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How do past events affect our personality today?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

Psychologically, our current state is the sum of all the events of our past. How we deal emotionally with past events directly affects our present lives. When we evaluate our inner selves, we realize that there are emotions that we have kept in ourselves for years and carry with us. In fact, in the field of self-knowledge, discovering such feelings is a great and meaningful discovery, because then we can understand the factors that shape our behavioral and emotional patterns in life.

Sometimes when this We keep unhealthy feelings in us for a long time and we do not let go of them, we experience problems physically and mentally. In fact, the root of some of our physical problems and pain is the same unhealthy feelings about the past that are still going on in us.

In some cases, the presence of such feelings causes a feeling of tightness in the throat, digestive problems or pain. It is in our back and waist area. But when we listen to those feelings, we realize where the main problem lies and we do our best to solve it.

In all different aspects of our lives, our emotions and feelings are our innate guidance system and Contrary to popular belief, logic does not play a significant role in human decision-making. All our emotions are valuable, important and vital. They help and guide us in recognizing and meeting our needs for experiencing a healthy, happy, and productive life. It is vital! However, we live in a world where most people despise the existence of feelings and emotions, and we are usually given medicines to counteract so-called bad feelings and emotions. These medications may help us temporarily, but they can never cure our emotional needs.

In fact, when we are growing up, we still have the cognitive ability to understand our emotions. We do not and often do not know what to do to satisfy and satisfy our emotional needs in a healthy and constructive way. They do not remain in us. But later, the same emotions that we have ignored or distracted from them send us messages in various forms and manifest themselves in the form of physical illnesses or mental disorders.

In the continuation of this article. From BingMag Meg, we examine the various effects of man's past on his personality and life in the present. Join us.


BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

Basically we are reliving or reliving the past We are ourselves.

The past is our foundation, the bedrock that allows a stable society to exist, it is in the past that we can see our heroes, those who have done great things. In the past we see defeats and victories and our friends and enemies.

The past allows present and future people to learn valuable lessons without enduring hardships. We can see How others have coped with different events in the past, we can see How others have survived hard times.

The past gives us courage and protects us. Not only can we see the sacrifices that have been made for us in the past, but we can also use them to protect ourselves now and in the future. This is a gift given to us by our ancestors, a great gift.

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BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

The present is the here and now, the place where we live on the axis of time, but the present is the place that is constantly moving and is the most unstable state in the world. It never stops moving and our whole life flows in it.

We all have a past in which we no longer live, our past is past; But it always affects us. We do not live in the past, nor in the future, nor is the present more fleeting than both.

However, the present is as important as the past and the future; Because without it, the past has no meaning and the future will never come. Now we will one day soon be our past and now decide How the future will be. Of course, not only do we live in the present, but everyone we know lives in the present, and it is very important that we try to make the present as livable as possible.

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BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

The future is where we all hope to be, even if it's time, Be right now. The future is a place of hope and despair. We hope for a better future, where we are respected and what we believe in is respected.

But of course we also live in fear that none of this will happen. Politically, socially, economically, in foreign affairs and national security, and of course personally, the future is not just a place for future events to happen, but a place where we want those who come after us to have faith in their future.>

But we do not hope for a trouble-free world; Because this is not a realistic view. Hope for a better future is one thing because it is possible, but hope for a future without problems is not possible for it.

Resonance of Emotions

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All emotions of energy are in motion. Emotions are a complex part of being human, and we always experience the energy of these feelings and emotions throughout our lives. The problem begins when this emotional energy no longer flows freely and freely within us, but instead gets trapped inside us in cozy and dark corners, disrupting our cycle of emotions.

Physics states that Everything in life vibrates with a certain frequency. When two things have the same frequency and one is activated or begins to vibrate, it causes the other to resonate or vibrate. For example, suppose two guitars are tuned in the same way and face each other. If the C string of one of the guitars is active, the C string of the other guitar is also activated. They will vibrate together due to the phenomenon of acoustic resonance.

The phenomenon of "emotional resonance" follows the same principle. We store our memories, thoughts, emotions and feelings in the cells of our body. When a situation, incident, or event in our present life resonates with a situation, incident, or event in the past, we are immediately confronted with a hidden emotional flashback. That is, those specially stored memories, thoughts, emotions, and feelings are re-energized and resonated in our time. Basically, we are re-experiencing or reliving our past.

Problem occurs when our stored memories are filled with unpleasant emotions and feelings. In this case, if a current situation, incident, or event, although different in content, still resonates with the unpleasant memory of the past.

Reactivate an unhealed wound and Make it bleed again; This causes pain and burning, like spraying salt on a wound. In fact, over time, an unhealed wound becomes more infectious and malignant every day, as it constantly vibrates in our current lives, causing even the smallest of similar problems to get out of our control.

The process of hypnotherapy Or psychoanalysis gives us the ability to discover the emotional energy trapped and hidden in the hidden layers of our being. It then provides us with the opportunity to unload the debilitating emotional burden of memory and allow emotional energy to flow freely and freely back into us.

