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How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

Becoming the best parent in the world may seem difficult and impossible at first. Problems with children are always difficult and parents have to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with them. Sometimes the right way for parents to deal with children requires the necessary training that must be learned by expert counselors. Simple tips will help parents to better manage the situation.

In this article from Digi Kala Mag, we want to introduce you to 11 golden tips that most parents do not pay attention to. With these simple and important tips, you are taking a big step towards becoming a good and responsible parent.

1. Listen to your child

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

Undoubtedly everyone from elementary to adulthood needs To be heard and noticed by those around him. The first step to becoming the best parent in the world is to pay attention to your children by listening to their careers. Although sometimes children like to talk too much or their words are a little boring for parents, but by doing so, parents convey a sense of worth to them.

Many parents do things at the same time Others, like checking Instagram, texting, reading a book, watching TV, and pretending to listen to their child, say things like, "Hmmm, yes, baby." They show their attention.

Important Note: In fact, we cannot listen carefully to what others are saying while doing something. So it is better to be honest with our children and when they start talking, to turn all our attention to them and inform them of our true love and attention.

2. Spend a lot of time with your child

Life is always full of different activities, so sometimes we do not have enough time to do some things! Even the best parents in the world can not always balance work and their children.

You may have seen parents encourage their child to watch TV or play mobile games to keep themselves busy. Reach for your daily chores. Although in some situations this is a good way to entertain children, using this method in the long run will create a deep gap between parent and child.

Important Note: As a parent, set aside time for your children, despite all the busyness you have during the day. You can talk about different topics or things you have done during the day. You can also ask them to help you with some household chores such as setting the dinner table, putting clean clothes in the closet, and so on.

Children will feel good when they know you need them. These pastimes create a great opportunity for more intimacy with the child and at the same time housework is done more quickly.

3. Give unconditional love to your child

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

Who are the best parents in the world? Doesn't unconditional love make us the best parents in the world?

Some parents express their love and affection for their children only by setting strict conditions. For example, they are asked to be the first student of the school, to get a place in the math olympiad, to win a gold medal in a sports competition, and in this case, they hug them lovingly and tell their child how much they love them!

Important Note: One One of the most important factors in becoming the best parent in the world is to provide a safe environment for the child; In this situation, the child knows that even when he does something wrong or fails to satisfy his parents' wishes, the home is the safest place for him and the parents are the most trusted people in his life. In fact, parents should support their children in different situations to ensure their interest.

4. Do what you say

Want to be the best parent in the world? So read the fourth golden tip carefully: Do what you do to gain your children's trust and hearing.

Many parents set different conditions for their children to encourage them to do or not to do certain things. However, they still fail to convince the children. but why? Never say something you are not sure you will do. What makes parents unsuccessful in this way is the lack of determination in what they do. If you tell your child that if he or she does not listen to you, he or she is not allowed to do anything in particular, be sure to do what you say.

To persuade children to do what you say, you must do the following: Observe:

  • Express your wishes respectfully.
  • Do not be angry and do not shout.
  • Face the child Talk and look into his eyes.
  • Avoid imposing impossible conditions and punishments.
  • Be at the forefront of what you say and do whatever you say.

Important Note: Remember that he should never be punished. Use impossible and incorrect. For example, you should not deprive him of meals, or tell him you no longer like him, or take his cell phone and computer from him forever. Undoubtedly, these words do not work and only create the mentality in the child that ignoring the parents is not so much a problem for them!

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5. Be a good role model for your child. And they put their work under a magnifying glass. Usually some parents think that they do not notice their behavior when the child is playing or watching TV, while the children are watching the parents anyway.

So if you are going to do something for your child Learn, teach it by example. What does it mean to teach by example? As we have mentioned, children from birth see their parents as the main role models in their lives and learn the way of doing things from them. So in order to learn a positive trait or quit a wrong one, parents need to show it to their children in action and behavior.

Important Note: To become the best parent The world must start with you! For example, if you want to tell your child about the benefits of vegetables and healthy foods and prevent him or her from eating fast food, you must first improve your eating habits. If you decide to explain to your child the dangers of smoking but he or she sees you smoking every day, you should reconsider your behavior.

Perhaps one of the main differences between a typical parent and a regular parent in That's the point. Exemplary parents make themselves a role model for the proper upbringing of their children.

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6 . Pay attention to your child's positive points

Usually when parents know that their child has the ability to distinguish good from bad, they leave him alone because they are sure of his right behavior. But if they know that their child is not behaving well, is stubborn and angry, does not do their job properly, and turns all their attention to him and his work.

