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How to help someone who talks about suicide?

BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

Many people talk about their feelings and emotions with their friends and loved ones. What should you do if a friend or family member talks to you about thoughts of death and suicide? Can you do anything at this stage? If this happens to you, be sure to read on to find out what to do about someone who is suicidal. Stay tuned to BingMag.

What are suicidal thoughts?

BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

It has happened to you that one of your close friends has a lot of mental problems and is struggling with many problems in life. In these situations, you may get answers like this when you ask them about their condition:

  • "I can not go on anymore."
  • "I thought about my mistakes all day. "
  • " The world would be a better place without me. "
  • " I will not experience these bad feelings by dying anymore. "

Your friends They may never say directly that they intend to commit suicide, but what they say reveals signs of suicidal ideation. These symptoms are a kind of alarm.

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You probably like this situation. Help your loved ones and friends. But you may not have thought of it yourself before, or you may not know how a person can be saved in this situation.

At first, you may feel scared and worried. This feeling is completely normal. Even people who think about suicide sometimes get scared of their thoughts. People who think about suicide do not necessarily have a precise plan for it or do not specify a time frame for doing so. They are just looking for a way to reduce their pain and sorrow; The pain and grief that seem impossible for them to bear.

When your friend talks about suicide, it is natural to feel that you can not do anything about it. But there are many things you can do to help. In fact, your love and support can make a big difference in their mood and can even save them from death.

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How can we help those who are thinking of suicide?

Suicidal thoughts are not normal. These thoughts often arise in response to stressful and challenging life situations, including problems related to mental illness, trauma, abuse, loneliness, and isolation.

they do not. But suicide is still one of the leading causes of death for many young people and adolescents. Suicide is one of the most important psychological crises of the present age and is largely preventable.

If your loved ones are suffering from this crisis, they can help them by taking the following steps.

1 . Pay attention to what they say

Some believe that people talk about suicide to get the attention of others. But this is not true of most people. The best and safest approach is always to assume that your friend is really right and that he or she intends to commit suicide.

Less taken. They may refuse to continue to grieve with you and become reluctant to talk to you. They may never even want to talk to anyone else about it or seek professional help.

Instead of talking, they may try to bear their grief alone and imagine that the situation , Will never improve.

2. Pay attention to their language and behavior

People often talk about suicide in a vague way. They usually say sentences and then feel helpless, ashamed or defeated. They may not say directly that I want to die or that I want to kill myself. But you may hear the following sentences from them:

  • I just want this grief to stop.
  • I think I can not go on anymore.
  • I'm an extra burden on others.
  • I will never get better.

Their mood and behavior also have certain symptoms.

Note that:

  • Avoid communicating with others
  • Their moods are constantly changing
  • They sleep more or less than usual
  • addicted to alcohol and drugs
  • take risks and have impulsive and sluggish behaviors
  • donate their valuables and property

Break the ice of your relationship. Tell them that your recent behavior has worried me and is there anything I can do for you?

Ask them questions directly

By asking a few important questions, you can find out exactly what your friend is thinking.

First, make sure they are really thinking about suicide. Ask: Are you thinking of ending your life?

If they answered yes, ask them if you have a plan to do so. Have you thought about suicide?

If they answered yes, ask them do you have the tools you will use? What are the tools?

Ask them if they have time to do so?

Not all people who think about dying necessarily have a clear and precise plan for suicide. If someone answers all of the above questions in the affirmative, they need immediate support.

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4. Encourage them to talk about their thoughts

BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

When a loved one talks about suicide They may think that avoiding talking about it in general or encouraging them to change the subject makes them feel better.

Of course, it is natural to find the best answer. And the best response is to be scared and worried, but moving away from the subject will not help either of you. You are not comfortable with him. They may think that you do not understand the depth of their pain and sorrow and underestimate it. Even if this is not the case in reality, they may have such an impression. They may not even trust you to talk anymore.

The idea that talking about suicide makes that person think more about doing it is another myth about suicidal thoughts. Arises. People who have the opportunity to talk freely with someone about their most personal thoughts and have a caring listener will usually feel better in difficult and stressful situations. In fact, they are encouraged to have trusted friends.

