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How to choose the best model of shawl and scarf for Nowruz 1401?

Choosing a scarf is usually one of the most challenging steps in choosing a style. This is because other parts of the daily or party style can easily be inspired by foreign stylists, but the choice of scarf is not usually seen in their styles. As a result, the final step in completing our Nowruz shopping is to buy a scarf or shawl in harmony with the other elements we have prepared.

In this text from Digistyle magazine, we first consider a few key points in choosing a scarf. Let us mention for you and then we will deal with the trends of scarves in Nowruz 1401. Finally, we will examine the types of scarves and their applications. If choosing a scarf or shawl is an inexhaustible concern for you, join us.

How to choose the right scarf?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>choose</b> the <b>best</b> <b>model</b> of <b>shawl</b> and <b>scarf</b> for <b>Nowruz</b> 1401?

Do you know How to choose a scarf that suits your style? Do not worry. In this section, we will answer this basic question.

In other parts of the world, scarves are an accessory along with other elements of a style, but in Iran, scarves are considered the main component of our style. If you choose a scarf or shawl that fits your style, you will see that they will give a striking effect to your appearance. Just be a little smart in choosing them. Usually when it comes to scarves and shawls, we ladies do not have enough self-confidence to be able to make good choices. Because in general, not much attention is paid to this section.

In previous years, the variety of scarves and shawls was very small and most of them were marketed in simple colors, but today the variety of scarves and shawls has increased somewhat. Which has also made the choice difficult. On the other hand, because there are all colors in one combination, setting the style with a scarf and shawl can create ideal conditions.

The first rule: do not match the scarf with other clothes in any way h3>

Many of us have come to believe that simply setting clothes means choosing them in the same color. But today is not like in the past. Even choosing scarves and shawls in a color range is not highly recommended. Try not to adhere too much to the law of the same color of your style elements. These are the rules of color and pattern that bind your hands and feet when choosing clothes. This does not end with scarves and shawls. It is better not to set a firm and inflexible framework for other elements of your style. Frameworks destroy your creativity.

The second rule: choose a scarf that shows your face more

The most important thing in choosing a women's scarf to wear around the neck or on the head is that Does the scarf make your face perfectly uniform or does it try to show your face with more exaggeration? One of the reasons we insist on not buying a scarf in the same color as the other elements is that it shows you perfectly uniform and without any strengths.

It might be better to explain this part with an example . If your skin is green to brown, do not choose a scarf with brown color or any of these colors. The brown color hides your face. In other words, your face is hidden among the fabrics. Also, if you have fair skin, you should not go for ninety or very light colors. These colors will make your face completely dull.

The color of the scarf should be such that your face is displayed like a painting canvas. This is why people with white skin are asked to use a color palette such as red. For green skin, we recommend green tones or warm colors such as mustard.

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The third rule: do not be afraid to choose a scarf with different designs

It is true that a patterned scarf can color and glaze your simple style, but it is not wrong to set a patterned scarf with a patterned coat or shoe .

Just as men do not shy away from wearing a patterned tie with a plaid shirt, try not to tie your hands and feet in choosing. A scarf with a rhombus design can complement your style with a large checkered coat. And will we face some shawls? Taken, the choice is free and reckless. This means that no specific law has been set for you. In fact, those who are interested in colors and glazes in their style can have good choices, as well as those who have turned to simple dress.

About scarves and shawls in Nowruz 1401 The choices are not limited . But in this section, we have tried to classify the goods available in the market in a few simple categories.

Scarves and shawls Trend 1401 with abstract and geometric designs

This design model has always had its own fans. Especially those who were very interested in the clothes of the four houses. Corrugated and checkered designs are usually set with any outfit. Of course, if you have a simple cat, choosing a scarf with a geometric design can be a very good option.

You will see most of the scarves on Nowruz 1401. The choice of scarf will be limited to some extent. For example, small scarves in the size of 60 * 60 or 70 * 70 will be compatible with any type of clothing.

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Animal Designs

Designs such as zebra, leopard, tiger and snake skin are very popular. If you are an animal lover, these models are suitable for you. Cat and dog designs are also available in the market, usually in white, black or gray and crimson. Usually these designs are designed with a lot of patterns and crowded designs. In previous years, single designs were also in the trends of the year, but now these designs are no longer very popular. The scarf is very popular in the new year. The high variety of this category of shawls and scarves has made it cover all tastes. While the new year is a year of bold choices. You will see many happy and mixed colors of this model of scarves and shawls in the new year. Of course, these designs are more in line with the scarf. So, those who like to wear shawls will not stop choosing these colors. . For example, a scarf with a cutout pattern is usually divided into four parts, and each part will have a specific design. It is very smart in choosing colors. Colors are chosen that do not differ much between them. Designers usually cut parts of the fringe of scarves or shawls, but there are no restrictions and it only comes down to the skill and creativity of the designer. Is. At first they were designed with only two simple tassels on the sides of the scarf, but today the more beard or tassel they have, the more beautiful they are. For those who like to wear scarves and shawls in a different style, the roots and tassels of scarves and shawls can add a lot of beauty to their style.

For example, those who like shawls with local clothes such as clothes They will definitely choose from these models. Pleated scarves

Pleated fabrics have always been a sign of special style and luxury. Pleated skirts or coats designed with these fabrics have always been on the list of the most popular. Pleated shawls have been added to this list today. These shawls are usually in simple colors that match all styles.

Of course, large pleated scarves are also in the New Year trend. Our suggestion is not to pair these scarves and coats with clothes that have crowded designs.

Scarves and shawls

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>choose</b> the <b>best</b> <b>model</b> of <b>shawl</b> and <b>scarf</b> for <b>Nowruz</b> 1401?

Scarves In addition to different colors and designs, there are a variety of materials, each with its own advantages.

For example, keep your wool scarves warm They can be your savior in cold winters. If you like classic looks, this fabric is the right choice.

Scarves made of fine wool such as merino and cashmere are very soft. So that if you have a bad day, they can completely change your mood. Plaid scarves with this material are one of the essentials of your wardrobe.

Silk scarves, with soft shine and attractive fabrics, add elegance to any style. If you want to use a scarf or shawl as an accessory, be sure to choose a scarf or shawl with this material.


Finally, what should be considered is that choose a scarf or shawl that reflects your face well. Shawls and scarves should complement the color of your skin and hair.

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