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How do we accept others as they are?

BingMag.com How do we accept others as they are?

The world is a complex place full of different people; People who try to understand what is going on around them. In addition, many people try to impose their worldview on those around them. They probably find their views more important and profound than others, and think they are more enlightened than others. They act without insult or humiliation and try to convince the other party in any way possible.

The problem is that only a small number of people accept that they may be influenced by their views and way of thinking. Be wrong. We often find that when people feel attacked, they insist on their beliefs; Especially if they do not feel that there is a problem in their view of the world. All of this is while the persuader may be wrong, or at a higher level, there may not be a fundamentally 100 percent right or 100 percent incorrect view.

The ability to accept others as they are, not as they are. You want a very valuable skill. This skill can affect all aspects of life, including building healthy relationships, being a professional at work, and having a positive impact on others. In this article from BingMag Meg, we answer the important question of how to accept others as they are.

Accept that knowing everything is impossible for you

BingMag.com How do we accept others as they are?

The first key to accepting others as they are, aside It's your own ego. Humans are naturally judgmental beings. We often feel that we have to think about anything that slightly ignites our emotions, and when we do get emotional, there is often no room for right and logical thinking.

Think Right Now And see how many times you have made wrong decisions in emotional situations?

The fact is that we do not need to think about every little thing in the world. If we are a little more self-conscious about this, we can be more flexible and receptive to newer perspectives and ideas. Remember, everyone who gets in the way of your life may know things you do not know, have experiences that you do not have, and have fundamentally different worldviews.

These are wonderful things. Are, so be quiet for a while and temporarily set aside your views. Let the other person speak freely, and you simply listen and walk with him into his world. This is an opportunity that you can easily give to everyone around you.

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2. Realize that the only person you can change is yourself

When you realize that the only person you can really change is yourself, it will be much easier to accept others as they are. It does not matter how much pressure you put on, how much you try to practice or how convincing you are; The important thing is that someone who does not want to change will not change. Because change, while simple, is not easy.

It is simple because it is defined only by setting a specific goal and striving to achieve it, but it is not easy because it requires constant effort and work to make lasting change. It takes a long time and many people do not want to do it.

Many people think that they can turn their friend or lover into the person they want, but this usually has the opposite effect. When the other person realizes that he or she is under pressure and is directed in a direction that he or she does not necessarily want to go, he or she will react. Keep in mind that the person in front of you may be completely happy with what he or she is. Even if such a person has serious problems or weaknesses, no one but himself can change them.

Understanding this love is difficult. You love someone who has serious problems or who refuses to make good decisions. However, inherently this feeling is not forbidden. You can love the other person and try to influence that person in a positive way, but you should know that none of this guarantees that this person will take steps to improve his or her situation. He may not have the motivation to do so and he will not want to spend his energy on it. In addition, in general, he may not see a problem in his behaviors and choices that he wants to take action to address. In other words, what you think is a problem may not be a problem for him.

Participate in other people's activities and interests

BingMag.com How do we accept others as they are?

When you have a better understanding of the other person's different interests and views Remember, it will be easier to accept others as they are. A good way to put yourself in someone else's shoes and try to understand and get to know them better is to participate in activities that they enjoy and discover things that interest them. Of course, assuming that these activities are healthy and non-destructive activities.

If we have an open mind and a clear perspective, we will see that our differences, while being our points of difference, can bring us together. . Exploring these differences can help us connect with others and understand their feelings and worldviews.

Take advantage of differences and do not be afraid of them. It is these differences that together can help strengthen and grow a healthy relationship.

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4. Remind yourself how you feel if you are judged

BingMag.com How do we accept others as they are?

a good way to Creating a sense of empathy is remembering how we felt when someone judged certain aspects of our personality. In general, people like to criticize too much about topics they are not interested in. Maybe you really worked hard on something and the person who judged your work did not understand the value of your work well, or maybe you were very excited about your favorite work, but someone with your harsh and cruel judgment judged all your good feelings Or you may have been judged only by certain aspects of your personality; The judgment you thought was unfair!

It does not matter what the subject of criticism is, it matters that everyone has something to which they are sensitive and vulnerable. We hide this sensitive and vulnerable part behind the mask of our appearance so that it stays safe and sound and we do not worry about other people's opinions about it. How much better it would be for all of us to avoid such misguided judgments about those around us; The people we claim to care about and love.

Remember that no one likes to be judged. It does not feel good, and it's a good idea to remind ourselves how we felt when we were unjustly judged by others about our choices, interests, and feelings! By doing this, we can readjust our minds and be more receptive to others.

5. You do not have to understand or accept the destructive or disrespectful behavior of others

BingMag.com How do we accept others as they are?

They like to protect their toxic behaviors from being judged. There is a subtle point here; You need to know that just as it is important to accept others as they are, it is also important to know when to say no and how to set boundaries.

They like to make excuses and justify the personality of such people. The point is, you do not have to associate with such people. Such behaviors can be harmful, so setting healthy boundaries is an important part of any good friendship or relationship. If someone has such behaviors and their misconduct negatively affects you and your life, you have every right to stay away from them without wanting to save or change them. Because even if you want to, you probably can't do it.

Last word

Accepting others as they are is not easy. We have to learn how to put ourselves in the shoes of others, to think, feel and walk in their place, but it has many benefits. Accepting others helps you increase your inner capacity and, in addition, improve the quality of your relationships with others. We hope you find the information in this article useful.

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