5. Empathize with them

When you talk to someone who has suicidal thoughts, what you say really matters. You should not question their anxiety by asking the following questions. For example, do not ask:

  • How can you feel that way? Why do you want to be trivial about this? You still have a lot to live for.

Trying to solve their problems usually does not help. What you think is a small, useful solution may seem unattainable to someone in crisis.

To pay attention to the depth of their feelings while offering help Be sure to try the following methods. Tell them:

  • The feeling you have is very upsetting and painful. Glad you shared it with me. How can I help you?
  • I know how difficult and exhausting the situation has become for you, but maybe even in this situation a way can be found to sort things out.
  • I'm worried because for I care about you and I want to support you as much as I can. You can always talk to me.

6. Express your support regularly

If your friend has suicidal thoughts but still has no immediate plans to take risks, it usually gets a little better after talking to you about his or her concerns.

Of course, this does not mean that they are completely well. They may still have suicidal thoughts until the main problem that caused them is completely resolved.

Stay in touch with your friend and remind them that you are still thinking about them and Their condition is important to you even after the crisis is over.

By saying things like the following, you can ask them regularly:

  • I was thinking about you. How are you?
  • Don't forget. I'm always ready to support you and talk to you.

Encourage them to use the professional support of professionals

BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

What your friend can do is encourage them to see a therapist or psychotherapist. Of course, do not forget that you should not force them to see a therapist. No matter how much you believe in the results, you should never force them.

It may be difficult for others to deal with problems on their own, but to keep telling them Whatever he does, it does not help to make things better. You can only encourage him to get help from a specialist.

8. Encourage them without any judgment

instead of saying, "You should seek the help of an expert." Say, "Have you ever considered talking to a therapist?" Or "I'm always ready to hear from you, but don't you think the therapist can help more?"

These suggestions will prove to your friend that they are important to you. You may never be able to come up with a solution to her worries and problems, but therapists are trained to help people with suicidal ideation.

If your friend is reluctant to get help but needs help Yes, accompany them and make time for them. You can even go with them to the first few sessions.

If they have serious suicidal thoughts, how can we help them?

BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

A person who is seriously suicidal and planning for suicide needs help more than you can handle. If your friend has a suicide plan, keep dangerous tools out of them and stay with them when they plan to commit suicide. In this case, you should not leave them alone and call the Suicide Prevention Social Services telephone numbers very soon.

  • Call the Social Emergency number 123.
  • Until When help comes, do not leave your friend alone.

Until help comes, you can help your friend in the following ways.

Do evacuation exercises

Intense influx of negative emotions causes people to not be able to properly understand the conditions of the environment. They think their grief is greater than it really is. This distorted attitude creates suicidal ideation and makes one think that suicide is the only solution left. And bring their focus back to a stable state.

These techniques help people use their five senses to reconnect with their surroundings:

These are a few exercises And do the simple technique together:

  • Get them active: Physical activity is a good way to distract because it requires focus on movement. . Try walking together or even doing simple exercises like butterfly.
  • Find one of their favorite things: If your friend has a blanket, clothes or a device Interests, find it. For some people, holding these items or doing things like petting can greatly reduce stress.
  • Play 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:
  • Listen to music: Music can not cure anxiety, but listening to your favorite music will increase your peace of mind.

Ask about their rescue plan

  • List of reasons to reconsider suicide
  • Contact information for sponsors and social emergencies
  • Steps to a safe place
  • Stay by their side

    BingMag.com How to help someone who talks about suicide?

    Help your friend by staying behind the phone or by his side at home do. If they do not like to talk, you can encourage them to do things like walk or watch TV. Or simply sit next to each other.

    Reassure them that you will stay with them. Try to connect them with other friends or family members. If they still insist on their decision and resist getting help, call the social emergency.

    Get help from others

    If you feel you have something to do. You do not come and you are stressed and scared, it is better to get help from another person. Encourage them to contact their trusted friends.


    Suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously, even if they are vague. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but if you have a friend or loved one who is suicidal, try to calm them down with the help of experts and the techniques you have learned in this article. Do not leave them alone and always remind your friend that you are ready to help them.

    This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

    Source: Healthline

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