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How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

This year, whispers of absenteeism due to the coronavirus epidemic are heard, and children are scheduled to study online for the second year in a row. Virtual form to be present in the classes. This can be difficult and sometimes stressful for parents. This stress and anxiety can negatively affect the quality of your work as well as the quality of your relationship with your children. Let us tell you that with their help you can reduce the stress and anxiety of starting online classes and easily start the new school year with your child.

The pressure of online education

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

Keeping schools closed and classes online can be scary. Because you, as a parent, have to play the role of a teacher and pay more attention to your child's progress in education than before. It used to be difficult for many parents to help their children with their homework, and it is natural for them to be stressed now that they are responsible for everything.

The biggest concern for parents with online classes is how When I am working, should I pay attention to my child and his class? Sometimes they think that there is nothing wrong with starting classes a few weeks later, or that it might be better if I let my child learn skills online instead of attending classes. But all of this is the result of the stress and anxiety you are going through, and online classes are not as hard and troublesome as you might think.

Online classes are more than just education

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

Katherine Haydon, a former second grade teacher who is now a strategist at the Sparkivity Innovation Center, is one of the highlights. He sees teaching and learning as a continuum aimed at creating a sense of normalcy and growth in the community.

Haydon says parents may think that children need to rest now and do not need to attend online classes. But they should know that if they are allowed to spend all day playing and watching TV without any specific planning and principles, children will get tired after a short time. This fatigue occurs much faster than you think, because due to the corona epidemic, children are not able to communicate with their friends, and this makes it more difficult.

Haydon: "The goal is not to fall behind in education, it is an opportunity to teach them different ways of learning context and communication." "We all hope this is a temporary situation, but it is not yet possible to say when," said Wendy Walsh, a psychologist and author. Home education creates a good structure for children and makes them less tired of staying at home and not socializing with their friends.

Walsh explains that the lack of structure and daily planning causes cognitive impairment in children and It becomes an adult and the result is nothing but an increase in feelings of depression. He believes that homework and focusing on it will create structure in children's lives and help them avoid depression.

The difference between online education and traditional home education

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

Traditional home education and online education during quarantine are two different topics. It is true that quarantine was forced and there was no one in the normal life plan, but we can look at it from a positive perspective. During this time, family members have more time to socialize with each other and have worked on various life skills such as cooking, cleaning, repairing furniture, changing dcor, and group entertainment.

Online learning conditions bear no resemblance to traditional education. It does not have a home because the children still attend classes in groups as students and do group activities and even online games together. So their social relationships are not harmed and they operate online as a group, but Walsh says: These platforms taught sophisticated crafts to preschoolers. But using this platform can expand children's social interactions and create a sense of community in them. "

How to work and take care of your child's school at the same time?

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

Online education is a topic that all children need according to the conditions of society. This method can create a proper structure in their lives and help them plan their day. Also, attending classes, interacting with classmates, and having fun with homework can relieve their tiredness and clutter.

Every 2 to 3 hours of online learning equals a typical 1 day at school. Of course, the conditions of the class are very important, but the average time when children were learning in school was between 1 and 3 hours. So shorter class time can be a bit of a hassle for parents who work away from home.

You can have a detailed plan to avoid interfering with your own and your child's work schedule. For example, set aside 2 hours a day to help your child with schoolwork. Of course, it is better to divide these 2 hours into three parts per day to create variety for both you and him.

Pay. These breaks can interfere with your health as well. Every time you step in front of the monitor, your eyes relax and your body experiences light activity.

You need to be patient to interact with your first grader who is having their first online school experience, if needed When you are resting, be sure to rest and understand the limitations that you or your child have to do. If you are frustrated with some of the activities you can do, you can stop them. Take care. You can even choose a specific room or place to work and focus on your child to spend their classes there.

You can break your daily work schedule into several sections. And ask your child to help you with some of the tasks. For example, if you are going to put laundry in the closet, you can get help from him. Also, if you are not able to take care of your child's school activities during the day, there will be no problem. You can go to her schoolwork after work.

How to monitor online classroom teaching?

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

When online classes start, you realize that your stress is unreasonable, and vice versa, now you can spend a lot of time during the day doing things other than your child. You will also enjoy the time you spend together more because being at home will no longer be monotonous for them. Everyday homework gives him a goal and helps us to be able to set a specific schedule for the whole day.

Teachers are just as stressed and anxious about online classes as you are. Sometimes they only have a few days to adjust to the new platform and training system, and this is not an easy task at all. However, if you feel that your child's teacher is not devoting much time to teaching or is failing in his or her duties, you can contact the school staff to resolve the issue.

You can first contact the teacher as a Be friendly to find out why. To pose a problem while using strong words and sentences, you need to be kind so that the conversation goes well and you can solve the problem. But if you can not do anything about it, be sure to raise the issue with school officials.

Teach your child to plan and schedule

BingMag.com How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

Buy a suitable timer or watch for your child so that they can use it to follow their daily schedule. You can teach them how to set the clock for each part of the schedule so that they can make the most of their time.

You also need to help them write a daily schedule. Make a large board or cardboard and ask him to write his daily schedule on it. Then place it in a place dedicated to attending class and doing homework so that it can be used easily.

The purpose of doing all this is to create a proper structure for the child. A structure that organizes itself and feels safe in it. Do not forget that your presence as a supporter can make him/her feel more secure.

Remember that you should never overwhelm your child and force him/her to do something or change his/her daily routine. Do not be strict and do not worry about the backlog of his work and lessons. This happens to almost all children. Their brains and minds are young and they can easily take the exams at the right time. Take classes and this can be a concern for you. In addition to not being able to socialize with their peers, it may be difficult for them to attend online classes without your supervision. Of course, these worries go away after the first few days of school, and you see that the start of classes eliminates the monotony of the day and you have a happier child.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: healthline

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