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How to have healthy and beautiful skin with the least effort?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

If you are trying to have healthy and beautiful skin and have tried different products and failed, this guide is for you. Sometimes you do not need to use special products to have healthy and beautiful skin. With a little change in lifestyle and the inclusion of some care in your daily life plan, you can have healthy and beautiful skin without any hassle. Stay tuned to BingMag for more tips.

Confused skin Care

These days, we know more about skin and skin care methods than ever before. Many products are advertised for healthy and beautiful skin, and many of these products may have found their way into our homes. The variety of these products and tricks can confuse us and make us unaware of exactly what we need to do to have healthy skin. How and when to use them is a guide for you.

The only thing you need to know about skin care and related routines is to use the least amount of products and whatever you have. Use it wisely.

Instead of following a ten-step routine every day, divide your skin care into weekly, monthly, and daily activities.

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Daily care for healthy skin

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

You need to do some skin care every day to see the results. These cares include the following:

1. Washing your face every night

Your daily wash may be limited to just rinsing your face. Or clean your face with a tissue soaked in Micellar Water. This negligence of washing your face during the day is acceptable. But when it comes time to cleanse the skin in the last hours of the day, you should take it seriously. It is essential and should not be left behind.

Micellar Water is a good product for cleansing the skin of impurities. This cleanser removes cosmetics, impurities and grease from the depths of the skin and hydrates it thoroughly. After using Micellar Water, you can wash your face with a mild cleanser.

Another way to clean your face without Micellar Water is to use an oily cleanser to remove cosmetics and sunscreen. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. If your skin is sensitive to foaming cleansers, use milder cleansers.

Most popular facial cleansers you should have:

  • Gentle soap cleansers
  • Micellar Water
  • Oil cleaners such as milk cleansers

2. Using Sunscreen

We've all heard about the dangers of sunbathing on the skin of the face, but we still forget to use sunscreen when we have a short way to go to get home. Or we give it up. Maybe it's because we do not like the feeling of heaviness and oiliness of the cream on the skin or we do not want to accept the trouble of washing the cream from the face.

It can damage the skin. The sun's ultraviolet rays cause damage such as premature aging of the skin, inflammation and cancer of the skin. Damage caused by ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of about 80% of skin aging. To be comfortable with the sunscreen you use, you should use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Be sure to use sunscreen even if the moisturizer or powder cream you are using has an SPF. Also, do not forget that this number can not be added. This means that you can not use two products with SPF 15, for example, and think that you take care of your skin as much cream with SPF 30 against the sun.

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3. Avoid unnecessary steps

Many people consider it a daily routine to take care of their skin and have healthy and beautiful skin. But do not forget that you do not have to do all the things that you have in your routine every day. Instead of doing several different things, focus on what your skin needs most.

For example, if you are just dehydrated, use a moisturizer. If you do not go out, do not use sunscreen. Your doctor may prescribe a cream or ointment for your daily use that can replace the moisturizer.

Your skin needs may vary from day to day. These needs agents Different, for example, depending on the weather, season and age. If you live in a humid environment, you do not need to use a humidifier as much as a dry environment.

You do not have to do everything every day. Your skin routine should be fun and enjoyable for you to do it eagerly, not out of compulsion.

The best routines are the ones that can be done. Every step of your routine that was added was costly, time consuming, and eliminated.

Weekly care for healthy skin

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

Some skin care products and routines are weekly. Doing them more than once a week can even damage the skin; For example:

1. Exfoliating skin

Not everyone needs to exfoliate their skin, but even with regular cleansing, layers of dead skin can form on the surface, leaving your face dull.

Exfoliation once a week can help the skin look smoother and brighter, reducing the possibility of clogged pores. Scrubs that have rough or sharp particles can cause very small scratches on the skin. Scrubs can also make acne worse, as the friction from aggressive washing will backfire and irritate the skin and make acne worse.

Instead of a scrub, consider a chemical exfoliator such as AHA or BHA. . These exfoliators lift excess dead skin and allow it to be gently removed from the skin.

