Tap on the rolls and add the almond flakes as desired to decorate the rolls.
  • Now place the rolls in the middle of the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Noosh Jan. A platform for people who have the ability to create a variety of videos for BingMag in the "Professional Content and Image Standard". People involved in the Talent Project make money directly from Digitala by making videos for BingMag. If you think you have the talent, ability, ability, motivation and passion to make a video, join BingMagTalent.

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