In fact, this type of parent, in practice, The child shows that his/her misbehavior is given more attention than his/her good behaviors; So the child thinks that in order to get the parents' attention, he has to take the wrong behaviors.

Important point: If you only pay attention to the negative points in your child's behavior and his positive characteristics Ignore, your child sees no reason to reinforce positive aspects and repeat good deeds. As an exemplary parent, try to minimize criticism and admire what you like about him or her.

Children of all ages need their parents' attention and admiration. But from birth to the age of five, the most important time is to admire the positive qualities of the child and encourage him to repeat those things.

7. Apologize if necessary

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

Do you think apology is a sign of weakness? Do you find it difficult to apologize to your child and thus lose your authority? But in reality this is not the case. Children will find themselves closer to you at this time and will learn from you how to behave.

The best parents in the world know very well that they can always make mistakes. An exemplary parent, after realizing their mistake about their children, apologizes to them and teaches them a great lesson in responsibility.

If your child is lying, harass your classmate. If he has broken or broken a precious device, ask him to apologize immediately. This is where the child remembers that even the parents apologize when necessary. He then imitates his parents and apologizes for his mistakes without stubbornness and stubbornness.

Important Note: Show your child that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes in life . With this great lesson, you will teach children that apology can make up for many mistakes.

Let your child be himself

You must have seen parents who want their child to be what they want him to be; Parents who want to change their children's abilities and talents according to their tastes. Regardless of the child's true interest, these parents only seek to satisfy their personal desires. , But they should not make decisions for the child and change the course of his life as they please.

Important point: Ignoring the child's wishes and suppressing his plans for the future is completely wrong Is. Always allow your child to be real and talk about different mental tendencies, conflicting interests, and what he or she really likes.

9. Behave according to your child's age

Children of all ages have certain behavioral characteristics. As a child grows and develops, parents also need to change their parenting style. To better understand this, consider this example:

When your 4-year-old does something wrong, you probably stay calm and distract him or her by doing something else because you believe You know he is small and this behavior is common for his age. But can you treat your 8-year-old the same way you treated his little brother or sister? An 8-year-old can distinguish right from wrong. After every mistake, he waits to see how you treat him.

How do you treat your 16-year-old? Certainly at this critical age when a teenager needs a lot of attention and care, you can not talk to him as you talk to your 8-year-old.

Important Note: As you get older Children, parents must also change their behavior according to their age. So as an important piece of advice, remember that you should also grow up with your child and adjust the way you raise and talk to them according to their age.

10. Ask Open-ended Questions

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

All parents like to interact with their children And get to know more about them. But sometimes it seems that children are not very willing to talk to their parents. Some parents also complain about their children's short answers and think that this is a sign of unwillingness to continue talking. But where is the problem?

It must have occurred to you to ask your child, "How was school today?" Most likely you can guess his answer, a repetitive answer and as always: "It was good!" By asking this closed question, you get a clear and concise answer. But how do you try "Open Questions"?

For example, you might ask, "What was the best part today?" By asking this question, you make the other person think, he is trying to talk to you about his day and tell you what he liked. No matter what he says, he may be talking about something small. What is very valuable is the pleasant experience of talking and interacting between you and your child. Answering these questions will help you understand how your child is doing and what he or she is thinking.

Important Note: Open-ended questions are the key to interacting with others. It does not matter if you are talking to your 10-year-old or a 20-year-old, you will still get a lot of information about the other person with open-ended questions.

Value Your Child's Feelings

One of the most important things that makes you the best parent in the world is paying attention to your children's feelings and emotions. Always be prepared to listen to what they have to say and accompany them without judging.

For example, if your 8-year-old says he or she is upset about not seeing his or her schoolmates, listen to what he or she has to say and not be upset, baby. "You will see each other again as the schools reopen." It is better to understand him and say, "I know how upset you are; "It's hard not to see close friends for a long time."

Always talk to your children in a way that encourages them to talk more about their feelings. If you try to seemingly solve a problem with one sentence or immediately say, "No problem, you should not be upset about this little thing," you are in fact making his feelings worthless.

Important Note : If you do not take your child's feelings seriously, the impression is formed that what is on his mind does not matter to you and he no longer shares his problems with you. This is definitely not what you want; So listen carefully to what he has to say and show that you understand him.

Do we become the best parents in the world by doing these things?

BingMag.com How to be a better parent? 11 golden tips you need to know

Good parenting and responsibility is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children. You may not become the best parent in the world in a short time by following the golden tips in this article, but you will build a solid foundation for a better relationship with your children, and by strengthening parenting skills, you will become a better copy every day.

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