When you free yourself from the emotional anchors of your past. We do, we can freely steer the ship of our lives and live comfortably in the present. We no longer live as if there is a volcano inside us that is about to erupt with the slightest discomfort. In fact, we regain control of our lives.

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What are past experiences?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

Experiences from the past are the things that have made our lives so far. They are positive and negative events. They are the things we do every day and are rooted in us. They are vital to our happiness and well-being. We need to understand them and be aware of their impact on current events. To have a happy and satisfying life, this dimension of self-knowledge is essential.

How past Experiences Shape our personality h2>

The truth is simple; our past has shaped the personality we have today; What good and what bad. The way we look at past experiences, both consciously and unconsciously, shapes How we approach life.

In fact, the past can have a profound effect on many different aspects of our lives, including:

  • our personality; The events of our past have shaped our character today.
  • Humans are slaves to habit; What we do every day is more or less like an automated program, our emotional responses to it follow the same pattern of habituation.
  • How we deal with different situations and How good (or bad) we can be Manage situations, affect
  • Responding to specific events (stressful or positive) Certain hormones and chemicals are released in our body, meaning that if our body has already experienced that event, We are ready to repeat the same answer.
  • our minds and bodies find the simplest patterns for doing anything. he does. But choosing the easiest pattern to follow is often based on past experiences.
  • Most people base their feelings on past experiences and tell negative stories about the future.
  • ourbody is always ready and always under stress.
  • past relationships and experiences with family, friends and loved ones have a huge impact on our current personality. has it. If we are always treated in a certain way, we will eventually become that person.
  • Routine behaviors and experiences become like the routine we follow every day. People stop using their minds and get caught up in the constant cycles of the emotional decision-making process.
  • You have to stop this cycle to experience a real life

A few examples past influences on people

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

to show How our past experiences (especially childhood) Leads to the formation of beliefs that strongly affect our behavior, let's review a few examples:

  • The abused child forms the belief that because of what he or she has been through Is less valuable than others. So he probably has low self-esteem in adulthood and lives with shame. So he may become shy.
  • The youngest child in a family receives a lot of attention from those around him, so he needs to be the center of attention at all times. As an adult, she may become too dramatic, successful, or famous to stay in the spotlight.
  • A girl whose father has abandoned her and her mother may believe that men can not be trusted. . Therefore, as an adult, it may be very difficult for him to trust any man and he may have difficulty in establishing an intimate relationship with a boy. He may end up sabotaging any relationship he enters, without knowing why, to end the relationship.
  • A boy who as a child always felt financially insecure because his parents were always worried about money, may Is in dire need of getting rich. He may be very ambitious and competitive. If he fails to achieve his financial goals, he may become severely depressed.
  • A child who has been bullied at school may need to become stronger and therefore may be more interested in Find martial arts or bodybuilding. If you interview sports club addicts, you will find that most of them have either been bullied as children or have been involved in physical fights before. Very few people do this just to improve their body image. Due to the experiences that people go through in life, beliefs, needs and ways of thinking are deeply developed in them.

In fact, they develop certain personality traits in order to meet their needs. . They may not be aware of the reason for these particular personality traits, but their minds in the background are constantly looking for ways to satisfy their needs.

Contrary to popular belief, we can train ourselves to do whatever it takes. The kind of personality we want to cultivate. You may like some of the personality traits that your past has given you, but you can always change the traits you do not like by changing the beliefs associated with those traits.

How with past experiences Collide?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>past</b> <b>events</b> <b>affect</b> <b>our</b> <b>personality</b> today?

The past is the past and cannot be changed; However, it can be very difficult to let go. But there are many ways to balance and control our perceptions of negative experiences:

  • Do not live in autopilot mode. Your mind is conditioned to automatically respond to many of the scenarios you do every day. It is easy to live life without genuine decisions. Break these cycles. Expand your mind and life through meditation and new experiences.
  • Do not let past negative experiences shape your personality.
  • Describe bad experiences as events that have happened to you. See not with the approach that they are part of.
  • Focus on the good and positive experiences you have brought to yourself and others.
  • Remember your good times and achievements ; Use them as inspiration for the future.
  • Know that your past experiences can be used to help others. If you were in that person's place, you might have valuable advice for them.
  • Do not resent others, this can lead to recurring bad and negative feelings in our lives. If you can not forgive, let go of negative emotions instead.
  • See past experiences as learning experiences; These experiences allow us to improve ourselves and have a fuller life in the future.
  • What in Accept what happened in the past and move on.
  • Control your thoughts.
  • Do not cling to small, irrelevant things. In fact, do not think about them at all. There are bigger and better things in life to focus on.
  • We can all write a new story that bears no resemblance to our past.

Facing Us Intellectual Barriers Some things may be ingrained in our lives. Through experience we may think "I can not do this" or "I do not do it because it makes me too nervous." But it is only by facing these things that we can experience a full and satisfying life. Take a look at yourself, face them, and conquer them. If you have had a serious injury in the past, talking to a mental health professional (psychiatrist or psychotherapist) may be the best solution for you.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult an expert before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer.

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