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How to keep leather bags for longer life?

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

For many years, leather bags have been one of the most popular accessories for men and women in the world fashion industry. But dust, stains and scratches on the surface of the bag may make your leather bags look old and lose their beautiful appearance. In this article, we are going to review the various methods of cleaning leather bags and removing stains and repairing scratches on these bags, and then provide some tips on maintaining these bags. Join us in Digistyle Magazine.

Cleaning leather bags

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

Dust is one of the main enemies of leather. You should never neglect dusting leather surfaces. Both synthetic and natural leathers need care and cleaning to last longer. First of all, the most important thing to know about how to clean leather is not to use any cleaners containing ammonia or bleach. These materials can damage the leather surface and shorten its life.

To clean your leather bag, you must first empty all the pockets and shake the bag upside down to remove dust and debris. Turn the liner inside out and clean it with a damp brush. If you can not remove the cover inside the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the bag.

Now you need the following to clean the leather surface of the bag:

  • Two soft cloth wipes (microfiber wipes are the best option for cleaning leather surfaces)
  • A cup of lukewarm water
  • A tablespoon of baby shampoo
  • Three Dip a drop of white vinegar

into the cloth and rub it on the leather surface. At this stage, you can use a soft sponge instead of fabric. Be careful that too much pressure on the tissue or use of a tissue will damage the leather surface of the bag, so do it gently and be sure to use soft cloths or sponges. If your bag is made of suede, use a suede brush or a soft toothbrush instead of a handkerchief.

After cleaning all the outer parts of the bag with a cloth and cleaning solution, wipe the second soft cloth slightly Moisten with lukewarm water and wipe the cleanser off the leather surface.

After the leather surface has been thoroughly wiped clean with a damp cloth, you should soak your leather bag in air for at least 15 minutes. Leave to dry. If you are in a hurry to dry your bag, do not use a hot hair dryer at all, because hot and hot air is very harmful to the leather surface. In this case, you can put the hair dryer in cold wind and dry your bag.

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Removing stains on the surface Leather bags

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

After cleaning with cleaning solution, some stains on the surface of the bag may not disappear, in this case, you can use the following methods to remove stains on the leather bag.

Use Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) for colored stains

These two substances are very effective in removing stains, especially ink stains on the leather surface. Dip one end of a cotton ball into warm paraffin 3 times, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Keep in mind that to remove the stain, you should not rub the cotton on the leather surface, because the ink stain is spread on the leather surface, but it is enough to gently clean the same stained part with a cotton swab so that the stain disappears on it. Once the stain is gone, wipe the area with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Baking soda or cornstarch for oily stains

To remove grease stains on the leather surface, sprinkle a little baking soda or cornstarch powder on the stain and apply it on the stain surface with a soft, damp cloth and leave it for a few hours. These two substances absorb the fat on the leather after a few hours. After the stain is cleaned, wipe the starch or baking soda off the leather surface with a damp cloth.

Vaseline for abrasion and scratches

Parts of the leather bag that have been scratched or worn can be repaired with a little Vaseline. Using an ear cleaner or a small cotton ball, scrape the Vaseline over the scratch and apply it to the leather in a circular motion. This will greatly repair abrasions and scratches on the leather.

Shine leather bags

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

The use of leather surface polishes and polishes makes your bag look fresher and more beautiful. After you have cleaned your leather bag and removed the stains on it, you can use colorless leather waxes or leather oil. Using leather wax is one of the best ways to polish leather. In addition to giving a beautiful appearance to the leather, the wax also prevents it from drying out.

If you do not have wax or oil for leather, you can make a leather wax using vinegar and flaxseed oil. ; Combine 1 part vinegar with 2 parts flaxseed oil and rub it on the surface of the bag with a soft cloth.

Baby oil and Vaseline are other ingredients that you can use to soften and Use it to polish your leather bag. Never use tails, olive oil and to soften leather. The use of the tail will cause the surface of the leather to become cloudy and its bad smell.

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and finally

Keep in mind that in addition to cleaning and repairing leather bags, how they are stored and used can also greatly affect the life of the bag and their appearance. In order for your leather bags to maintain their quality and have a longer life, observe the following:

  • Leather is not completely waterproof. If the leather is made 100% waterproof, some of its natural properties will be lost. Therefore, most leathers may be damaged or deformed by heavy, prolonged snow and rain. To increase the leather's resistance to snow and rain, you can get a leather waterproofing spray from a leather goods store.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects inside to prevent the leather product from changing shape.
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  • Never put a leather bag in a plastic or nylon cover as the leather may sweat and this will damage it. Instead of plastic covers, you can use cotton and fabric covers.

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

BingMag.com How to keep leather bags for longer life?

  • Keep your leather bags in a cool, dry place so that mold does not grow on your accessories and your leather goods are quality. Do not miss.

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