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How does climate change affect our mood?

BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

When it rains, the mood of all of us changes and we feel different. But when it rains many days, it becomes boring for us and we would like to see the sunny sky again. This is about all climate change. For example, with the arrival of autumn, we are happy with the cold weather, but when we reach winter, we are tired of the cold and we would like summer to arrive sooner. What causes these things to happen to us? Are Climate Change and Mood Related?

In this article, we ask BingMag to talk about the impact of climate change on mood.

Unknown Relationship Between Climate and Mood

BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

Limited research has been done on the relationship between climate change and its effect on mood, but there is evidence that this Confirms the connection. The theory of these effects was first proposed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In a 1984 study, experts looked at different types of mood variables such as anxiety, depression, optimism and aggression and their relationship to mood variables. The studied air variables included the amount of sunlight, rainfall, air temperature, wind, humidity and air pressure.

In this study, it was found that the amount of sunlight, air temperature and humidity The air has the greatest effect on the mood. It was also found that if the humidity is high, it reduces concentration and increases the amount of drowsiness. If you have traveled to the north of the country during the rainy or wet seasons or you live in the northern provinces, you must have experienced this. So it is natural to be more inclined to sleep on cloudy and rainy days.

Another study was conducted in 2005 that confirmed the effect of weather on mood. In this study, it was found that spending time outdoors with air conditioning has an effect on improving mood and memory. It was also found that spring is directly related to improving people's mood because people were exposed to cold all winter and their spirits change positively with the arrival of warmer weather. Of course, when summer comes and the weather gets warmer, people get mood swings and boredom gives way to vitality.

Evidence that denies this effect

BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

As we have said, scientific research on this subject is ongoing and scientists have not yet reached a definite answer. Different studies come up with different answers. For example, a 2008 study found that the weather had no effect on mood. The results of this study indicate that sunlight, wind and temperature can have a small effect on issues such as fatigue. It has also been stated that the amount of time spent in the air can improve mood very little, but its effect is not consistently significant.

So we can conclude that there is still a scientific and specific reason. There is nothing wrong with climate change, but personal experience tells us that it really does. It should not be forgotten that mood swings are very complex and are affected by various factors, and its changes do not depend on only one factor, such as weather conditions. The effect of the weather on different people varies according to their personality and mood, and it can not be said that, for example, rain can make everyone feel good.

Does each person have their own climate?

BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

There is a theory that each person is affected by a specific and different climate. For example, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is caused or eliminated by seasonal changes. The most well-known SAD is winter depression, which is felt in the winter due to the short days. Of course, you should know that only 6% of people have SAD, and as a result, it is a mood disorder. However, the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that a mild form of the disorder is very common in people.

A 2011 study found that the weather can actually affect the mood of some people. Experts and researchers have found that the mood of half of the subjects was significantly affected by climate change, while the other half did not react to it. As a result, people were divided into four groups based on their reaction to climate change:
  • People who are not affected by climate change and whose moods are not dependent on climate change.
  • People Summer lover; The mood of these people improves on hot and sunny days.
  • People who hate summer; The mood of these people improves on cold and cloudy days.
  • People who hate rain; These people feel that the rain is bothering them.

So it turns out that some people are resistant to climate change while others react easily to it and their spirits Climate changes with changing patterns.

Why does the rain make us feel better?

BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

According to the Guardian, rain may not have a negative effect on mood. A 2015 study by Professor Franz Bosha found that rain and rainy seasons do not have a negative effect on a person's mood. So we see that climate change and mood swings are significantly related, but the extent of its impact varies from person to person, and we must not forget that old beliefs about this can still not be valid.


BingMag.com How does climate change affect our mood?

It must have happened to you that you feel better on a rainy day or on hot and sunny days Have more energy to get things done. This shows that climate change and mood swings are related, but this has not yet been scientifically proven. Researchers are still exploring the relationship between climate change and mood swings, but there is no denying the effect of weather on most people's moods. Surely you also feel better in some seasons than in others. Tell us which chapter you like best and which chapter you do not feel good about.

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