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How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

Yoga is an old exercise to strengthen the body and increase the power of the mind. Traditional yoga rituals bring with them many exercises, teachings, and myths about the lunar cycle. Many asanas and positions in yoga correspond to the phases of the lunar cycle. According to the Astanga tradition, to create maximum harmony between the mind, body and rhythms of nature, yoga exercises should be changed along with the changes of the moon during a lunar cycle. So we see that yoga and the moon are closely related.

In this article, we ask BingMag to talk about how to coordinate yoga and moon exercises and follow the advice of successful yoga instructors.

How do yoga and the moon relate to each other?

BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

Is. "Hatha" means will, but in Sanskrit "ha" means the sun and "ta" means the moon.

It is used to express complementary energies in each person. Active and fiery solar energy is known as "masculine energy" and the peaceful and reflective energy of the moon is known as "feminine energy". So it can be concluded that Hatha Yoga exercises can balance the energies of our inner pole.

Why should we make a connection between yoga exercises and the moon?

BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

One of the oldest yoga traditions that has continued to this day is respect for the lunar cycle. "There is a natural cycle in life that is constantly moving between the three stages of beginning, maintaining and letting go," says Louisa Greek, a senior yoga instructor with the Yoga Association and director of the LKY Yoga School. If we harmonize with the rhythm of nature's cycles, our inner intelligence will be revealed and we can use it. "Yoga emphasizes self-awareness, and when we connect to the lunar cycles, we can walk in step with our true nature." In this case, they have a different opinion. "60% of our bodies are made up of water, so just as the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides of seas and lakes, it can affect the human body," he said. Pearl Appleby is another yoga instructor who coordinates her workouts with the lunar cycles. "Keeping the exercises in sync with the different phases of the lunar cycle can help you understand your true feelings and expand your yoga practice," he says. In other words, changing and adjusting yoga exercises to keep up with the body's energy with the lunar cycle can help us improve our connection to the natural world.

What does science say about the effect of the moon?

BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

Scientifically, based on the image that the eye sees of the earth, the lunar cycle is divided into eight stages. Every 27 days, the moon changes from a narrow crescent to a full moon and back into a narrow crescent. Some scientific studies have confirmed the correlation between the lunar cycle and the human body. For example, a 2013 study of male students found that their heart rate and blood pressure changed during the full moon and the new moon.

However, research into the relationship between the lunar cycle Human physiology continues, and the effect of the moon on the menstrual cycle is being studied.

A 2006 study found that the release of nerve hormones in mice was associated with the moon's gravitational pull, but Research conducted in 2021 found no correlation between the onset of the menstrual cycle and the stages of the lunar cycle. Of course, a 2021 study found a strong association between moon changes and sleep. So it can be said that the coordination of yoga exercises and the moon can be a meaningful way to respect the moon and the secrets hidden in it.

The method of synchronizing yoga exercises with the moon

BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

Grick and Appleby offer useful suggestions for coordinating yoga and moon exercises, which you can read in this section:

1. New Moon

New Moon is a time of change and renewal. "The new moon is a good time to clean up and get ready for the next creative cycle," says Grick. In practicing Ashtanga, yogis do not practice at all on New Year's Day. In other traditions, restorative or light yin exercises are performed on New Year's Day.

New Moon Training Method

  • Focus on setting goals for the next lunar cycle.
  • >
  • Focus on changing your mindset and visualizing the start of new work.
  • Do the Chakrana Ajna exercises.

Ideal New Year poses

  • Sirsasana or base of the head
  • Tadasana or mountain pose
  • Viparitakarani or leg to wall gestures
  • Tree posture and balance gestures such as dancer pose, warrior III and eagle pose

New moon training topics

  • New beginning
  • Destination
  • Motion Gentle

2. Rising Crescent

Apple believes the best time to focus on creating new work is when the crescent moon is growing and becoming a full moon. "Focusing on pelvic floor exercises at this time can be helpful in relieving emotions," he says. Exercise with more energy to increase physical and mental growth.

  • Have longer standing gestures and try to stand more on your feet.
  • Practice Pranayama breathing to create heat.