Some AHA/BHA chemical exfoliators are designed for everyday use. If you are currently using a daily exfoliator, it is best to avoid weekly exfoliation as your skin has become more sensitive to daily exfoliation. Otherwise, your skin will benefit greatly from a weekly exfoliation to remove dead skin.

2. Cleaning your pores

First check your skin for pores. Is your nose full of blackheads and fat grains? These oily clogged pores can cause pimples and look unpleasant.

If your skin has this problem, use face masks that are designed to clean pores. Gently massaging the skin with beneficial oils can clear these pores and make them look better.

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Monthly care for healthy skin

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

Monthly care products and long-term reviews to prevent problems It is skin.

1. Checking the expiration date

Products such as skin serums and face masks should not be used after their expiration date. Check the products you use once a month and check their expiration dates. Discard products that are out of date because using them can cause irreparable damage to the skin.

You should pay more attention to the products that you open the container completely. Worms in bowls that open completely and you dip your finger into them are more likely to break down. In this way, many bacteria and environmental contaminants get into the worm and grow inside it.

These products should be discarded 6 months after opening the door, even if a large amount of it. Remains.

2. skin Examination

Dermatologists recommend that you check the skin of your face and body once a month to see if any changes have occurred. For example, if you have a new stain on your face or an unusual boil. Some of these problems should be discussed with your doctor immediately.

skin care should be referred to a specialist

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

Some skin care should not be done at home and should be left to specialists. For example:

1. Deep and chemical peels

This peel is different from daily chemical peels and should not be done at home. Glycolic acid is one of the most common exfoliators of alpha hydroxy acid, which increases the sensitivity to light, which can have such an effect on the skin for up to a week, even in low concentrations and daily.

Due to the high concentration and Increased risk of damage due to chemical peeling, this type of peeling is best done in a specialist office. Your specialist doctor will usually advise you on post-exfoliation care and precautions.

Removing dirt and grease from clogged pores

When you see pores closed with grease and dirt, you may think that you will find yourself in the skin of your skin with various devices and empty them. But this is not something you do at home and it is better to leave it to a specialist. In dermatology clinics, this is done gently using special tools and even special products, so that there is no damage to the skin. Do not enter.

Emptying pimples and open pores and removing subcutaneous hair may seem tempting, but it is best not to do it at home.

3. Diagnosis and treatment of skin problems

When we have a skin problem, the easiest thing to do is to go to a pharmacy and use over-the-counter medications and products. But this is not always the right way. Using some products may even make the skin worse.

For many skin problems, including severe acne, pharmacy products do not work and you should see a doctor to find out the root cause of the problem. Find and get the right treatment. Many skin problems are made worse by manipulating and using the wrong product.

Should we see a dermatologist or a beauty clinic?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>have</b> <b>healthy</b> and <b>beautiful</b> <b>skin</b> with the <b>least</b> effort?

These days, various skin care services are provided by cosmetologists and dermatologists. If you do not know which one to go to, use this guide:

Beauty Clinics

These clinics are dedicated to solving all your worries about the appearance of your skin. If your skin does not have an acute problem and you want to look more beautiful and healthy, go to these clinics. The treatments of these clinics are superficial and safe.

The services provided by the clinics include the following:

skin pore cleaning, microdermabrasion, light and superficial peels, massage, facial, from Hair removal, use of strengthening and care masks and


If you have a serious skin problem and are looking to treat skin disorders and diseases or its underlying causes, you should See a dermatologist.

Dermatologists offer the following services in their office:

Diagnosis and treatment of severe acne, eczema, severe dry skin, treatment of psoriasis, Botox, fillers, Deep and intense exfoliations, laser treatments such as hair removal and removal of moles and pimples, skin treatment surgeries and

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To have healthy and beautiful skin, you need to take care of it regularly. Divide skin care into three categories; Daily, weekly and monthly care.

Daily care includes washing and using sunscreen. With weekly care, you can exfoliate the skin, and with monthly care, you need to look more closely at the skin and skin products.

If you have severe skin problems such as acne or eczema, you should not seek home remedies. Be sure to see a specialist. But if you do not have skin problems, you can use the services offered in beauty clinics to have healthy, young and fresh skin.

Source: Healthline

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