    Ideal poses on the rising crescent

    • Danayama Janoshirasana or standing up to the knees
    • Otkatasana or Seat Mode
    • Warrior 1, 2 or 3 Practice Mode and Virabhadrasana Practice

    Crescent Moon Training Practices

    • Fire and heat
    • Strength
    • Open

    3. The first quarter or quarter of the month

    BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

    One week before the new moon occurs, the first quarter They say the moon. Grick believes that the body's energy level begins to increase at this time. "At this stage, you voluntarily build new structures for yourself and your community, and you work hard to achieve your goals," he says.

    How to practice in the first quarter of the month

    • Commit to bold and active currents to get the heat out of your body.
    • Make New Moon goals a reality.
    • Do curved back and open heart exercises To be able to support this new growth.

    Ideal gestures in the first quarter of the month

    • Navasana or Spoon Gesture
    • Arda Chandrasana Or Half Moon
    • Bojangasana or Cobra Pose

    Exercise topics in the first quarter of the month

    • Strength, growth and effort
    • Removing barriers
    • Individuality

    4. Giant Moon Rising

    This stage of the lunar cycle, just before the full moon, is a great time to maximize body and mind strength.

    Exercise Methods On the Giant Moon

    • Practice on Apple Tips when the moon is running low.
    • Grik suggests dynamic, aerobic movements, such as dancing, in your workouts. Place.

    Ideal gestures on the giant moon

    • Hello moon
    • Ostrasana or camel gesture
    • Danaimana Danavarasana or standing bow
    • Viparita Virabadrasana or reverse warrior

    Exercise topics in the giant moon

    • Physical work and practical actions
    • energy
    • openness

    5. Full Moon

    "The full moon represents the peak of energy or super energy and equilibrium time because the solar energy of the yang and the lunar energy of the yin are synchronized," says Greg. They do not practice at all for a full month. "The full moon is a good time to recall all your activities during the past lunar cycle and refocus on your goals," says Appleby.

    How to practice the full moon

    • There is a lot of energy and you need to focus on meditation.
    • Practice yoga or yin yoga.

    Ideal gestures in the full moon

    • Windhaconasana or Restricted Angle Mode
    • Balasana or Baby Gesture
    • Savasana or Body Gesture
    • Nidra Yoga Practice

    Exercises in the full moon

    • Pour, pass and release
    • Women's energy therapy
    • Awareness and enlightenment

    6. Giant Moon Declining

    BingMag.com How to coordinate yoga exercises with the lunar cycle?

    Giant Moon is declining It brings with it restlessness and sometimes discomfort, so it is a good time to slow down and introversion. , Try ying-yang.

  • Practice conscious transference.
  • Focus on yourself.
  • Ideal gestures on the moon Complete

    • Kamatakarasana or Wild Existence
    • Danurasana or Arcade
    • Aka Pada Rajakaputasana or King Pigeon Gesture

    • self-reflection
    • slowing down
    • attention to the inside

    7. The last quarter of the month

    The last quarter of the month occurs one week after the full moon and one week before the new moon. This time can be a good time to say goodbye to obsolete goals with a few simple conscious exercises. Exercise extensively and consciously so that you can use the energy you have developed during the lunar cycle.

  • Use more yin elements in your workouts.
  • Ideal Gestures in the Last Quarter of the Moon

    • Apavista Konasana or Full Split Gesture
    • Pariverta Arda Chandrasana or Half Moon Rotated Mode

    Exercise Topics In the last quarter of the month

    • Surrender
    • Confirmation
    • Farewell

    8. Crescent Moon Declining

    The last stage of the lunar cycle is the declining crescent moon. That is, as the moon moves toward the constellation and the beginning of a new cycle.

    This phase of the lunar cycle is also known as the "dark" and "balsamic" cycles. "This is a time for thinking, and inner reality is revealed through dreams and dreams," says Grick. The crescent moon is like a fertile ground to represent our intentions for the new moon. "It is also a good time to digest and understand the wisdom gained in the lunar cycle." Or do a restorative exercise to slow down your workouts.
  • Use accessories to support your body so that you can be completely free in the yin state. Concentrate.
  • Ideal gestures on the waning moon

    • Supta Matsayandrasana or Twisted
    • Lying down (with accessories)

    Exercise topics in the last quarter of the month

    • Digestion
    • Rest and training


    The whole purpose of yoga is to harmonize body and mind with the natural rhythm of the world. If you want to deepen your yoga exercises, you can start synchronizing your body energy with the lunar cycle. This is a great choice for boosting energy and awareness.

    This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

    Source: healthline

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